Antipope says it’s O.K. for a priest to marry a girl

Editor’s Note: If you have any doubts that Bergoglio is the true pope or not, and still have them after reading this article, then you simply are not Catholic.

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16 thoughts on “Antipope says it’s O.K. for a priest to marry a girl”

  1. Well … he did not specify if the girl has to be human. May she be dog or a chimp? I will leave giraffes off the list because they are too tall for most temples.

    I present you the abomination standing on holy ground. You know now that the words of Christ are about to be fulfilled: “Your redemption is near.”


  2. So if a pedophile who has not turned himself in comes to confession then the priest is obligated to give him absolution? And thus making the priest complicit?

    This is simply one more example of why Bergoglio is an antipope.

    1. He doesn’t, at least at present, meet the prophesied “requirements” for that “job”, however, he is a strong contender for the False Prophet. To date, so far as I know, only 1 person stands even close to measuring up for the Man of Perdition, but he does not yet fit fully either. Time will tell…

    2. The way he dropped this comment “Close to whom? To the girls of the parish? And some of them are, they’re close, then they get married, that’s fine.” is the same way he drops other comments like “Pluralism and diversity of religion, colour, gender, race and language are a wise divine will, according to which God created human beings.” They are dropped in the middle of a text, amongst alot of words so most people simply hear the seriousness of what he says. And so they explain it away as if he is simply very imprudent with what he says. But while this can be an explanation for someone who speaks this way, and acts very Catholic, it is not the explanation for someone who signs documents with these texts nor makes appointments of known pedophiles and homosexuals.

    3. The church he built and his hierarchy that has terrorized Rome for a decade and more is. This church and its henchmen and those who failed to see will be turning 180 degrees away from the True Faith.

      He is not alone in this, every part of the mafia is now visible for the eyes to see, promoting sedevacantism ( not caring who the pope is ) just to please themselves.

  3. St Padre Pio withheld absolution where he saw no repentance,and those he withheld it from thanked him,they knew it was done out of love of Christ and their souls

    1. Yes, Mazara. Padre Pio was Catholic and a Priest’s Priest. A real alter Christus.

  4. Antichrist Pope Francis the “man of lawlessness” will soon legalize pedophilia in the Catholic Church after signing the Abrahamic Accord with the 2 religions that condone pedophilia.

    How many Catholics know that Muhammad had 9 wives and 3 sex slaves, and that his last ​(​​wife until his death) ​and 9th wife was a 6 year old girl?

    How many Catholics know that the Talmud allows sex with little girls as young as 3 years old …?

    Antichrist Pope Francis is the “son of perdition” and “man of lawlessness.” The Antichrist will not be dressed in Hollywood costumes of Thor and Armageddon will not be noisy Hollywood war movies but the silent DeathVaxx that can kill all billions of mankind instantly imposed by the WEF henchmen in all nations led by Antichrist Pope Francis at the Vatican! 

    ​Catholics of Rome, better elect the successor of Benedict XVI and oust Bergoglio out of the Vatican ASAP before he sinks the Barque of Peter! Heed the appeal of Bro. Bugnolo! ​​

  5. If Yhwh God does not grant absolution without repentance, how DARE any human claim to do so? Scripture is clear, throughout; there can be no redemption without repentance.

  6. The underlying problem here is not Bergoglio – every regular reader at knows he is a heretical antipope, freemason & globalist whose mission is to destroy all elements of traditional Catholic doctrine, liturgy, & morals.

    The problem is the Catholic Herald’s effeminate/lukewarm reporting of the various indiscretions of “Pope Francis”.
    The CH was for many years a respected, widely-read, tradition-friendly, UK weekly broadsheet newspaper but morphed into a glossy A4-size monthly magazine together with associated website a few years ago and has clearly become a paid “associate” of the CBCEW, the English/Welsh Bishops’ Conference, which is ‘wedded’ to the Bergoglian anti-Church.

    So, just more “controlled opposition” to add to the long list that & OMCRadioTV have been detailing in recent months!

  7. Bergoglio is not simply an antipope or an antichrist, as there are several antichrists. The prophecies say that the Antichrist will arise in the reign of the Great Monarch. Maybe not, but he corroborates a lot with the figure that speaks revelation 16, 13-14. It also fits when Our Lord says in Matthew 15:11. Because what I read in this Catholic Herald article about this bishop is a bestiality and a low level that I haven’t read before.

  8. The more Bergoglio does this the more he will help the true church grow. We must be like guiding lights showing those who awaken to the truth where the true Roman Catholic Church is.

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