13 thoughts on “Benedict XVI: Most Bishops are functionally not Catholic”

  1. If Pope Benedict XVI published in his posthumous book saying that most Bishops are not Catholic, why would he not explain in more explicit terms that he never resigned the munus?

    1. Your are assuming that all that he wanted in the book, was included in the book, and that nothing was altered.

      1. Yes. But this caveat then can be applied to the entire book and so we are left hanging.

      2. That is true, but, for discernment, google, “What is a limited hangout”? to understand better why certain truths may be allowed to be published and others not.

  2. The bishops have to answer to Jesus why they wiped out every trace of vocation in the seminaries.

    1. Benedict XVI was a prolific writer but if they could keep him as a prisoner for 10 years at the Vatican, they could also alter his writings and posthumous book.

      Most bishops are imposters and counterfeit Catholics ever since the onset of Vatican II as this book explains how the Freemasons and Communists infiltrated the Council and wrote all its heretical documents.
      https://www.fisheaters.com/srpdf/xtheplotagainstthechurch.pdf (Free eBook)

  3. Anthony Stine’s “Return to Tradition” is one of many lay-led apostolates who are in the ‘controlled-opposition’ camp, and he has recently been an outspoken critic of Brother Alexis.

    So, with that in mind, there is nothing really surprising in this video as all regular readers of fromrome.info know that the Church’s hierarchy is full of apostate heretics & “Lavender Mafia” reprobates!

    Frankly, it is high time that Anthony Stine became a real ‘Warrior for the Faith’ by exposing the Truth of Benedict XVI’s “resignation” and the illicit ‘election’ of a heretical antipope who has wreaked confusion, deception & havoc on the already-lukewarm postconciliar Church over the past decade……!!

    1. Anthony affectionately calls FromRome.info, “the Bubonic Plague”. I guess he thinks the clarity of truth here is highly infectious…

      1. It is always good to retain a sense of humour when one is being verbally attacked!
        All part of “Life’s Rich Tapestry”…….
        And we can always find solace in the last of the Beatitudes – St. Matthew 5: 10-12.
        DEO gratias.

  4. Did he really call FromRome.info, “the Bubonic Plague”? When? On what subject matter? I don’t watch his shows because the first time I listened to him, there was something so fishy about his voice and what he said and I knew he was controlled-opposition from the get-go. So I don’t waste my time listening to him and to the other controlled-opposition Catholic pundit$. https://www.fromrome.info/2022/10/06/frank-walker-faithful-catholics-never-had-to-recognize-and-resist-a-pope/#comment-57652

    Someone did an investigation on Anthony Stine’s “Return to Tradition” that he buys fake views to augment the count on his website! https://endtimes.video/anthony-stine-return-to-tradition-heretic/

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