The Insistent Silence of Complicity — Video of the Week

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7 thoughts on “The Insistent Silence of Complicity — Video of the Week”

    1. I was thinking Bergoglio was too dumb to be the Antichrist but otoh what more would the Antichrist do that Bergoglio hasn’t done?

  1. I do not know why that video has been censored, since Bourla doesn’t answer any question. It doesn’t reveal anything.

    1. Because questions are more powerful, when they are not answered by one who could and should answer them.

  2. Good video.

    That is like someone making Hitler uncomfortable while know he is going to kill us all. The guy does not have to answer to those he knows he has assassinated already. He just has to wait.

  3. Unfortunately what we observe is not the same as what others, see. Of course the questions are good, but the fact that Bourla doesn’t answer is a way for him to disregard , disconsider the guys who ask. Those people feel so high above the rest of humanity, that they can afford not responding, and just keep walking to the very private temple of very rich liars. And they don’t fear anything. Fear must change of camp. It’s allas not the case yet.
    I speak with a lot of people every week.. who are poisonned. They are sick all the time, sometimes they need to get surgery and that, since 2 years. No way they do the link. No way. “It’s life”. They guess I’m not poisonned, but they don’t wonder why I’m not sick all the time. No. Because they are self-centered. And they lie to themselves. If one day it comes to their mind, that they might have done a mistake, by pride they wouldn’t admit it, and on the contrary, might be jealous of us. And the “Elite” like Bourla, know this matter of facts. Unfortunately.

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