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FromRome.Info will not publish articles or comments about the activity of Catholics at Rome in regard to the election of Pope Benedict XVI’s successor. This is to avoid any claim of conflict of interest or attempt to influence that election.

The next report by will regard the election itself, after it concludes, and contain an announcement by Br. Bugnolo as regards the conduct of the election and results. Catholics, Scholars, and Canonists will then be allowed to examine the evidence and interview Br. Bugnolo to know how the election was organized and conducted. The documents regarding this will be conserved in an archive, open to public inspection, and God willing one day be donated to the Apostolic Library.

Finally, Br. Bugnolo wants all to know, that he will not cast a vote during the election, so as to avoid any charge of bias.

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  1. I would be lying if I did not say I am a bit disappointed as I have looked forward to reading his articles in reference to this but I more than understand!

  2. Thank you Brother Alexis for taking the lead in this matter. I understand your actions in being impartial in the event and your actions to ensure that your objective is to have a juridical valid outcome according to Papal and Canon Law. I pray for your safety and for a Holy Spirit inspiration to the Catholic people of the Roman dioceses that are eligible to take part in the election of the new Pope successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

    1. Fair enough. This removes the bias from any side.

      Anyway, I am more concerned about the Warning because fewer and fewer priests are being in Communion with the true pope and his successor.

      For example, SSPX is now rounding up the traditional priests and that is bad. SSPX is already revealed as a controlled opposition, like the Opus Dei, a Gladio OP.

  3. This move is stunning… For the average Joe six pak Catholic, its incomprehensible; however, with Br
    B….we know that his comprehension of the nature and scope of the immensity of the whole ” Vatican Problem” demands “extraordinary forms” of solutions within ancient laws. And that is exactly where he is an expert. Praying and fasting W.and F for all of this mess is the way to assure victory!!

  4. Many thanks for this update, Brother Alexis.
    Fair comment.
    Your desire to remain totally impartial whilst heavily involved with the organisation & implementation of the papal election is most commendable.
    Yes, it is right & proper that the ‘progress’ of the election will remain unpublished until it has been concluded.

    I will personally donate as much as I can afford right now, within the next 24 hours, and hope very much that substantial donations have been received in response to your heartfelt appeal.

  5. I can presume that the successor of Pope Benedict is The Last True Pope on Earth because the book of Revelations has already been unveiled.

    Wow, to Kingdom Come!

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