Bergoglian Cardinal Affirms that the Push to destroy the Church is inevitable

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile some Catholics are putting all their bets on their own prudence when to have the election of Benedict XVI’s successor, and are so confident they are inspired of God, that they are involved in a vicious campaign of slander, calumny, libel and insults, not to mention the publication of private correspondence, in violation of Italian Law for the purpose of detraction, to prevent that election in the way it was done for more than 1000 years, that is, as soon as the Pope died. — In their pride, they think such an election should be postponed for weeks, months, even years. Because, how else, could you keep raising money on your YouTube Channel if the Church and Papacy was saved?

But God sees all. And He will repay all. And thus, those who raise their heels against the Apostolic Succession according to Apostolic Tradition will be confounded in eternity.

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11 thoughts on “Bergoglian Cardinal Affirms that the Push to destroy the Church is inevitable”

  1. Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg, the general relator of the 2021-2024 Synod on Synodality said that “the idea of a Christian Europe is a ‘thing of the past.’” This statement proves​ what is the ​ultimate goal of the Synod on Synodality and that he is a henchman of the devil hellbound to destroy Christianity to make it disappear from the face of Europe. He is made of the same cloth as Bergoglio the Antichrist Pope Francis who’s destroying every doctrine he can before he draws his last breath from the power of Satan. He is carrying out the final orders of the Freemasons and Communists who infiltrated and wrote the ​revolutionary ​documents of Vatican II.

  2. I’m only 28, and have never known anything but the Novus Ordo Church of Vatican II. That’s pretty much all my parents got too, growing up in New Jersey. But my grandparents, both born in Japan but came to USA in early 60’s, knew the Latin Mass, and even though they go to Mass every Sunday, still prefer the LAtin Mass. My parents go often. I go only sometimes….but the rest of my 7 brothers and sisters hardly go at all. From reading, I think this is the fruit of VAtican II, the Novus Ordo, and very evil,bad leaders like Hollerich and especially Pope Francis/aka Bergoglio.
    It’s probably a sin to wish bad on a reigning Pope, but it would be a blessing if Bergoglio one morning decided that he has had enough and resigns.

  3. So this synod will be something like the Titanic: it’s unsinkable.

    Thanks for the last words. You may live (eternally) to regret them.

  4. It’s the same drive that stacks Israel and Judaism, and must bring down all Christendom. How else can Satan rule?

  5. Being as Bergoglio has appointed two-thirds of the cardinals, any conclave in which they vote for a pope would be null and void. I don’t see how Ann Barnhardt and company can reconcile that basic fact. It seems they are not proposing any solutions as of yet.

    1. There are those who point out problems and those who fix problems. Different graces and missions.

  6. I wish for them to participate and also repent since this is a great in the Church! This is more important than anything else.

    Isn’t this similar to what the group of the late Cardinal Guissepe Siri did before? Except they acted in error and returned to The Holy Mother Church’s embrace with repentance according to written history later on.

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