Bergoglio admits his intestinal problems have returned, but won’t Resign

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3 thoughts on “Bergoglio admits his intestinal problems have returned, but won’t Resign”

  1. I asked my uncle who is a Cardiologist about this, but he knows about Bergoglio’s problem and has also been a primary care physician earlier in his career. He’s 53, and said that this problem is most common in the elderly, and it a relatively simple surgical proceedure, but increasingly risky at Francis’ age. But he said that oce a person has the surgery for a problem like Francis, it is 95% unlikely that the issue would recur so quickly. Most people are good for years after the proceedure, and others never have a problem again. My uncle said that there are two possibilities, 1) That they could not /did not choose to fix the entire problem with Francis because the operation would have lasted longer and been risky at his age, so they did enough to make the illness manageable, or 2). It’s not diverticulosis in the first place, but something much worse. My uncle won’t speculate as to what the issue actually is, only that it is very unlikely someone would have the problem come back so quickly after the first surgery. Also he said alot of doctors don’t chose to do an operation that major on someone in their late 80’s, but rather to give them medicine which will make it at least manageable for as long as possible.

  2. Hmmm……I seem to recall that some notorious heretics in previous centuries had their lives ended by some most unpleasant “bowel problems”……
    Martin Luther [whom Bergoglio seems to admire] was one……

    “For the wrath of GOD is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and injustice of those men that detain the Truth of GOD in injustice;”
    [Romans 1: 18}

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