Election Results: Events, Candidates, Results & What it means for Catholics world-wide

The results of this election have been accepted as valid by the following members of the Clergy:

  • Mons. Rene H. Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi,
  • Father Walter Covens (Diocese of Fort-de-France, Martinique)
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106 thoughts on “Election Results: Events, Candidates, Results & What it means for Catholics world-wide”

  1. Thank you for your honesty and for spreading 100% TRUTH, Bro. Bugnolo. Glad to know you are feeling better,

  2. Though on the human level it was difficult to come to terms with this outcome; however, you made a remarkable true statement that it is Jesus Christ Who is the One to confirm Peter — that rings so true in the depths of my soul. We are only human, but Jesus is Divine and human and knows everything. What you said is a great reminder to me and strengthens my Faith. We are going to be tested in this. God bless you for all your work. Take some ginger root, honey and lemon and a good rest. You deserve it!

  3. Dear Brother Alexis,

    For the first time since, oh I don’t know, maybe 2016, I named Francis 1 at the end of my morning Rosary. Until yesterday evening, when I read your press briefing and then this morning when I read the many comments, I would rather have eaten pasta laced with glass shards.

    You have done magnificent work this past handful of months and restored your personal credibility with those of us who also perceive in you a desire for Truth based on our collective exploits during the Covid19 era. You have done another 180 and in doing so have scorned the opinion of men and done God’s will. Rather than feeling humiliation at allying myself once again with you after your misadventure in Ukraine, I experience nothing but peace and tranquility.

    Why is that? It is because, as you have, with the assistance of divine simplicity put it, the Catholic Church is the One True Church established by Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is a Church therefore of rules by which we ensure that we can, in good conscience, continue to know what is Our Lord’s will and to act accordingly. Your elucidations on Canon Law have been perfect, and nothing less than one would expect from a true son of St Bonaventure and your employment of Scholastic methodology has been self-evident. We can also rest secure in the satisfaction of another Scholastic nostrum when we ponder that from a mere acorn, a mighty oak will spring…PROVIDED it is warmed by the light of the sun, fed with the material substance of the earth and watered from above by the rain. There are of course divine equivalents that will descend on the little acorn of the assembly’s momentous election result, provided that we the faithful, act as gardeners and plant and tend the acorn of Truth with our prayers, penances and alms.

    On a mere human level, there are also many deliciously enjoyable fruits from spiking the guns of every opinion of the many mere men (and woman) who rant and rail against you, forgetting that our own Scholastic saints were inspired by Aristotelianism and the tremendous fruit of Greek philosophy. These Scholastic saints would, I’m very sure, have been extremely cognisant of the grave logical fallacy of relying on ad hominems and appeals to ridicule. You are only human, and when you strayed into the human arena, many of us believe that you objectively did wrong, as in Ukraine. But when it counted, you returned to your true vocation and have exhibited ferocious determination to do God’s will. I pray He will forgive your final goad in today’s video, since I am sure that any of your opponents who have the decency to watch to the end will choke on their dinners at your reference to the eve of St Alexis!

    For the public record, since the accusation of grifting is often made against you, I thank you for refunding my donation to the cost of holding the assembly within less than 24 hours of my request and note that you also absorbed the payment fees involved. Assuming that you may still have outstanding costs to cover, I will reinstate the sum with sufficient extra to cover the transfer fees.

    Well done and may God bless you.

      1. Bonsoir Frère Alexis, je ne comprends pas l’anglais malheureusement. Même si le nombre importe peu, la représentativité aide la crédibilité. Combien de votants y avait-il à cette élection et qui étaient les candidats ?

    1. Thank you for sharing this to us which is a testimony to the honesty of Bro. Bugnolo and his sincerity and unshakable service as a True Crusader for Holy Mother Church. God bless you.

    2. For the record, I had no intention to spike anyone’s opinion. I presumed that when I began organizing the election, that Don Minutella would be elected.

      1. Amazing that I was in church on January 28th and refused to receive the eucharist after the priest mentioned Pope Francis by name. On January 30th, your assembly corrected this error by officially electing Pope Francis as Saint Peter’s successor. A safe vote to validate what was invalidly done in 2013.

        In the video, you mentioned the Bible verse below to justify the validity of the election you assembled. You also mentioned that few people came to the election, so I understand why you are reluctant to say HOW MANY actually voted:

        Matthew 18:20
        For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

        Fair enough.

        My concern has do with your persistent cough. It’s very easy to fix, provided it’s just a cough. Drink water the moment you feel the urge to cough, expel what your body is trying to expel to heal itself, then drink more water to rehydrate the body, soothe the throat and prepare for the next purge. Do this as often as you have to until you stop coughing.

        God bless.

  4. What God allowed and Brother Bugnolo organized/assembled was amazingly miraculous. Trusting the Sensus Fidei of the People God worked a most prodigious outcome
    both ironic and elegant.
    Reminds me of a movie “The Firm,” where the solution to a seemingly impossible situation is realized in a suprisingly simple and hidden detail. Precisely, the answer was to “follow the law”. Bravissimo!

    1. My first thought after the news on the video: Well done Brother Alexis, little son of St. Francis! I am reminded of the Lord telling him: Build up my Church! Are we witnessing the supernatural way how things are unfolding? May the grace of God show in the acts and words of Pope Francis. Praise and glory to God Almighty. Pace e Bene.

  5. Ho seguito tutta la vicenda, e sento di dover affermare il mio umile parere. I Disegni di Dio non sono i nostri e le Sue vie non sono le nostre. In questo è come se Il Signore si fosse preso gioco del demonio che divide e confonde. Questo io credo, anche se molti non hanno partecipato, capito o perfino denigrato, di rimettere ogni cosa a suo posto.. Siamo stati fino ad ora con la sede impedita con Bergoglio eletto invalidamente nel 2013. In questo si comprende bene come non essendo Papa non abbia avuto in dono il Munus e l’assistenza Giusta dello Spirito Santo. Molte persone si sono allontanati anche per affermazioni eretiche e contro la Fede stessa. Il Signore è ordine e tutto ciò che fa è Ordine divino, anche in questa sua pubblica, rispettando tutti i canoni, la poca partecipazione è stata triste e aizzata da chi adesso si pone realmente ad essere scomunicato se non rientra nell’ovile Santo. Questa sua azione, secondo me guidata dal Signore, ha permesso il rifrequentare la Santa Messa senza sentirsi sbagliati o fuori dal contesto. L’eucarestia è stata la più attaccata poiché si è ardito dichiarare che le messe una cum Francesco in realtà fossero invalidi e dell’ostia non vi era Gesù ma Satana. Prego per la conversione e il ravvedimento di questo fratello caduto in errore. Tale sanamento credo che permetterà da adesso in poi a Bergoglio, Papa Francesco, di essere assistito dallo Spirito Santo, che non può far cadere in errore mai! Il prossimo conclave sarà dunque valido in relazione a questo sanamento, fatta di legge umana ma voluta dal Signore. E adesso sì che ci sarà la grande e vera divisione del grano dalla Zizzania …Preghiamo per ciò che verrà a lode di Dio e Santità della Chiesa, Una, Santa e Apostolica. Seguendo tutti i canoni, malgrado le grandi ostilità, l’elezione credo che sia realmente Valida e chi ancora contesta, sta fuori dal Santo Ovile Divino. Certamente ciò non toglie che l’obbedienza deve essere solo se il sensum fidei vi trova la Santità…altrimenti è lecito disubbidire e opporre la propria volontà a dei comandi che potrebbero essere solo umani in relazione alla Morale e la Fede. Io credo però, che Gesù da adesso seguirà e lo Spirito Santo assisterà, tutto assistendo chi siede sul trono, non più Vacante. Il mio Sensum Fidei mi indica , che ciò che è stato fatto sia stato Realizzato e voluto dal Signore. Pace e Bene…anche se incompleso lei è stato realmente umile strumento, anche se umiliato da molti Farisei, del Signore …e il Signore gliene dia merito nella Sua volontà.
    In Fede un umile e piccola Anima che Ama Gesù e la Chiesa. Grazie Fra Alexis 🪔

    1. Quindi DIO ONNIPOTENTE accetterebbe l’idolatria di pachamama, le offese a GESÙ e MARIA SANTISSIMA, lo scardinamento della Dottrina Cattolica, il cambiamento delle parole alle preghiere e alla liturgia etc. etc.?

    2. Maddalena. I agree with everything you say except for the Ukrainian references that you keep bringing up and detract from your very nice comments for I agreed with Brother Alexis in the humanitarian effort he tried to develop there. It is your right to disagree with anything and you did. But because your other comments are exactly like mine in relation to the apostolic succession and now validity of Francis as Pope and your point about God letting this event take place to ensure that others see that Canon and Papal law does matter, I post below an English translation of your comment. May God bless you and your family.

      “” I have followed the whole story, and I feel I have to affirm my humble opinion. God’s Drawings are not ours and His ways are not ours. In this it is as if The Lord had made fun of the devil that divides and confuses. This I believe, even if many have not participated, understood or even denigrated, to put everything back in its place .. We have been until now with the headquarters prevented with Bergoglio elected invalid in 2013. In this it is well understood how not being Pope he did not have the Munus and the Righteous assistance of the Holy Spirit as a gift. Many people have also moved away for heretical statements and against the Faith itself. The Lord is order and all he does is divine Order, even in this public of his, respecting all the canons, the little participation has been sad and aheated by those who now really set out to be excommunicated if he does not fall under the Holy fold. This action of his, in my opinion led by the Lord, has allowed the re-attending of Holy Mass without feeling wrong or out of context. The Eucharist was the most attacked because it was daring to declare that the masses a cum Francis were actually invalid and of the host there was not Jesus but Satan. I pray for the conversion and repentance of this brother who has fallen into error. This healing I believe will allow from now on Bergoglio, Pope Francis, to be assisted by the Holy Spirit, who can never make a mistake! The next conclave will therefore be valid in relation to this healing, made of human law but desired by the Lord. And now there will be the great and true division of wheat from Zizzania … We pray for what will come to the praise of God and Holiness of the Church, One, Holy and Apostolic. Following all the canons, despite the great hostilities, I believe that the election is really Valid and those who still dispute, are out of the Holy Divine Evil. Certainly this does not take away from the fact that obedience must be only if the sensum fidei finds Holiness there … otherwise it is permissible to disobey and oppose one’s will to commands that could only be human in relation to Morality and Faith. I believe, however, that Jesus will follow from now on and the Holy Spirit will assist, all by assisting those who sit on the throne, no longer Vacant. My Sensum Fidei indicates to me, that what has been done has been Realized and wanted by the Lord. Peace and Good … even if incomplete you have been really humble instrument, even if humiliated by many Pharisees, of the Lord … and the Lord gives him merit in His will.

      In Faith a humble and small Soul that loves Jesus and the Church. Thank you Fra Alexis”” end translation

      1. Peace Brother and the Lord bless you and your family. I don’t understand where you see my reference to Ukraine’s humanitarian support written. With all due respect but I didn’t write what you say. The rest only the Lord knows everything and it is He alone who follows the red thread that humanly escapes us. The Lord is out of time and he sees at the same time what will be the future for us. For my part, I pray for the true conversion of Pope Francis. To the Glory of God our Father and of our Lord Jesus Christ all, Unique and true God. May the Immaculate keep all of us and men of good will under her Holy Maternal Mantle.

  6. Excellent Brother Alexis! You are a true crusader and warrrior of Christ!

    It will be very helpful now to document all the decisions of Pope Francis that attest to him accepting the graces of Christ. It help all those people who are sceptical of yeaterd election to believe in “whatever is tied on earth shall be tied in heaven.”.

    1. Thank you Jesus for the valid election of Pope Francis and putting an end to the confusion caused by Pope Benedict’s resignation. I always trusted that Jesus who promised to be with His Church would not tolerate a situation where most Catholics would be schismatic over wording concerning Munis and magisterium that most people don’t even understand.

      I always trusted and maintained that God who calls the simple, ignorant, illiterate and innocent wouldn’t burden these abovementioned folk with keeping the faith or being schismatic over Latin scholarly words that less than 1% of the Catholic world understand. I always believed that the schism that Jesus will hold people to account will be something substantial like denying the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic or denying the Immaculate Conception.

      I see that electing Pope Francis as successor of Pope Benedict XVI confirmed my belief that Jesus protects His Church from blunders that the Popes in their human frailty makes. It confirms to me that it was never Jesus’s intention to put this unnecessary burden on His Church to put their eternal salvation at risk over obscure wording that only those scholarly awake folk would understand. It is already difficult enough to keep the straight and narrow path to salvation that it does not need to be made even more difficult with issues that 99% of the Church doesn’t know about or understand. So now the tables are reversed. Now 99% of Catholics are in communion with the Pope rather than only 1% and now only 1% of the Catholics are schismatic rather than 99%.

  7. What a brilliant move by Our Lord. He confounds us all in our human machinations, and seemingly above all confounds all the globalists, the San Galen Mafia. May His will be done! Amen.

  8. I am worried by all the false cardinals Francis has created. Do they stand? If they do, then does all the heretical pronouncements stand? Who knows? God will sort it out.

  9. Revelations 11

    11 I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, “Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, with its worshipers. 2 But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months. 3 And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” 4 They are “the two olive trees” and the two lampstands, and “they stand before the Lord of the earth.”[a] 5 If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die. 6 They have power to shut up the heavens so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want.

    1. St. Bingen says these are Enoch and Elias who shall return once the Antichrist is revealed and who will lead the war against him.

      1. I see. It seems near. We are just given a bit more time for penance and to mend our ways of life.

  10. How does this actually help? If this really meant that he will start acting like a Catholic, it is of no use because of his modernism. Think of Paul VI. He was a valid pope, yet had no problem destructing 90% of all rituals or procedures in the Catholicism – from destruction of traditional Mass and creating Novus Ordo, to revolution of every other sacrament, to abolishing minor orders…I mean the list is almost endless. He changed Catholicism to his personal idea, as if he was the best pope in history, above all others, knowing better. Pope Francis is just another Paul VI., bent on making a revolution in every single article of the faith, with no respect for the tradition and previous two millenia.

  11. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    Thank you so much for your courage and FAITH. Through this whole thing my daily prayer has been…”Lord, I do not understand all the fine details, but as ALWAYS I pray that YOUR WILL BE DONE in this terrible and confusing dilemma. Lord, I can’t conceive of how this works out, so help us Lord, show us”.

    I’ll admit that upon first learning of the outcome, it was shocking. But isn’t it often, (if not nearly always), that our human “expectation” of God’s Will, is not in keeping with our own desired outcome or “perceived” what’s “best” for good?
    Countless times in our lives at a personal level, what initially seemed incoherent and random, ultimately turns out to be the best thing that could’ve happened.
    Of course! It’s God’s Will!

    Br. Alexis, in the face of your critics, you have comported yourself with dignity, composure and FAITH.
    I am tempted to have a say about the behavior of the critics, but I will not.

    Glory Hallelujah
    God Bless you

  12. Brother Alexis, there is nothing I can write about what happened that you don’t know. I Just can write about what happened in me. Some years ago the situation was becoming ansustainable. In those days I felt: It will be like Eliah and Elisha only when Benedict XVI dies (if It would happen in this order). “The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha.” (2 Kings 2,15). Praise the Lord and that you Brother, my eyes have seen the power of God, that Is love and forghiveness, and the Lord gave me peace. Ave Maria!

    1. Thank you Father, your meditation on the passing of Elias (Benedict) being the necessary event for a two-fold passing of his Spirit to Elisha (Francis), is brief, simple but nonetheless very profound! God bless you.

  13. Dear Brother Bugnolo, like all the others who have already commented, I am amazed by what has happened and I trust in God that this is His Holy Will. I can’t say it better than any of the others. I share with their past concerns, but now I join with them in saying that I believe that because of your faith, your actions will help bring about great things and will please Our Lord. Praise His Holy Name Forever!

      1. As regards the confessional, which deals with spiritual matters, it is automatic. But as regards depriving someone of the rights of office or to be elected, it has to be declared. One might call that clericalism, but that is the law at present. Probably is this way to keep ambitious clerics of attacking one another too often on charges of heresy, as occurs among the Orthodox.

      2. Right. An ipso facto excommunication has no juridical effect in the external forum unless it has been juridically declared. The one who incurs it is morally bound to act accordingly, but there is no juridical effect without a declaration.

    1. The Apostolic Succession is the handing down of the Office of Bishop from one Bishop to another, to form an unbroken series from the Apostles down to us. The Apostolic Succession in the Church of Rome is the handing down of the office of St. Peter from one juridically valid pope to another, though it passes not through hands, but through elections.

    2. I donated $100.00 as soon as my eyeballs read your appeal for help. My desire to have a Pope who would govern and right all the wrongs going on in the Church. The tradition of having the gathering of Roman and suburban of Rome Catholics gather like in centuries ago was desirable to me, viewing the case as an American. I so desire the cases of innocent priests to be liberated from the grip of cancellation and even excomunications by Bergoglio. We need our good priests and the thought of Bergoglio give a pass to the likes of Marko Rupnik and even Theodore McCarrick, whom the late investigative reporter George Neumayr stated his sources saw Theodore McCarrick’s name was in the books for receiving monies as a paid Church employee, that his cancellation was all bogus. Bergoglio is an blood vessel of the circulatory system of corruption within the Roman Catholic Church. As much as I read your website, as much as I may appreciate your study of The Constitution of the Church of 1996 by Pope John Paul II, and the 1983 Code of Canon Law, and even your sincere appraisal of your convocation of 30/1/2023 appeal to the Catholics of Rome and the suburban dioceses gifted with the privilege to elect a Pope by popular acclaim in one voice. I deduce through profound thought that the component of the flop of an outcome was your mind made up to agree to disagree with foot soldiers of Evangelization in the Italian peninsula. There is a real prayer, spiritual component that was not shaped in your equation. The picture does not add up. God of Truth and perfection is not in the picture. The correction I sought my donation would make has been wasted. I can say that with the little information I had, I tried to make a positive difference. May God see my thirst for justice in our Roman Catholic Church.

  14. Brother Alexis. I hope you recover soon from the cough and that you regain your full health. I agree 100% with what you stated in the video and thank you for the historical narrative of what took place. Do not dwell on the comments against you, because there are plenty of people that feel the opposite of what others are saying against you. A fair person that listens to your video and explanation, must come to the conclusion that you acted in good faith and have the logic and facts about Canon and Papal law to back you up. It is now in God’s divine will to act thru His Divine will to help repair His Church. You were again correct in reminding us that Jesus said, “…where two or three gather in my name, I am there. I look forward to again attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and receive the sacraments in good faith trusting in God that Apostolic succession has been repaired and that the Holy Spirit will illuminate Pope Francis I to correct his missteps of the past. I continue to pray for the Cardinals to help and guide him in correcting the course of the barque of Peter and steer her in the path that avoids actions against God. Again, thank you for your courage, May God continue to bless you.

  15. Thank you Br. Alexis. I will pray for you every day. I am truly grateful for you and the Church of Rome. This outcome does indeed save the most.

  16. As for the logic and as a sign of his regeneration shouldn’t the newly elected Pope (Francis) HAVE NOW A NEW NAME?

  17. Brother, i think the miracle of the luminous cross should go a long way in exonerating you, as well as Pope Francis. How many papacies have been preceded by a luminous cross?! That’s special stuff. Rather than mocking your efforts, the naysayers should be embracing them. Especially so since there maybe real life implications at play here. (Francis’ papacy beginning now as opposed to ten years ago) Hopefully enough key clerics will recognize this, because the pope will need as much help as he can get untangling the mess of the last decade…

    1. I agree, it was pitiful that Andrea Cionci, Don Minutella and the MessainLatino Blog and Gloria TV all convinced people not to attend.

  18. I will pray for your return to good health, Brother. You speak TRUTH and God knows your heart and mind. Our prayers have been answered about the Validity of Peter’s successor. Thanks be to God.

  19. Now that Francis is now the pope, I have to ask… IF he actually commits heresy, would he not lose the papacy automatically? If so, the Church would find Herself back in the same exact position. I will pray for Francis- antipope and then true pope. I, like many others, will withhold my judgment until Francis proves himself otherwise.

    1. No bishop in 2000 years has lost his office, ipso facto, for heresy. According to Bellarmine, a Catholic bishops who remains in possession of his see cannot be deprived of it unless he is first legitimately convicted of heresy.

      Nestorius, which is the one historical case that the Sedevacantists point to as an alleged ipso facto loss of office, was actually warned twice, judged by the Pope at a council in Rome (August 430), and then warned a third time by the Pope himself, yet in spite of that, according to the Pope himself, Nestorius retained his office until he was deposed by the Council of Ephesus in July of 431. No bishop in 2000 years has ever been ipso facto deposed for heresy without an antecedent judgment of the Church.

      What about the famous quote from Bellarmine, who said: “all the Fathers of the Church taught that manifest heretics are ipso facto deposed.” I reply that not a single Father of the Church that Bellarmine cited or referenced to support that statement taught any such thing.

      1. I think the way to understand Bellarmine is that in iure they are deposed, but in iudicio they need the intervention of ecclesiastical authority.

  20. Did you say the excommunications of Don Minutella et al are valid now? Would that be on the condition that they refuse to recognize him?

    1. Because he never said he would not accept, only that he did not think himself eligible. But I suppose I would be attacked for proposing anyone other than Bergoglio, because that is the logical thing to do, attack Br. Bugnolo the only one who actually did anything at Rome to save the Church.

      1. I just watched your video and heard the news about Pope Francis, I’m very pleased to hear it from you Br Alexis – if I heard any other way, naturally I would have been very disappointed and jumped the gun on this. Indeed we remind ourselves of Gods words, your thoughts are not my thoughts, nor your ways my ways ….. May we continue going forward with the whole armour of Christ upon us, and pray for discernment. Thank you for your zeal for truth. All praise & Glory be to God. ps, I know you’ve mentioned briefly before about the Orthodox church and what’s happening, maybe at some stage if you could do a video, I’m Orthodox and would like to know. I’ve had my concerns about the church endorsing medical treatment ie the vaccines, when I would think this would be left for medical advisers to instruct, i’m not sure if that’s what you mean. Many Thanks, God Bless you.

  21. Perhaps the question needs asked : can a heretic become a validly elected pope? If the answer is NO, then Bergoglio cannot become a pope because he is is outside of the Catholic Church.

    1. This alone would make the choice of Bergoglio moot. Why would not the Apostolic right for Rome to elect a pontiff not want to elect a Catholic who at least Catholic? I am not so sure about Bergoglio’s “valid” Roman election. Can you, Brother Bugnolo, please clarify?

    2. Your argument presumes that you a juridically determine who is a heretic. You cannot, because that requires having the authority to make a juridical judgement, and only bishops and popes have that authority, or ecclesiastical tribunals, or councils or synods.

      1. Let me rephrase the question. If Bergoglio was a manifest heretic prior to his invalid election, what, pray tell, makes him eligible to be elected as pope? The answer to this question is crucial for me.

      2. Yes.

        The late Pope Benedict XVI was really inspired by the Holy Spirit, who sees eternity and each hearts.

  22. Thank you, Br. Alexis, for your clear and concise explanation of what went on at the assembly yesterday. I see that the decision of the electors was the will of God. As Catholics, the will of God, not our own will, is what we all should be praying for every day. In my daily rosary, I pray at the end of the first five decades for God to send us holy priests. I have done this for many years. I will continue to pray for this and now see that Pope Francis may actually be one of those priests that I have been praying for. Pope Benedict XVI, please pray for Holy Mother Church as we go forward into what may be a very turbulent year. God Bless everyone!

  23. I. Have. One. Question: Since. During. The. NOVUS. ORO. Mass. THE. HOLY. COMMUNION. Is. Distributed. In. The. Hand. Without. Using. The. Patten. To. Catch. The. Particles. Of. The. Eucharistic. Fragments. Of. The. Body. Blood. And. Soul. Are Divinity. Of. Christ. As. They. Are. dropped. All. Over. The. Floor. How. Can. We. Attend. The. Mass. Without. Standing. On. CHRIST …

      1. Don’t forget that these abuses, as well as destruction of the Mass, were all done by a valid pope, Paul VI. So I don’t see how will this “real” election prevent Francis from doing the same.

      2. The real election of anyone is not guaranteed to do the same. So go and fault God about how he founded the Church, or start advocating reform.

  24. Generally speaking, with continued prayer and faith and trust in the Holy Spirit, we will see what effect this election will have. Duke’s comments above are a possibility. Matthew chapter 12:33-37. Especially verse 35. Regardless, we know that God is always in control and whatever the outcome, His will prevails. Thank you, Brother Alexis, for being an example of perseverance and courage and for providing us the background on how Canon Law was applied.

  25. I apologize for being late, but just wanted to know if you considered Bishop Lenga?

    May God bless you

    1. I personally did, but those who came to the Assembly did not know of him, and since is he imprisoned in his monastery, electing him would put us back in the situation of B16 who was imprisoned. Also it was very doubtful he would accept.

  26. Carissimo Frà, grazie!!! Lunedi continuavo a collegarmi per vedere se c’erano novità…e quando ho letto il risultato sono balzata sulla sedia e ho esclamato a gran voce con le braccia alzate come i bambini quando vincono una partita: “yeeeaaaaaahhhhh finalmente si torna a messa (alla S.Messa) in chiesa!!!! E si puo’ fare la comunione in presenza…yupppieee!!! GRAZIE, FRA’…GRAZIE GRAZIE E GRAZIE!!!!

  27. Be. B, can you tell us how many people voted, and how many were clergy? It would be good to know more about the election. How many ballots were there? Anything else you can share? Thank you.

    1. In Italian law, I am obliged to have each person sign a release, before I can divulge personal information. I never asked anyone to sign such a release, because I respected their privacy. So I cannot tell you who the voters were. I never asked all the men present if they were priests or not. Those who were there, can self identify themselves. We did not use ballots, though I printed ballots for 20,000. What I have already said in the video is sufficient. If that is not sufficient, it is because you do not want to accept what I said as true. If any pope present or future asks me, I can give him more information. But in an election of this kind, which is the supreme tribunal of who is the pope and who is not, the electorate is not subject to the judgement of anyone. And when juridically valid, its decision must be accepted by the whole Church. But I can fully understand that some might find that difficult, because they do not even know what juridically valid means.

      But I can tell you who did not come.

      The sedes had a one in a thousand year chance to elect a pope who would have been recognized by the entire Church one day. But they spoke against this and their people and clergy did not come. Don Nitoglia from Velletri did not even come.

      The Traddies who are lamenting the end of the TLM had a one in a thousand year chance to elect a Traddie pope who would have been recognized by the entire Church one day. But they never came and they spoke against coming. So their people did not come.

      The Followers of Don Minutella has a one in a thousand year chance to elect a pope who would have been recognized by the entire Church one day, who would have showered honors on Don Minutella. But he spoke against it and they did not come.

      The fans of Cardinal Sarah or Cardinal Burke etc. has a one in a thousand year chance to elect a pope who would have been recognized by the entire Church one day. But they never came.

      And the fans of Andrea Cionci did not come. Nor did he come, even though he lives just miles away. He did not want to be associated with the event in the least and he told them so, and so they did not come.

      1. I’m sorry Brother, but the details do matter. There are many lay people like me who just want to follow the true successor of Peter. That is no easy task these days. At bottom, the question is how a person who is not a specialist in canon law can know if the election is valid. I did not ask for names of anyone, just summary data on the vote. If there were only three people who voted, it’s hard to see how a definitive decision was made. If 3000 people, maybe that’s easier. And if a canon lawyer was present that can independently verify the validity of the election, more the better. I want to believe we have a real Pope, but since salvation depends on it, I need more assurance. I am no fan of Bergoglio, but am willing to accept him if I can be shown the Holy Spirit was at work and not just human calculation. Thanks!

      2. Chris, start with the same mentality at the foot of the Cross and try to prove Christ was God and saved the world. And then get back to me on how you arrived at certainty. And then we can talk.

  28. Brother Bugnolo, thank you for all of your replies. For now, the way I see it, Bergoglio will have abrogate both of his encyclicals- and restore the Latin Mass everywhere. Otherwise, he will expressly teach against the Council of Trent. If he indeed now has the Petrine Munus, these things should all come to pass in short order. Otherwise, he is a heretic who will have deposed himself.

    1. No it does not work that way. Because as antipope he did nothing juridically valid. So being doing invalidly it does not exist in law. What does not exist does not need to be abrogated.

      1. This show that he has perceived the grace of his election, even without knowing about it. Because I have not written him nor do I intend to.

  29. Br. Bugnolo,
    After this moment of tension, I kind of sighed from relief, because your reasoning sounds true. Franciscus is now pope. The pope. And as you say: this has consequences for Franciscus. Now Franciscus must deal with Jesus, and of course Jesus will work hard to make things work for the contingency of the Holy Church. Or so you reason. Through your arduous efforts you gave this key to Franciscus, and I as a catholic felt that indeed, now he has this key. I was relieved until I went to mass yesterday morning. I am a mystic. I do not share this with many people and I try to stay low profile on this. But I can feel and see the light of God, the brightness of the holy mass, the splendor of the Queen of the heavens. And yesterday morning at mass I said to myself; ok we have a pope now? However then during holy mass, the brightness of the mass was gone. Where I always feel the presence of Christ, I felt nothing. I tried to provoke the light of the Holy Mass to magnify in my soul. Nothing. There was no light in it, or in me. That had never happened to me before. Then I cried in my soul to God, Jesus, Mary and the angels. Where are you!!! What sin did I commit that you disappear from my face in such brutal way?!! I cried. And with my eyes closed, I had a flash vision. I saw a big bird on the beach. It was an osprey, this is a kind of eagle, and he was covered in oil and slime. You must have seen these images after an oil disaster. Then suddenly the eagle had the face of Jesus Christ. He was trying hard to keep his head above the waves. But He was choking. He was in a kind of death struggle. It was a short vision, but it was vehement. Then I opened my eyes and I heard an angel shout from afar; He has been given the key. Whatsoever he binds on earth will be bound in the heavens. And whatsoever he looses on earth will be loosened in the heavens. This is a bottom-up commandment. No blame on you! Really not, you did what you could. But yes according to what my Jesus showed me, what you did, did indeed work and has consequences for all catholics. And in reality after seeing this video that you made, I understand that this is the way it had to go. It makes me think of revelation 12:7 where it says; And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers and they did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven; After searching the whole day, I could find still some light in listening to this song. I uploaded it to youtube, maybe you can hear the light in it for yourself. Aleph.

    1. If one was never incorporated into the Catholic Church by a sacramental act or a juridical act of reconciliation and profession of faith, then obviously NO one is not eligible for any office in the Church.

      1. Dear Brother

        What of someone who permits great insults to His Holy and Immaculate Mother ? Would Our Lord and King choose such a man at this time when He is already so much offended , surely this would be utterly repugnant to Him and make Him vomit ,?

      2. God does not love us because we are or are not pleasing to Him. He decides to love us from eternity, and some of us, He loves from eternity despite His disgust at our sins. After Our Lord prayed for Simon that his faith never fail, He went to the Cross to merit the price of that prayer. It cost Him dearly. And we should respect that. To believe His prayer has no value or is whimsical and not bound to His promise to Peter, that is what disgusts Him. And those who acted in such a way as to prevent Catholics from exercising their votes for a better candidate, those also acted in a way which disgusts Him. And they will have a very difficult time finding the grace of God again.

  30. Dear Brother Alexis,
    Despite the personally unexpected and shocking result I believe you are right. Let us now hope for the help of Our Lord, indeed as always, and let each of us Christians try to do his own work for the good of the Church, as you did. Thank you.

  31. I was away at my hermitage (in a broadband desert) from 15-31 January so have just returned to find that Francis has been canonically elected pope. Since the death of Benedict XVI, I had omitted praying for “the intentions of Our Holy Father the Pope” in my Morning Offering; but when I said it on the 31st, I included this phrase and wondered at it, and did not rescind it. I thought a lot about the Papacy, and prayed for the next pope. Now I am home and discover Francis is no longer an antipope, but “the real thing”. God has squared this circle. Even if Francis continues to be the creature of the NWO, the Papacy is safe; the Church has endured bad Popes before this. God can do anything, and we have good reason to hope that the Holy Spirit will improve things in the Church from hereon. I had never been emotionally invested in the reality that I came to recognise, thanks to you, that the 2013 “conclave” was invalid. Canon Law was the way forward; and once Bergoglio was canonically elected pope, the problem of an antipope running the Church was solved. I pray for his conversion from a liberal-socialist into to one who defends the spirit as well as the letter of the law (magisterium) but whether he does or not, by the Grace of God, the Papacy itself is now safe. Deo Gracias.

  32. Hello brother Alexis, I’m Polish, I don’t know English well and I’m not sure if I understood correctly. Is pope Francis the true pope now? Can I attend to a mass which is celebrated in communion with pope Francis and go to confession to a priest in communion with pope Francis? Is it allowed to attend masses celebrated by priests from FSSP and go to confession to them? Thank you

  33. Brother Alexis, you are also to be highly commended for how bravely you suffer that cough. It’s hard to see you struggling but *most edifying* to see how that trial never for a moment distracts you. Your Brother Ass is firmly under your control!

  34. Br. Bugnolo,
    To strengthen your immune system, drink echinacea tea at bedtime 3 days-one week, depending on the severity of your symptoms.
    Do not use as a prophylactic. Do not use if you are allergic to any member of the daisy family, or if you have an auto-immune illness.
    Expect reliable results.
    If you can find homade chicken soup, stick to that for a few days as well. Add fresh garlic run through a garlic press to your food. Do NOT cook the garlic, as that neutralizes its potency.
    And for Pete’s sake, get plenty of rest/sleep to allow your body to heal.
    Take good care of yourself…if you don’t, who will?

    1. Yes, I am resting a lot. And thankfully, I am being left free to rest. My only problem is now congestion in the lungs. But with Musinex I it coming out.

  35. Why did we not know beforehand about this Conclave or Assembly. We heard nothing, the next we know the anti pope is now Pope Francis. Where were all the faithful Catholics waiting in anticipation, praying for our new Pope. Where is the black and white smoke to herald in our new Pope, nothing in the news what a disgrace an insult to Almighty God. Br Bugnolo thank you for all your help you are a good and faithful servant, I know you have forgiven those who you thought were your friends, may God forgive them. We shal keep you in our prayers. God Bless You.

    1. The Freemasons and those controlled by them or by vicious behaviors, will always speak against this election, because they want to mislead the nations, and want to be seen as the saviors of the world.

  36. Bro. Alexis, hopefully you’re doing a lot better now. Aside from the remedy mentioned, a cheap remedy for any mucus is drinking 1/2 or a teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in a glass of warm distilled or pure water 1 or 2x/day 2-3days , or a free one by breathing salt air if you’re near a beach/costal region. That’s our natural remedy that help keep us away from doctor’s visit for yrs. now.
    Btw, you’ve mentioned only two priests have accepted the result. How about Mons. Rene H. Gracida or/and Archbishop Vigano?
    Thank you. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you always. Ave Maria.+

    1. The whole Church has accepted the results, if you mean, they accept Pope Francis as the pope. As for the others, I have not polled them. While Neo sedes are flaming hot, I do not expect anyone to have the courage. In time, if anyone looks into the controversy, they will use the evidence and arguments published here at FromRome.info to refute and rebuke the neo-sedevacantists. That is not my job.

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