Within 16 days of Bergoglio’s “Election”, there were collectibles for sale

Since commercial preparation for such things takes months, how did they know?

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3 thoughts on “Within 16 days of Bergoglio’s “Election”, there were collectibles for sale”

  1. This is a throwback to the “Cross of the Shepherd”, the cross that shows the diabolic intent of the evildoers. The arms of that “shepherd” is crossed like the arms of the Egyptian Anubis and also holding the same tools – a sceptre and a sickle.

    Behind it are sheep that is a big symbolism of millions of Catholics delivered unto Hell. At the top of the shepherd is another symbolism that mocks the Holy Spirit, a broken-winged bird that looks like it is falling instead of descending.

  2. They knew and Bergoglio knew. All has been a set up, a plan… prepared for long decades… with intense collaboration of ecclesiastical masonry. Many prophecies has spoken about this, but most didn’t listen. By the Heaven’s voice, Bergoglio is a false prophet from the Book of Revelation and he will be instrumental in delivering the Throne of Peter to the hands of antichrist. All will be more visible soon and after III WW, when we will know exactly, who has signed the peace-treaty between Israel and Palestinians… Bergoglio is a mason… Do you think that all books about him, all documents etc. are penned by him? No, many are already printed waiting just to be published in the next steps of that plan. All is ready – now there are the implementation steps.

  3. The Bergoglians were given a new cross as a yoke of slavery.

    The remaining Catholics witnessed a luminous cross from the sky a sign on Jan 5, 2023 at Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral so that we will conquer them and their heresies.

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