The Luminous Cross at Benedict’s Funeral was a Sign from Heaven

Editor’s Note: Imagine my shock to find that the Cross which appeared in Heaven at the Pope’s funeral, pointing south, should be featured in painting on Canvas, affixed to the wall above the Restaurant, at the Hotel where the Election of his successor, God willing, shall take place on Monday!

And for the incredulous, and curious, the Luminous Cross appeared in the direction of the Mariott Park Hotel, so if you want any more signs from God about what one is to do in the future, I do not know what you would expect.

The Hotel Staff says that this canvas was commissioned by the owners of the Hotel, who are devout Catholics from Sicily. However, the canvas does NOT depict the vision of the Cross of Constantine, because that occurred at the Milvian Bridge, further up the Tiber river. In this image, the light of the cross appears to emanate and fall on the Piazza of San Pietro, where the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI was conducted. — In this canvas, two smaller Angels carry a banner, which reads, “In hoc signo vinces!”, that is, “In this sign, you shall conquer!”

At the corners of the canvas, on each side, one can see the Apostle Saint Peter, on the left, and Saint Paul the Apostle on the right. St. Peter is crouched, evidently, to indicate that the See of Peter is vacant, and awaits a new Pope.

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35 thoughts on “The Luminous Cross at Benedict’s Funeral was a Sign from Heaven”

  1. Fra Alexis Bugnolo, condivido, ma ancora piu’ penso che il segno principale venga dal SOGNO PROFETICO DEL SANTO DON BOSCO, che lei ben conosce, il sogno delle ” Due colonne”. Il nuovo Pontefice sarebbe stato eletto IMMEDIATAMENTE dopo la morte del predecessore a causa dei nemici mentre ancora stavano festeggiando.Non ultimo di minor importanza, questo segno COMPLETA il sogno, l’elezione del successore di Papa Benedetto XVI avverrà proprio poche ore prima della festa del Santo del sogno profetico Don Bosco, questa e’ la firma di Dio. Che Dio Gesù Cristo la benedica Fra Alexis Bugnolo

    1. Claudio, come Lei sa che questo sogno di Don Bosco ha di fare con il Successore Papa Benedetto?

      1. Buongiorno Fra Alexis, credo nelle profezie/ sogni dei Santi come Don Bosco piuttosto che a coloro che come i farisei chiedevano un segno a Gesu’ affinche’ credessero. Chiedere SEGNI a Dio per poi credere o per poi agire significa TENTARE DIO ed aver POCA FEDE. Non credo assolutamente che il caso esista, e la data del 31 gennaio e’ proprio la festa del Santo Don Bosco, e in questo vedo un altro segno di Dio. Dopo tante preghiere e persecuzioni che ha subito lei Frate Alexis davanti la basilica Santa Maria Maggiore penso che sia lo strumento più adatto per Dio per l’elezione del nuovo Pontefice.GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE per tutto ciò ‘ che sta facendo per tutti noi credenti nella Verita’ Gesù Cristo .VIVA CRISTO RE

      2. Maybe the fact that the feast day of Our Lady of Good Success (Feb 1st) is the day after the feast day of St John Bosco (Jan 31st) is a sign that somehow their prophecies are linked and refer to today.

  2. Emperor Constantine had a similar vision of the Cross on October 27, 312 A.D. before he conquered Rome. He had a small army compared to the large army, four times bigger, of the evil Emperor Maxentius of Rome at that time. He obeyed his vision of the Cross and he won the Battle at the Milvian Bridge.

    So no matter how much smaller you are than the army of Antichrist Pope Francis and the Globalists, GO and take back and save Holy Mother Church!

  3. Hello Brother, could this be expanded upon? I saw a fleeting mention of it a few weeks ago, and could not find more about it mentioned anywhere. I’m grateful you are talking about it, but is there no discussion of it anywhere? It is an intriguing event, and one that might encourage Christians everywhere, but we seem to have moved on from heavenly signs, we are too sophisticated now, to believe such childish things. If this happened, it should be discussed and shared. Thank you and God bless you.

    1. This photo was taken by a professional photographer standing on the roof of the right colonnade at St. Peter’s Square during the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI. The photographer is known personally to Cionci, who has vouched to me the authenticity of it.

      1. Oh, I’m not questioning it’s validity, Brother, I’m saying I want to hear accounts of it and more details. I cherish such phenomena, because God speaks to us in these ways, and we know these communications when we see them, if we are attuned to God. When I saw this I immediately wanted to know more, how many noticed it, were there other photos of it, etc. Yet I’ve seen nothing much written. Some of these phenomena are consoling, some more like warnings, compare the wind blowing open the bible on the casket of JPII, with the doves being attacked by gulls and ravens when Francis released them at St. Peter’s. They are interesting to contemplate. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. In the first place, seek only the truth, without attachment to means, that is, people, opinions, parties, etc., although I know that canon law and that of the Church, as you say, is the guide for discernment in a Safe Haven . But, I ask a frank question: Minutella remembered about his defense of Ukraine, which was always against Russia. Indirectly, this means Zelensk, NATO/Nato, UN, Blackrock, etc. Well, that wouldn’t be enough for more people to question, I think, a certain hidden linkage of the election to a political interest. So would that lead to a certain kind of implicit coercion, therefore, the invalidation of this election? With all due respect and my prayers.

  5. Reports of the Anti-Pope’s return of digestion issues is interesting in the light of this event.

    1. He who accused Christians of coprophagy is now having to chew on his own regurgitation? I detect one of those divine ironic interventions. Hmm…

      Remember the Law: the one who ruminates and splits the hoof is unclean.

  6. It will be interesting to see who is elected. I pray for good outcome. I hope there are very many Catholics in Rome and elsewhere anticipating this event with prayers. Just out of curiosity, I’m sure the new Pope will dress just like a real Pope and not like Bergoglio. But is everyone looking for a new “Vatican” to establish with actual true Catholic cardinals and true Catholic new Roman Curia? THat would be a first step to rid the Church of Bergoglio and his mob of heretic associates.

    1. God Himself will send His servants to get rid of them. Our Lady has said that Russia will be the instrument of God in converting the world. I have seen various private prophecies (i.e. Blessed C. Emmerich, St. John Bosco) about the Pope leaving Rome walking on the corpses of his Cardinals. Let God take care of the details, I am too old to march on Rome and the young’uns may not be up to the task. Angels we have galore. It’ll get done and sooner and FASTER than you can imagine.

  7. Love that fresco!

    Is that the same hotel where the “Benedict XVI rally” was held on Gaudete Sunday 11th December 2022?

    And – how much financial & prayerful support for the election of Benedict XVI’s successor have you received from the 2000+ Catholics that attended the rally, including Don Minutella and his priestly confreres?

    Pax tecum.

    1. I’m in the USA, and I didn’t know that the Catholics supporting Benedict XVI were so many. Maybe this is good sign for the conclave to elect his successor. Does it begin tomorrow? I hope a good priest or even Bishop (Schneider of Kazakhstan would be perfect) is elected. I can imaging the shock of Bergoglio if a good number of people turn out and an excellent successor to Benedict XVI is elected. Bergoglio will have a new rival, right in Rome again.

  8. I would truly love to see a larger photo of both the fog and the luminous cross. Does anyone know where a larger photo of these can be found? I am enjoying them but the images are tiny. Thank you.

  9. This week we celebrated the ceast of St. Paul who once breathed murderius threats against the followers of The Way. Jesus k ocked him from his horse, blinded him, spoke to him, and commanded Paul to go to the home of Ananias. Ananias was afraid of Paul, but Jesus spoke to him and commanded him to pray over Paul. The scales fell from his eyes and he was a new man. He went aside and prayed before beginning to preach. His mind needed to be renewed and transformed. We have priests and bishops today who are zealous and breathing murderous threats against the remnant of the Church. They can be saved. We must pray for them. We need them in order to receive the sacraments, and they need to encounter the Risen Lord Jesus. as Saul of Tarsus did. The victory belongs to the Lord who is mighty to save.

  10. God showed the future to the owners.
    To believers God reveals prophecies so that their hope increase. To unbelievers, prophets speak in tongues so that they may repent and believe in the Gospel.

  11. The price for this sign was Pope Benedict XVI’s 10 years of suffering, imprisonment, and eventual martyrdom.

    In this sign we will conquer the Bergoglians.

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