Bishop Gracida to Br. Bugnolo: I would be honored to be considered a candidate, but

Editor’s Note: At the request of Catholics at Rome, I wrote the Most. Rev. Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, TX, in the USA, to ask him if he would allow himself to be considered a candidate for election in the upcoming Assembly to Elect the Successor of Pope Benedict XVI according to Apostolic Right, which will take place on Monday. I wish to publicly thank His Excellency for his implicit approbation of the canonical legitimacy of what Catholics at Rome are about to do. Now all our critics will have to reckon with the fact that the one Bishop who from 2013 said the renunciation was doubtful, has endorsed the election of Pope Benedict XVI’ s successor.

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18 thoughts on “Bishop Gracida to Br. Bugnolo: I would be honored to be considered a candidate, but”

      1. I feel this is also equivalent of being “fasted with bread and water” like late Pope Benedict V. A prison term that happened also to the late Cardinal Pell.

        Martyrs are springing left and right in this crucial time.

  1. And maybe get a response from Cardinal Brandmuller. While he does not consider (to my knowledge) Bergoglio as an antipope publically, maybe Pope Benedict XVI’s letter in response to his has helped him understand what Pope Benedict did with his Declaration of 2013.

  2. The Pope , according to ancient rules does not have to be a Cardinal. Anyone the Holy Ghost chooses , and shows is His Choice can be elected. Much prayer and penance on the part of the whole Church needs to be Seriously undertaken .Otherwise our own devices will fail. Today is Friday. All reading this please, please storm Heaven. 54 day Rosary Novena is perfect .

    1. Indeed! I have been praying 54 day Novenas everyday for almost 3 years. About a year ago I miscalculated one of my rosary Novenas and it went to a few more days. Since then I have not missed the day nor miscalculated. The last surprised me…. it finished on December 30th…. and I started a new one on December 31st for the repose of the soul of Pope Benedict XVI, that the faithful in Rome may recognize Bergoglio as an antipope, for the election of new pope and for the new pope. Seems like God finds this intention important.

    1. I find it suspect that he wouldn’t have publically considered the alternative that Bergoglio is an antipope and that Benedict XVI didn resign the munus.

      1. John. Are you referring to Bishop Gracida? If you are, he is in poor health himself, but God has given him still clarity of mind. He has been outspoken since 2013 a steadfast supporter of Pope Benedict XVI and numerous times publish dissatisfaction with the anti pope decisions. The only bishop that I know that has not deviated from his views and as far as I know, has not accepted the conclave that selected Bergolio as pope. If you are talking about another person, I stand corrected, but since your comment (to me) infers you are referring to Bishop Gracida, I hope you are not familiar with him and a reason for your unkind comment.

      2. …Especially since his namesake nephew is recognized as a scholar of Canon Law. The more you delve into Vigano’s life and dealings with siblings, McCarrick, and money, the more disturbing red flags you see.

  3. On a separate note. I thank Brother Alexis for asking Bishop Gracida if he would allow his name to be considered. It is really up to God, to indicate who HE selects. I still think that if there was a clear sign like that given when Pope Sylvester I was selected, there would not be any doubt to Bishop Gracida himself if the people of Rome selected him. From the 4 million plus people in the eligible pool to vote, the Holy Spirit will inspire a name of one to be chosen. We can have faith and hope. It will be for sure an important decision. Not being eligible to vote, as I am not a resident, I have faith that our brethren in the Roman dioceses will make a juridically valid choice.

  4. Borg. I think you might be thinking about Pope Fabian who was selected when a dove landed on his head?

    1. I stand corrected. It is St. Pope Fabian I and not St. Pope Sylvester. Thank you for the correction.

  5. I also consider Fr. Paul Kramer a good candidate to be elected pope. Deo gratias!

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