16 thoughts on “Brazilian issues Papal Declarations on her own authority against Bugnolo & Minutella”

  1. Translation of transcript from YouTube, using Google Translate


    Hello, a cordial greeting to all 0:02 you dear friends of this channel 0:04 Radio Rosa Mística Colombia we have 0:07 urgent news 0:10 Fra Alexis sends us a 0:13 document of a false religious who is 0:16 she a religious lack of Brazil

    0:21 She is a young lady who, in the company of 0:24 her father dresses up as 0:27 religious and 0:29 post things on social media 0:32 now he’s posing and talking and 0:36 writing as if he were a pope and not 0:39 That alone is full of wisdom 0:43 of the canon law code and then 0:45 I have undertaken this woman from Brazil the 0:49 she has undertaken against Fray Alexis Bugnolo 0:53 and against Don Alexandro Minutela 0:56 daringly because she does not have her own 0:59 youth gives her away that she has no studies 1:01 of absolutely nothing observe the 1:04 You are a mythomaniac and Fray Alexis 1:08 donot has sent us through 1:11 WhatsApp the following note

    This is a 1:14 nun in Brazil 1:17 that she founded her own parish and now 1:20 she is pulling doctrinal statements 1:23 as if she were a popess and she sends us the 1:28 declaration the declaration the public 1:30 Fray Alexis in several in several languages 1:35 not 1:36 is a statement supposedly this 1:39 woman who is not religious who is not 1:42 Seer that is absolutely nothing that 1:44 she dresses up as a nun 1:46

    I think we made the complaint ago 1:49 few months we drew attention in the 1:52 radio about this woman I don’t know if we had 1:55 made video I think not and now 1:58 we must show her because she is 2:00 confusing a lot of people says 2:03 declaration to all the faithful of the 2:06 Roman Catholic Apostolic Church in 2:08 union with Pope Benedict we say this 2:11 she says she pleads in union with 2:13 Benedict sixteenth but attacks Friar 2:17

    She hailed and a minute away and defends everyone 2:21 the Cardinals who have United To 2:23 support Bergoglio as supposed pope 2:26 when we know that what is not is not and 2:30 write disk in union declare and 2:34 we clarify to all the faithful of the 2:37 true apostolic catholic church 2:39 Roman in union with the holy Pope 2:41 Benedict we say this who authorized it 2:43

    she’s not even religious she’s a mythomaniac 2:47 I repeat that she is confusing people 2:51 you do not believe him at all 2:55 this document has three points but 2:59 write things that really 3:02 They don’t make sense. For example 3:06 that Benedict together Benedict 3:09 sixteenth together with his with Christ 3:13 Supreme head of the church leads to 3:16 the militant church in the church 3:18 triumphant for which we are now in 3:21 the seat held held held by God

    This 3:26 woman is sick in the head very bad yes and 3:30 says that she like that she 3:35 she talks as if she writes as if she were 3:37 popess and says that the church does not recognize 3:40 the movement of the donut and the 3:44 Minutela and company that illegitimately 3:47 they want to choose a new dad no ma’am

    3:49 She is completely wrong, she shows her of her 3:53 desire of figuration sudes here we go 3:56 to feature with these cover photos 3:59 so that everyone in Latin America and 4:01 the world knows her and no one follows her is 4:05 a false religious a mythomaniac a 4:08 liar that in the company of his father 4:11 they are in that he who records him are 4:14 cheating or the person who records

    4:17 we assume that her father is cheating on 4:21 many people in the world must have 4:23 beware a false prophetess not that of 4:28 this way helps Jorge Mario 4:31 Bergoglio alert you have to be careful 4:33 with this woman because nothing 4:37 says it has authorization from the Church 4:39 Catholic yes 4:42 says that the real pope is Benedict 4:45 but it goes against whom 4:47 we defend Benedict we say this as 4:49 happens to the lawyer who wrote the 4:52 book here in Colombia Exactly the same 4:54 the same case but in Brazil

    Many 4:57 thanks I hope you guys take action 5 o’clock if they are following this phony and 5:05 they block it, report it anyway because 5:10 she’s not even catholic and she gives it to him 5:13 church doctor with a book of 5:15 canon law code in hand that 5:17 is 5:18 disrespect the real 5:20 Catholics who are in the small 5:22 faithful rest Thank you very much God 5:25 bless

    (Note: The take away from this even if it’s not 100% perfect translation is that the nun is an imposter, a mythomaniac, she claims herself as a popess,
    If someone knows Spanish and correct this text, would be appreciated.
    She is nutcase supporting the Antichrist Pope Francis, the most lunatic demonic Bergoglio!)

    Why Bergoglio is the Antichrist Pope Francis https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/17/a-list-of-public-officials-who-are-attending-the-wef-forum-annual-meeting-2023/#comment-57721

    CATHOLICS OF ROME, GO ELECT THE SUCCESSOR OF BENEDICT XVI https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/22/there-is-only-1-catholic-choice-left/#comment-58002

  2. Not all Brazilian are nuts but obviously there are Brazilian nuts.

    In that corner of the world where I also live there is a species unnamed yet: those who were born theologians although they can’t spell ‘theology’ — experts at everything, odious, ignorant, and without a trace of class.

    Forgive and forget. This is a clear mental case. I have THREE in my immediate family.

    1. Ida Peerderman in Austria caused the same racket 50 years ago.
      This is something that happens amidst confusion.

  3. I believe this is what Pope Benedict XVI’s reason for retiring in prayer.
    Once no one prays for the stray lambs, they become easily swallowed by wolves.

    1. This is also why he insisted his successor be elected by those who are competent. This first requires good will, but it also requires that you know Latin and Canon Law, which none of the critics of electing a successor to B16 do: Barnhardt, Coffin, La Pace, Cionci, Acosta, O’Reilly, Salza etc.. It is really amazing how many laymen and laywomen on social media have fallen into the trap of pontificating about things in which they have no ability or training, as if, getting it right about who is pope, some how made you an expert on ecclesiology, theology or gave you the right to tell Catholics are Rome to do nothing and surrender.

      1. That part of Canon Law you have explained to a point that nearly impossible NOT to undertand, Mr. Cionci did the same and many others. The list you made is composed of people who refuse to understand. They have the intelligence but not the desire to understand. DO THE MATH.

  4. what nut case this “nun”, shows no true vocation as a nun. Now if she was like the nuns who were Saints and defender of the Papacy, that would be great, but she just attacks it and attacks those who want to defend it.

    1. This is the amazing thing about all the YouTubers and Authors who defended B16 as the pope. What was the purpose if after his death, they say there should be no successor? Are they smoking weed, or have they all gone mad? They should give back all the $ that they raised defending Benedict, because obviously they were joking and grifting.

      1. That ‘s right. They should give back all the $ that they raised defending Benedict, because obviously they were joking and grifting.

        All YouTubers and Authors who defended Benedict XVI as the pope but who are now doing nothing to mobilize the election of his successor are controlled-opposition and hypocrites.

        CIC Catholic Identity Conference of The Remnant of Michael Matt is controlled-opposition

        CATHOLICS OF ROME, GO ELECT THE SUCCESSOR OF BENEDICT XVI https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/22/there-is-only-1-catholic-choice-left/#comment-58002

        Bergoglio has broken all 10 Commandments

        Why Antipope Francis is “the son of perdition” and “the man of lawlessness” in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/22/while-antipope-locked-down-the-church-world-wide-priest-organized-sex-party-at-cathedral-rectory/#comment-58013

  5. Brother, if nothing unusual happens, we’d be suspicious. That’s a good sign. You have our support and our prayers.

  6. Three reactions:-
    1] HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
    2] This sadly deluded woman is “tuppence short of a shilling” as we English used to say in the pre-1971 days of pounds, shillings & pence!
    3] Truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction – or as the great tennis-player John McEnroe used to say to match umpires: “You cannot be serious!!”

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