The College of Cardinals has failed; now’s its the Faithful’s turn to act

The College of Cardinals is now in grave violation of the Papal Law on Conclaves, having failed to convene by the 20th day,
they have lost their exclusive right to validly elect the Successor of Pope Benedict XVI in a conclave.

(Universi Dominici Gregis, n. 37 and nn. 76, 77)

That right now returns by Apostolic Ordinance to the Faithful of the Roman Church.





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Brother misspoke twice: “Peter gave to the whole (Roman) Church”, and “Benedict XVI” not “Benedict II”

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26 thoughts on “The College of Cardinals has failed; now’s its the Faithful’s turn to act”

  1. I have contributed, Br. Alexis. May God Bless our endeavor to elect Benedict’s successor!!!!

  2. Can only contribute prayers for the election of a true pope… I am an octegenarian… barely make ends meet
    but my vocation now is Prayer.
    Brother Alexis, dont give up! The Lord is with you!!!

  3. May God bless your efforts, may God’s will be done.

    Please everyone, let’s help as much as we can.

  4. Hello Brother , I will share this information.
    I was able to make a donation and am praying that others who are able to , will also .
    May God bless you and protect you .
    We thank you for your work.

  5. Dearest Lord Jesus, please help us, bless us through your Holy Spirit in this endeavor to do Your Father’s will and bring Your church back from the presipice

  6. I have just made a donation via Paypal, as promised.
    It is not a huge amount, but is as much as I can realistically afford right now, for the good of Holy Mother Church.
    I hope & pray fervently that many more donations have been received since your last update.

    Pax tecum.

  7. With God’s will and care guiding you, Brother Alexis, we all, whoever, cannot thank you too much.

  8. Praise be Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother Mary Brother Alexis . Thanks a lot for your great courage, leading and putting tremendous fight for the Holy Church against these wicked ones. You’re a true soldier of God.
    Just wondering why you did Sign of the Cross with your left hand?
    Lastly, even unemployed for No vaxx, I would like to help with little sacrifice compared to yours.
    May God bless you and Our Lady keep you always. Ave Maria.+

  9. Bro. Alexis,
    Praise be Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother Mary!
    Yes I did. But it took me a while to get back to this comment section as I have forgotten where I’ve commented(I’m getting senile in mid 40’s, hehe). I wish you have a dedicated email for certain questions like this funding matter or some spiritual guidance/answer as I can’t find a consistent answer even from a Trad. priests, etc. Can I take this chance for some personal questions? Just these ones. Thank you.
    1. Me & wife in a first time marriage but a civil one. Is this invalid & unacceptable before God? I seldomly go to a Holy Communion now since I’ve discovered TLM thru Fr. Ripperger’s talks and teachings on angels & demons, posessions, sacramentals, etc. who is a well known Exorcist in US). I’ve seen friends being possessed 30 yrs. ago back in Phil then few yrs. ago here . Btw, a proud Franciscan Friar here in Honolulu whom I’ve asked to where to get an Epiphany Holy Water, (very efficacious than regular Novus Ordo Holy water per Fr. Ripperger), laughed at me to my surprised with a stern voice, ” We don’t do that here” in the Cathedral, “I’m from the 3rd Franciscan Order” which I had no idea. So I even get denied confession or absolution by some trad priests when they hear I’m in a civil marriage. Convalidation? I’m not sure about it when she’s a modernist and very negative to Traditional Church teaching & practice.

    2. My daughter will start college this year in U.S. Is Thomas Aquinas College, California the best one for a true Catholic Traditional education? How about Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio? Any suggestions?

    3. English is my 2nd language and your the first one here in U.S. I’ve heard from the translation of Our Father…”Do not bring us to the test”, which I’ve learned from Philippines & always used before coming here that says, “Do not lead us not into temptation..”. I wanted to purchase your Latin DVD course but is now discontinued. Any suggested websites/resource?
    Thank you for taking time despite your busy schedule. I really appreciate it

    1. If you and your wife are both baptised Christians, and you are a Catholic, then you have the grave obligation to get married in the Catholic Church, and can make vows. However, if one of you is not baptised, but is a believer in Christ, that one should make a solemn promise to receive Baptism asap, and with that promised you can exchange marriage vows, which however will not enter into force until that one is baptized, when those vows should be renewed. And yes, it is a most grave sin for Christian couples to cohabitation without the Sacrament of Matrimony. If your wife is not a believer, then if you remain in your civil marriage you cannot receive the sacraments, except on your death bed. But if you wish to be married in the Church and she refuses, I think the Petrine privilege gives you the right to separate from her, get a civil divorce, and then make a good confession and return to the sacaments.

      2. I think TAC is better than FU, but I am no expert as there are others now, which may be better.

      3. I am not familiar with what Latin study programs are on the web lately.


  10. “The most infamous conspiracy is in progress against the Church. Her enemies are working to destroy the most holy traditions and thus to introduce dangerous and evil-intended reforms, such as those Calvin, Zwingli and other false teachers once attempted. They manifest a  hypocritical zeal to modernise the Church and to adapt it to the present day situation, but in reality they conceal the secret intention of opening the gates to Communism, to hasten the collapse of the free world and to prepare the further  destruction of  Christianity. All this it is intended to put into effect at the coming Vatican Council. We have proofs of how everything is being planned in secret agreement with the leading forces of Communism, of world Freemasonry and of the secret power directing these. ”
    Introduction to the Italian version of The Plot Against Christianity, August 1962.  (Free eBook)

    Well, it is no longer a conspiracy but it has all come true.   Vatican II was “the revolt” and for 60 years it has closed down thousands of churches and parishes and it sent tens of millions of Catholics to  become Protestants, Thousands of homosexual priests sexually abused countless Catholic boys worse than the days of Noah.  And Vatican Ii has culminated with the most evil man today, Bergoglio aka The Antichrist Pope Francis who has broken all the 10 Commandments and the doctrines of the Church, and he is about to deliver the final blow on the heart of Holy Mother Church in the abolition of the Traditional Latin Mass.

    The Antichrist Pope Francis must be ousted NOW in the conclave being called by Brother Bugnolo before false-pope Francis  burn down the Church with the fires of Hell because he is the vicar of Satan

  11. Brother Alexis, I’ve thought my donation went thru yesterday as my local bank said to fixed the Hold problem. After 2 days of giving me a hard time with their repeated questions of what company & why I’m donating, I’ve just realized it was cancelled. I’ll reach them again asap to make this donation today. If it does not work out, will you be able to receive the funding immediately today, Rome time if thru PayPal? Hope you’ll read this on time. May God Bless you & Our Lady keep you.

    1. Thank you for going though all the trouble. Your donation has arrived. God bless you for it!

  12. How to be a Roman Catholic:
    1) Be extremely calm, reflexive and plenty of patience…
    (Catholic Church is a millenary institution, that has had
    a lot of trouble in her history, and her many wounds
    and schisms have not be healed in so many centuries).
    2) Have faith about the action of the Holy Spirit…
    in the past, from terrible power struggles between
    Cardinals (under the influence of foreign nathions)
    emerged many sainct Popes and sainct Friars like
    John Paul I & II, Saint Francis, Joachim da Fiore, etc.
    3) Have NO DOUBT about the FINAL VICTORY of
    the TRUE CHURCH. The enemies of GOD will be
    struck by infinite disgrace, sorrow and pain, their
    evil actions will be discovered and revealed to the
    peoples of the World. They will stole an empty shell,
    that will proclame teachings that are meaningless
    and will remain unheard.


  13. Pope Francis is the rightful successor to Pope Benedict XVI. If you do not agree to this you are not in union with the Catholic Church and you cannot receive Holy Communion. It is a terrible price to pay for dying on that hill.

    God blesses

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