4 thoughts on “The Globalists are planning the next Pandemic for 2025”

  1. From news, are using celebrity deaths to set this up.

    Also, it is getting a bit colder for this season.

  2. In 2025 a lot of nurses and doctors will be unable to heal people, as we already can observe that there are many departments of clinics and hospitals closing due to absenteeism. Nobody is wondering why. “They are exhausted”. Yes…
    The aim of this disgusting league is, in case of pandemics, to send troups of “healers” from anywhere, and that, worldwide. Those “healers” will never have studied medicine, but will apply protocols – of course – jabs & co (what else!). That’s the new medicine. Say goodbye to your doctors and learn a maximum things about traditional medicine, keep old books of remedies, go to first aid courses: this will help a day or another.

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