Müller: When it comes to sexual abuse, Bergoglio’s friends are protected

Editor’s Note: What the MSM is not talking about in the English speaking world, is the hottest issue now at Rome. Three of the top clerics now have in their own way denounced the protection of Father Rupnik, SJ, by Bergoglio as something totally intolerable: the first two were De Donatis, acting Vicar of Rome, who issued a statement, here; and Father Mark A. Lewis, the new Rector Magnificus of the Pontifical Gregorian University, here and here.

Müller first became a priest in the Diocese of Mainz, in 1978; then was made Bishop of Regensburg in 2002, by Pope John Paul II. Then in July of 2012, Pope Benedict XVI made him Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and conferred upon him the personal dignity of an Archbishop; as such he was also appointed to the International Theological Commission, the Biblical Commission and the Commission “Ecclesia Dei”. Bergoglio kept him in that positions until 2017.

Each of these three have publicly defended Bergoglio’s claim to be pope, and thus they have each decided to board a ship, with a predator’s protector as helmsman. Now, however, they are having second thoughts

I smell the sent of mutiny below the decks.

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3 thoughts on “Müller: When it comes to sexual abuse, Bergoglio’s friends are protected”

  1. I have no doubt those he favors are protected; there’s a lot of that particular “disease” going around among leftists, globally, unfortunately. It seems to be as contagious as the “common” cold.

  2. The “ship” these three clerics have ‘boarded’ is most certainly not the true Barque of Peter!

    It is a ‘ghost ship’, a deliberately deceptive & distracting “GOD is all mercy & no judgment & we are the Church of Nice” vessel which is most unseaworthy and heading inevitably for shipwreck & destruction!!

    Hence, these 3 clerics have realised the urgent necessity to ‘abandon ship’ to save their lives…….and to save their souls from the danger of eternal damnation!!!

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