Pope Benedict XVI’s Posthumous New Book’s Has Powerful Message for the Church

Editor’s Note: Pope Benedict XVI quotes the Book of Maccabees, when it urges the faithful, “Not to heed the counsels of the King, when he would want you to turn right or left away from our holy religion.” — An undeniable call to civil disobedience in the face of the Globalist New World Order.

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7 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI’s Posthumous New Book’s Has Powerful Message for the Church”

  1. The Lord must have added the book of Maccabees the Catholic Bible to aid us in this last battle, to distinguish the True Faith from the heresies.

    Eleazar also died for not submitting to Globalists of his time.

  2. Great. So glad He wrote a ‘last message’ for all of us identifying as the “faithfuls” in the Book of Maccabees.

  3. I love that in the books of Maccabees God’s assistance included the manifestation of angels at critical times, who defended the Jewish people who were trying to keep the Holy laws, and fought against their enemies with devastating effect. I believe this also happened during the Crusades.

    1. They SLAYED, not bowed down, to those who ordered the worship of false gods. Judas Maccabeus also rose in indignation and slayed the Jew who immediately bowed down to the false god Mars and pinched salt.

      I also saw in the tv in 2020 how the patrolmen beat up a fisherman selling his caught fish as a living for not wearing a mask. I learned there and then “This is wrong!”

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