What are the Conditions for a juridically valid election by Apostolic Right?

by Br Alexis Bugnolo

As can be discerned from the history of the Roman Church, the conditions for a juridically valid election of the Roman Pontiff according to the apostolic ordinance of St. Peter, whereby the whole Church participates in the choice of its next Bishop, are patent:

  1. The Apostolic See be legitimately vacant
  2. The electors be members of the Roman Church
  3. All the electors be invited by public notice
  4. The electors gather together in a public meeting
  5. The electors chose a Catholic man who is an adult, not married, and free from ecclesiastical censure.

But what if not all the members of the Roman Church come, or if not all knew about the election?

If the right depended on participation, then it would be a right held by individuals rather than the whole Church, and then if any one member failed to be present, the election would be invalid.  That criterion is not even accepted in Conclaves, for there, if one elector fails to come, the election remains valid.

The impossible is never a requirement of any law or right, and thus too, if someone does not know of the election, when there are 4 million electors, even though it has been published on Radio and TV for a week, and on social media the world over, their failure to know does not make the election invalid.

Likewise, if all the clergy of the city chose to follow an antipope — as has happened many times in the past — or fall into apostasy or heresy — as parts of the Roman Clergy have in the past, during the Arian and Novatian crises — nevertheless that does not make the election invalid.

In March of 251 A. D., Pope Cornelius I was elected by less than 200 clergy and a few hundred laity. But no one disputes the validity of that election. In modern times of apostasy, heresy, and complete narrative control of the MSM, it would be ridiculous and diabolical to argue that without the MSM publicizing it, the invitation would be invalid, for that would be tantamount to asking the approval of the ruling elites.

No, the Church of Rome is by divine and apostolic institution totally free from such constraints.

She has this special right, because Jesus has decided to stand by Her decision as to who is Her bishop, and to pray for that man as His Vicar on Earth. This is an awesome privilege, and yet it is the foundation of the unity of the entire Church. Beware of those who have begun to pretend in recent days that Catholics never believed in these things.

So tomorrow, when the Catholics of the Roman Church meet they will be doing something not done in nearly a 1000 years, out of the extreme necessity of the de facto apostasy of the College of Cardinals from their duty to provide for the selection of the next Pope.

As for those driven mad by their livid malcontent and the snakes of envy and jealousy which spiral around their hearts, and who say that the people cannot elect their Bishop: they are playing a shell game, and characterizing the faithful of the Roman Church as unbelievers or mere plebs.

The faithful elected St. Ambrose and St. Augustine. They have elected all the popes in the first 1000 years at Rome. Those who say otherwise are egregious liars.

In ancient times, these elections took place in a day, and in piazzas, basilicas, or other open areas. Where is not important. That they met was important.

Finally, if some other group(s) call for the election of Pope Benedict XVI’s successor on another later date, it is clear that that election will be invalid, because you cannot elect anyone Bishop, once that office has been provided for.

Those who already have a “pope”, don’t want Catholics at Rome to have a true Pope. This is part of the diabolic masonic logic of modern times, which says everyone has a right to something, EXCEPT Catholics.

Tomorrow history will be made. And I thank all who have contributed to the B16 Election Fund, who have made it possible. You are the truest friends of Jesus Christ, and He will never forget you for this work entirely according to His deepest desires for His Church.

Tomorrow, the Catholics of Rome take back their Church. Those who reject their decision, will schism themselves from Christ Jesus in such a way that they cannot be saved, for as Pope Boniface VIII declares, in Unam Sanctam — a document frequently quoted even only a few decades ago, but recently forgotten — it is impossible to be saved without submitting to the Roman Pontiff.

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37 thoughts on “What are the Conditions for a juridically valid election by Apostolic Right?”

  1. Dear Fra. Alexis: Have you informed Fr. Paul Kramer on the election of Pope Benedict’s successor? What is his take on this matter?

    1. I do not think Fr. Kramer and I have ever exchanged correspondence or even know how to contact one another.

  2. Hi Brother, how can you detect a person in that group that he is not in schism? E.g. joined there yet he has at one time or another “Pope Francis” in Mass? Is there a confessional ready so he can renounce the antipope especially if that man is a bishop? Or is it better to have the Holy Spirit do the work?

  3. We lost almost, if not all, the cardinals ( Cardinal Sarah included), but the faithful will start again!

  4. I listened to a podcast on TCK where Fr Kramer
    Was a guest after the death of Pope Benedict and the host made mention in passing of Bro Alexis. They seem to disagree what brother is doing in electing a new pope. I was disheartened to hear that there is so much confusion and contradiction within those that seem to both think Bergolio is not the pope. Fr Kramer says the law doesn’t say that if the cardinals don’t convene within 20 days then there is another electoral process that is to convene, the law just says they are in violation. He says the law doesn’t state that the cardinals lose the right to vote. I listened and relistened to the discussion and typed almost verbatim. So I am confused. He is saying that there is not a general perception that the seat is vacant, only a few cardinals believe privately that bergolio is not pope. He is saying doing this will create more confusion. That Jesus is in control and at the right time a new Pope will be elected, but not to force it. Any way I will keep praying for Jesus to intervene and that a true Catholic Pope will be elected.

    1. There are a number of comentators that hold positions that result in not doing anything. Arturo Periodista Católico is one and it seems Fr Kramer is another.

  5. Father Kramer has commented on Twitter: “There is one claimant of the papal throne now. [Bergoglio]. This election would create two claimants: the former a heretic antipope and the latter a dubious, and at best “doubtful Pope”. It will not resolve the crisis in the Church.” And also he commented, “We need to hear from canonists and Church historians on these questions.”

    I respect him and pray for him daily, but I do not think he is right about waiting for canonists and Church historians, who are almost all in communion with Bergoglio.

    1. He speaks out of what he knows, but to call Bergoglio a claimant, is to speak according to appearances not the truth.

      It amazes me that so many wrote and talked about B16 still being the pope but none opened up the code if canon law or a history of papal elections.

      1. Fr. Kramer calls Bergoglio an “antipope.” I don’t believe he ever refereed to him as a claimant … and he has often said that Bergoglio‘s religion is gnostic and Luciferian.

  6. Maybe the Fatima Center knows how to contact Fr. Kramer who I believe lives in Dublin, Ireland.

  7. If we are living in a Catholic World, this should have been the headlines.

    We are in the end times indeed.

  8. I’ve seen several famous Catholic pundit$ mock Bro. Bugnolo, but I keep cheering him on every day even trying Italian using Google translate along the way.

    I didn’t want those hypocrites Catholic pundit$ to get more hits & views and thus lead Catholics to be nitwit sheeple consuming their controlled-opposition contents so I didn’t mention them here.

    I believe that THIS conclave will work out well because this is the only legit way to oust the Big Bad Wolf Bergoglio aka Antichrist Pope Francis BEFORE he delivers the final blow on Holy Mother Church by abolishing the TLM and other Catholic doctrines left.

    Be BRAVE, Brother Bugnolo! and oust the imposter Pope Francis once and for all!

    Veni Creator Spiritus
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7EaOlCMPWU With English Translation

    Sii CORAGGIOSO, Fratello Bugnolo! e cacciare una volta per tutte l’impostore Papa Francesco!

    It’s time to throw the false pope Antichrist Pope Francis overboard the Barque of St. Peter

  9. Brother, it would not be better to delve deeper, through lectures and meetings, your canonical arguments of an election presented by you, with members, in the example of Father Kramer, who I believe, that the throne of Peter is vacant so far with the death of Benedict XVI, to have a deep and vigorous cohesion, freeing himself from all doubts and objections capable of undermining this election of tomorrow?

    1. There are 10,000 persons who have doubts, but their doubts in their own minds do not change the truth. Nor can the Church of Rome hestitate in being what She has always been or doing what She has always done, on account of some priest out there with doubts.

  10. Cardinal Muller would be the ideal pope because the German Catholic Church is the biggest headache of Holy Mother Church now because of their overwhelming fund$ and push for legal Gay Marriage, abortion, pedophilia, and all kinds of perversions and he can tell them off in German without needing a translator.  A German pope as successor to German Pope Benedict XVI would be exhilarating!  

    My actual first choice is Archbishop Lenga because he is clear and precise in his language and can lead the Church and the Barque of St. Peter well without mincing his words.    He’s ready for the job to take on the helm of the Barque of St. Peter!

    Come Holy Spirit, fill the conclave of Bro. Bugnolo with Thy Spirit and enkindle in them the fire of Thy Love…

    Cardinal Muller  https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/22/muller-when-it-comes-to-sexual-abuse-bergoglios-friends-are-protected/#comment-58191

    Archbishop Lenga said it all!  https://www.fromrome.info/2023/01/12/archbishop-lenga-comments-on-bergoglios-i-am-a-communist-and-so-is-jesus-blasphemy/#comment-57316

    1. Mueller does not believe in the perpetual virginity of Our Lady, in the physical sense of that. Nor does he believe the Sacred Heart is in the Eucharist.

      1. Then Muller is disqualified. Those Germans prelates sound really screwed up worse than Luther!

        Archbishop Lenga is the best one then, free of possible doubts and controversies.

        May the Holy Spirit be with each one of you and give you the wisdom to VOTE THE RIGHT MAN as our POPE!

        I had a vision last night of the Swiss Guard arresting Bergoglio with handcuffs and putting him in the prison cell at the basement of the Vatican….

        ….And that the NEW POPE Will Sleep again at the traditional papal apartment overlooking St. Peter’s Square!

  11. What will happen after the new pope is elected? Will he excommunicate Bergoglio? Will he right away do the consecration requested by Our Lady? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. That belongs for him to decide. But the latter is something that I will personally urge him to do, asap.

  12. Dear Br. Alexis!!!!!
    Thank God for you, your foresight, knowledge and courage. My prayers have been and continue to be with you and the electors, especially tomorrow. May Our Lady of Good Success grant a GREAT success to your endeavors!!!!!

  13. Brother Alexis, yo-yoing my prayers.

    Ora et Labora

    The daughter of chief Justice Earl Warren walked on your arm across an icy sidewalk in front of Saint Mary’s in Washington DC, following TLM as you guided her for coffee and fellowship in the Church basement.

    I’m claiming this as a formational moment for you and for Holy Mother Church.

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