There is only 1 Catholic choice left

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10 thoughts on “There is only 1 Catholic choice left”

  1. Choosing option 3 as I saw how many Traditionalists fell into SSPX. SSPX is a notorious sedevacantist, fallen now into Begoglians.

  2. The only choice left is number 3: To Accept that Saint Peter gave the Roman Catholics the right to elect Christ’s Vicar.

    CATHOLICS, GO TO ROME and ELECT the SUCCESSOR OF BENEDICT XVI at Brother Bugnolo’s venue.


    May Archangel Michael protect you, Brother Bugnolo…and AJ too!

  3. Thankfully there is option 3, because between 1 and 2, I hate to say it, but I’d likely end up choosing 2. 1 is simply not an option (nor should number 2 be either…but knowing myself, I’d loose faith before putting my faith in obvious satanists).

    Sadly, I know of far too many who will choose option 1. I pray that I am wrong.

  4. Option 3 absolutely!

    On the subject of “Catholic choices” here is an ‘interesting’ post [earlier today] on the well-respected blog of ‘Father Z’ as regards going to Mass where “Pope Francis” is mentioned in the Roman Canon or Eucharistic Prayer – the advice given differs, sadly, from that which we have been reading regularly at

    1. Using Father Z’s logic, if using Pope Benedict XVI (PBXVI) ñame is grounds by Bergolio to cancel a priest, then my belief that using the antipope’s name should tell me that I should not attend because my belief is that PBXVI was the true Pope. Otherwise, priest using the name they believe is the true Pope should be allowed to say mass also without repercussions.

      1. Father Z’s rather lukewarm advice here is in stark contrast to Brother Alexis’ many erudite articles on the subject.
        We know that Father Z was “cancelled” by his diocesan Ordinary earlier last year so it is disappointing, to say the least, that he continues to be part of the “controlled opposition” camp who all avoid describing Bergoglio, in public, as the manifest heretical antipope, freemason & globalist that he actually is!

        After reading the various comments over the last 24 hours on Father Z’s “advice” my concern is that he may be leading many of his readers into error…….

      2. Father Z is a convert from the Methodist Church. That anyone even ask him a question on moral theology is imprudent in my opinion. It is clear from his answer that he never read Catholic sources on communicatio in sacris.

  5. Happily married for 51 years, I can tell you my wife’s solution to the dilema if one is still trying to guess, I quote: “I give you three guesses and the first two do not count”.

  6. What happens next Brother? After a real pope is elected, I see the Bergoglian thugs swatting us away like a pesky fly 😞

    I know, pray incessantly

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