18 thoughts on “In Death the true Pope unmasked the Gay Mafia’s recruitment scheme”

  1. These last two postings at fromrome.info highlight the disgusting & highly immoral “Lavender Mafia” within Holy Mother Church which has been increasingly prevalent over the last six decades.

    Which can be traced directly to the deliberate heterodoxy & watering-down of the One True Faith within every document produced by the Second Vatican Council.

    The most effective revolutions always come from within an organisation……and the revolution of Vatican II is very well-described in a series of erudite, scholarly articles that are being serialised at the Rorate Caeli website.
    Here is the latest instalment:-

    1. The anthropological problem with Vatican II is that a large portion of the Council Fathers were draft dodgers. And Draft dodgers are by nature vile men.

      1. Brother Bugnolo I am constantly impressed by your keen insights, reasoned analysis and understanding of human nature. May God bless you abundantly.

  2. Thanks for that information.
    We know, of course, that Vatican II could not have happened without a deliberate infiltration into the Church by communists, freemasons, homosexuals, and protestants – this seems to have taken place between WW1 & WW2 but you may be able to clarify more precisely?

  3. My friend Cezar H. for a while had the intention to become a Catholic Priest… but some type of molestation made him change His mind.
    Luckily, He became a Medical Doctor, and got a master in Cardiology in Rome, and a good job in Sicily.
    In my humble opinion Catholic Priest should marry, as Maronite and Uniate Catholics do.
    It seems that in the future, after W.W. III, there will be a diffuse priesthood in the population, with people having a prime or secondary job, as Saint Paul recommended. In the seat of Saint Peter will seat the Holy Bible, and will be read and understood.

    1. The Lord Jesus appeared to St. Bridget of Sweden and told her that He will damn to hell the pope who allows priests to marry.

      1. Jesus wants his disciples to follow him in celibacy and be devoted to his teaching solemnly not to be diverged in marriage life. Really you can’t do both. Priests, monks, nuns they choose this life style for themselves. They wouldn’t want it any other way. The biggest problem for them is lonleness not celibacy.

    2. Priests should definitely not marry – that’s a no-brainer.
      People who take the spiritual life seriously (whether religious or laity) that are not married will be more concerned with the things of God than people who are married.
      1Corinthians 7:33 “But he that is with a wife, is solicitous for the things of the world, how he may please his wife: and he is divided.” DRB

      During the scam-demic, I had gone to a Greek/Slovak Catholic Church and the married priest there left his congregation (before his contract was up) because his wife was home-sick. They went back to Europe, and this church, because of the shortage of priests, was almost without a priest. [The one they have right now is 81 years old and his health is not good.]
      Not only was it difficult to bring in a priest, but a layman was left to take care of financial matters, which was a headache in itself.
      The Eastern Melkite Catholic Church I attend now has two priests, and both are not married, and for this, I am extremely grateful.

      Having said all of that, I do know of two married priests who give outstanding homilies (one, in particular, goes deep in theology), but it doesn’t take away from the truth of what St. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians.

  4. The beginnings of the ” ecumenical movement” began in Asia, most probably within the beginning
    heresy of Communism’s ww agenda in Russia. Marx and Engels living in London and Bakunin in Russia who was a 33rd degree Freemason, and a Satanist…were leaders in the conspiracy among a secret host of others.l…This world wide plot, ..first broke out in America , when Lincolns 2 week skirmish called The Civil War was escalating. Upon advice from Kuhn Loebs agent Jacob Schiff, Lincoln hired Freidrih Engels , K Marxs brilliant military strategist through Charles Henry Dana to ” END THE US WAR BETWEEN THE STATES,”. The ultimate goal was for Communism and its atheistic control to take down America under their control.
    Add to that a few years later, Vis ter Hooft and Rockefeller agent Gates, who were among those complicit in promoting the V2 council. That Council , whose authentic discussion agenda was usurped in the very first meeting in a takeover by planted clergy was intentionally compromised by enemies within planted from without…Bella Dodds priests planted there in the early 1900s among them. One day, the South will be vindicated and Communism will fall also.

  5. This book that explained the roots of Freemasonry and Communism was sent out to ALL the bishops of the world BEFORE they went to attend the Second Vatican Council to forewarn them that the Council was to be heavily infiltrated with non-Catholics who were imposters and fake converts
    https://www.fisheaters.com/srpdf/xtheplotagainstthechurch.pdf (Free eBook)

    But all the bishops must have been bribed with truckloads of ca$h which they couldn’t re$i$t because even the most famous TV preacher Bishop Fulton Sheen was transformed into a total Modernist after attending Vatican II.

    1. Many thanks for those links!

      I have started reading “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay [1962] – the introductory pages alone are revelatory and “join up many dots” about the enemy’s infiltration & strategy since the late 19th century……!!

      Pax tecum.

      1. You’re Welcome! btw you’re the FIRST to thank me for it! My efforts have not been in vain! Keep us posted on what is touching you… while you are reading it….

    2. I have been reading the book Plot Against the Church – the few pages on the extreme brutality of the satanic communists in Russia were horrifying and left me feeling in a state of depression. After a few days break I have continued reading. The Bishops of Vatican II were either too lazy to read the book or too compromised or evil infiltrators for not heeding its warnings. But excellent history and summary of the synagogue of satan subversion of the Catholic Church. The researchers and writers must have worked non-stop to bring that book together in time for the Vatican II Bishops.

      God bless you for bringing it to our attention.

      1. Thank you, I appreciate it very much! You are the SECOND person to thank me for it. I used to feel that out of 1.3 billion Catholics, I am the only one who has read that book of Truth! Now I won’t feel so alone anymore!

        My guess is that the Enemies got to all the Bishops ahead of the book’s arrival by snail mail, and they bribed the Bishops with truckloads of ca$h which they could not re$i$t. Therefore when the Bishops went to the Vatican Council II, all they did was to sit there and comply, and they never raised any question, never had any critical thinking on how destructive the Vatican II documents and reforms would be for the Church and for the Catholics. All they could think of was the dollar number $ign$ in their private bank account$.

        Bishop Fulton Sheen is the prototype on how a bishop became so brainwashed by Vatican II and how it turned him into a completely different person that all his past TV shows became meaningless to him! I shudder every time I hear someone praise or quote him, like Fr. Altman praised him (and the Enemies) in his recent speech at the Fatima Center Conference in New Hampshire.

        Watch the series of investigative YouTube presentations of Ascent to Mount Carmel. Bishop Sheen was a Modernist who tried everything he could to destroy parishes in his diocese and how he was preaching at Protestant churches.

        If Bishop Sheen could be transformed into a Modernist, how much more so those other bishops who were not as scholarly or”pious” as he was? I hope he’ll never be canonized as a saint.

        Vatican II was “the revolt” that is now fully revealed and Bergoglio is the “son of perdition” and “man of lawlessness” hence the Antichrist, and with the DeathVaxx that can kill all of mankind,,, therefore, Christ shall come to judge the living and the dead! https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/23/antipope-invites-gay-guru-to-give-retreat-for-bishops-in-october-2023/#comment-58098

  6. Two years ago, our Archdiosecean seminary of Philadelphia had 2 seminarians thrown out for homosexual activity in the dorms. My highschool headmaster when I was there 10 years ago at a Prep school near Philadelphia was an Augustinian priest who was there one day and gone the next suddenly. He had made advances to guys on the Swin team. He was transferred back to the Augustinan headquarters in Philly (Province of St. Thomas), where he went at it again, and then left the priesthood.

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