In a move which stuns liberals, Pope Francis names Augustinian President of P. C. for Latin America

Editor’s Note: This seems to have been announced two hours after Pope Francis’ election on Monday.

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10 thoughts on “In a move which stuns liberals, Pope Francis names Augustinian President of P. C. for Latin America”

  1. It says that Archbishop Prevost has been a member of the dicastery since November 2020. So he has been on the job for 3 years with Cardinal Ouellet.

  2. BEFORE a pope make someone a cardinal or a bishop, he should send out notices asking for victims to come out now or forever hold their peace. This is how it is done at a parish to announce publicly that a couple are about to be married so that anyone who is married to this person can claim him or her as legal spouse.

    Cardinal Ouellet was accused of sexual abuse only in recent years before his retirement.

    So Archbishop Prevost will probably become a Cardinal like Cardinal Ouellet was made one while on the job. But being a priest belonging to a religious order nowadays is not a guarantee of freedom of sexual abuse history. Just look at ‘religious’ priests now being accused in SSPX and FSSP, or famous Rupnick

    1. He is certain to stand out in history if not in eternity…

      Remember the past ten years and pay close attention to the next seven years.

  3. Can you comment on why this is a good appointment? I would like to share this and other examples with friends and family to show them how God’s grace is acting on Pope Francis, and that this is in virtue of the election yesterday.

  4. I read today that Provost is very much in favor of liberation theology. THat is not a good thing. But perhaps you know that he has some good or orthodox qualities that outweigh this support for liberation theology. I went to Villanova 2015- 16,( and then Univ. of Pa). long after Provost. When I was at Villanova, the very few Augustinians still teaching there were all elderly, and had liberal attitudes, and a few still ad libbed the entire Mass on campus. I know that was a fad in the 1970’s- probably old priests still do it.
    But I was wondering why maybe you think he is a shock to liberals ( I hope not because he is an Augustinian friar, but rather than he is solidly Catholic) which I would like to believe, but doubt, since the appointment is from Bergoglio.

    1. If Prevost is “in favor of liberation theology”, that is not a good thing because that is the same evil-communist ideology, the same cloth which Pope Francis is made of. The Jesuits, the Augustinians, the Franciscans, the Dominicans were, and are, all infiltrated by Freemasons and Communists since Vatican II, Chapter 39

      The Jesuits

      What didn’t you like in Villanova , is that why you left?

      1. I left because they didn’t have much of a department in which I wanted to concentrate my major, History. I went to the Univ. of Pa. in Philly because they have a huge History Dept, and I majored on Western Civ, Ancient History, and Imperial China, and the art/architecture that was part of each civilization. Villanova offered 1-2 Western Civ. courses, but the rest all USA history( which deallt with alot of Supreme Court Cases). Except for Civil War History, I wasn’t interested in learning about Supreme Court decision ( I would have if I wanted to be a lawyer though). It was alot of trouble taking the train from my area, to Philly every day to school….and expensive), but it was worth it because even though I’m only 28, and got my M.A., I have plans to maybe teach college level History in afew years, and my degrees from the Univ. of Pa. and the fields I studies will look more impressive than the 1-2 history fields that were offered at Villanova. Univ. of Pa. offers tons more courses….but Villanova is still a great school too.

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