USA: Bishop of Springfield laments that there are Cardinals who are heretics

Editor’s Note: Here one of the higher profile Catholic Bishops in the United States of America summarizes the ecclesiastical problem of a heretical cardinal. — The historical context appears to regard Cardinal McElroy of San Diego, who recently said that sodomy should be understood as an act of love fully in harmony with the Gospel. — But that First Things publishes this article now, after 10 years does not surprise, since they were founded by individuals known to push the CIA controlled Church narrative in the USA. Before the juridically valid election of Pope Francis, on January 30, 2023, they would have never dared. Now, it seems that the Skull and Bones Lodge understands that Bergoglio is no longer in their pocket, but has been infiltrated by the High Priestly Prayer of Christ, and thus they begin the attack, like a large chorus on a trigger string. — I will note however, that the Bishop does admit that Cardinals can be judged by the Pope alone (Who has just been saying that for 30 days?). But the Cardinal fails to distinguish clearly between the capacity to discern heresy, and the authority to judge a person. — I myself am still wondering if the Masonic Ritual killing of Bishop O’Connell was or was not a message sent to the Vatican. — But, I do thank His Excellency, Bishop Paprocki for publicly affirming what I have been saying for 9 years, about heretics in the College of Cardinals.

Efficacy of the Prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ, Report: Week 4 of Pope Francis’ Pontificate

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


The juridically valid election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to be Roman Pontiff, was held on Monday, January 30, 2023, at about 12:30 PM, 4 weeks ago.

The proof of its validity in the sight of God is that the one elected is now the beneficial receiver of Christ’s High Priestly Prayer for Peter: “I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail”, as evidenced by the PUBLIC FACT that Pope Francis has not uttered 1 blasphemy or heresy in the last 4 weeks.

This week, I want to comment on the mass delirium into which the leaders of the traditionalist movement world wide have thrown themselves, willing as they obviously do, to live in the false narrative that will lead astray all those who heed them into schism from the Apostolic See and eternal perdition.


Our Lord said, if you have faith, you will be able to say to the mountain, move, and it will be moved. The Mountain is now in motion and those who want to see, can see it.

But these say, “If you blindly trust in me, I will lead you into the depth of Hell and you will praise me as your savior. However, you must listen to me and ignore all right reason, common sense, and documentary facts, not to mention all Canon Law. Yes, I was wrong for 10 years about who is the pope. Yes, I did not even want a valid pope after the death of Pope Benedict XVI. But no, I am totally competent and trustworthy to give you advice about everything from rubrics on the Latin Mass, to documents from the Vatican, as well as your eternal salvation.”

Would that Catholics have more trust in Jesus Christ. Perhaps many think He is a myth and that the claims of His power are just that, old superstitions. But He is the One Who has the words of eternal life. And when we risk ourselves in believing in His Words, only then do we hook our wagon to the train which is headed to Heaven.

Contrariwise, if we are willing to risk our eternal salvation, mental sanity, and perception of reality on the mere word of those who have been proven to be totally incompetent commentators on the biggest issues in the Church for 10 years, what else do we merit by the damnation that we so glibly risk to embrace?

While I have in many emails cited canons 59 ff. to these careless fools, they still persist in judging the truth of the matter on the basis of these blind and godless social media influencers. NONE OF THEM HAS EVEN DARED OPEN THE CODE OF CANON LAW. So I will share that canon with all here:

Can. 59 §1. A rescript is an administrative act issued in writing by competent executive authority; of its very nature, a rescript grants a privilege, dispensation, or other favor at someone’s request.

§2. The prescripts established for rescripts are valid also for the oral granting of a permission or favors unless it is otherwise evident.

Can. 60 Any rescript can be requested by all those who are not expressly prohibited from doing so.

Can. 61 Unless it is otherwise evident, a rescript can be requested for another even without the person’s assent and has force before the person’s acceptance, without prejudice to contrary clauses.

Can. 62 A rescript in which no executor is given has effect at the moment the letter is given; other rescripts, at the moment of execution.

Can. 63 §1. Subreption, or concealment of the truth, prevents the validity of a rescript if in the request those things were not expressed which according to law, style, and canonical practice must be expressed for validity, unless it is a rescript of favor which is given motu proprio.

§2. Obreption, or a statement of falsehood, also prevents the validity of a rescript if not even one proposed motivating reason is true.

§3. The motivating reason in rescripts for which there is no executor must be true at the time when the rescript is given; in others, at the time of execution.

I assume all can read, so there is no need for me to say, that a rescript by its its very nature is granted by a superior, to someone asking for a favor. Thus, there is NO SUCH THING as a rescript published by a Cardinal who goes to the pope seeking the punishment of others. It violates both the nature of what a rescript is and the order of authority in the Church.

Yet no social media influence speaking on this topic has dared confront Canon Law. They all keep telling Catholics that Pope Francis has turned against the TLM once again. It is a complete lie. By not issuing a rescript, Pope Francis is indicating that as Pope, he does NOT approve of this attempt by Cardinal Roche to squash the Old Rites.

But what we can see, is that, now that Pope Francis is validly elected, the Roman Curia is treating him as they treated Pope Benedict XVI. These clerics are the true enemies of Christ.

I will report on this on a weekly basis, to glorify the Lord Jesus and His wondrous care for His Flock through the grace of the petrine munus, so that those who see and believe might praise God, and those who disbelieve and say that they see, might be confounded in eternity.



CREDITS: The featured image is taken from the Icon of Christ, the High Priest, available on line here.

A Case Study in Russian Propaganda’s Fake News Operation

Commentary and Analysis by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a case study, which every sane, rational and objective reader can access, to see just how the reality which is reported is repackaged by Russian Propaganda outlets, to declare events which never happened or to manufacture statements never said.

See the article above by Life Site News, as the prime example.

This article is being promoted by Frank Walker, at, under the rubric: “Jalsevac: LifeSiteNews has known about the deliberate western provoking of Russia for some time. Now we see the western conspirators finally admitting that there has been much more to this conflict than they have been willing to tell“.

Mr. Walker has accurately quoted the co-founder and managing editor of Steve Jalsevac, who is apparently a Croatian, by his paternal descent (see here).

But maybe it was unwise to wager the entire editorial reputation of your news site, before listening to the actual video cited in your article.

An here is the rub, as we say in American slang: Jalsevac does cite the video in his editorial, but he has it set to start in mid sentence, at 6 minutes 8 seconds, so you do not hear the context of the statement. That is at least sloppy, and at most totally dishonest.

FromRome.Info never does that, because I believe that reality is the news, not censored reality.

Watch the entire video for the real meaning of what was said.

Jalsevac evidently got his editorial direction, for his misrepresentation, from the Conservative Tree House, as he cites them in his editorial:

I find it amusing that this Russian Propaganda source styles themselves as the Last Refuge for Conservatives.  I really do not think Conservatives need to take refuge in a mafia state run by crooks, murderers, and thieves, let alone consider that their last refuge. In fact, it seems very anti-Conservative to do so.

Anyone who has not impaired their rational capacity by taking an experimental vaccine in the last 2 years, might notice that calling your website “Conservative Tree House” might actually imply that the authors of the site, or even the money behind it, might think that Conservatives are juvenile introverts, or something of the sort.

But the facts are there for everyone to see.

FromRome.Info has often been claimed to publish pro-Ukranian propaganda, but never has anyone who has claimed that proven that by facts on the ground. All our stories turned out true, while the counter narratives fed to the west by Russians turned out to be total contrivances.

That might be difficult to understand or verify by persons who do not know whether Kyiv borders Afghanistan or Uganda, but if you do some research you can discover the truth.

Unfortunately, sites like Canon212 and LifeSiteNews and Conservative Tree House have just shown you why it is useless to rely on their reporting or editorials.

Contrariwise, when you consider the millions of Christians who are suffering horrible and horrific deprivations and atrocities in Ukraine, and see how little Christians of the West, who suck up such propaganda, as the above, without any critical use of their reason, whatsoever, help these victims of war, you might begin to realize how, if you are on the side of Jesus, you need to take a strong stand against the operation of lies used to deceive the many from helping the many.


Pope Francis has caught the bad cold which is running round Rome

Editor’s Note: If the Holy Father has caught the same thing I had, it will be a long recovery: 21 days, 3 days of antibiotics, lots of flegm in the lungs, throat, bouts of fever, and a horrible affliction of strong coughs. Nightquill did nothing, medicines for the lungs made it worse. I found the cure in sleeping 12 hours a day, drinking hot water to loosen the flegm, and in gargling 3x with Scotch, as the coughing was caused by a bacterial infection of the mouth which made the saliva so acidic it irritated the lungs, and which mouthwash did not cure but made worse. Also, once I gave up daily vitamins, my strength returned. I really have no idea what Centrum is putting into their products now-a-days.

Our Soul only has one channel, use it well

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When I was but a boy, there were about 8 channels on television. I did not grow up listening to the radio, as that was turned on only if the family was in the car traveling somewhere.

When I became a teen there was maybe 15 channels on television. That was all we could receive with the antenna on the roof.

But when I moved to Florida in the start of the third year of High School, we had satellite tv, and there were so many channels and no TV guide to tell you what was on.

The internet made the number of channels and sources of information explode to the infinite. Today, on any topic whatsoever one can find more information than one has time to read, listen to or even understand.

And most people get lost in all of that.

But our mind only has one channel, and if we don’t use it well, we have lived in vain.

This one channel is the source of information and understanding that can change our life, if we use it.

First of all, this channel is superior to all the others, since this one can talk to God, the Saints and the Angels. This one can receive understanding that will change our life for the better. This one, is the only one, too, which can give us true information about ourselves.

Indeed, if we do not turn this channel on, we are living in a fog, and are not in contact with reality, as much as we might think otherwise.

The one problem with this channel, is that if we turn its attention to any of the other channels available, we are actually using it at the lowest level of its capacity. For just as if we always look at what is on the sidewalk, we might miss the most important meetings and appointments of life; or just as if we went to sea only looking at the waves, and never at the weather or the stars in heaven, we would be constant danger of being dashed in the most terrible misfortunes; so in life, if we do not direct the one channel of our soul to the highest things which it can consider, we are living dangerously and foolishly.

Unlike all these other channels on television or social media, this one channel of the soul can obtain for us the truth about life and the world to come and how to get there. And if we fail to use it, we won’t just ruin our life in this world, we will end up making the worst possible eternal choice: that of indifference, which is punished with eternal horrors.

This wondrous capacity of our souls requires, however, one thing only: that we keep the attention of our minds on the Way, the Truth and the Life, that is, on Jesus Christ, who gave us this channel of the mind, so that we could come to know and believe in Him, and follow Him out of the shipwreck of this world, to the land of abiding safety and salvation.

Finally, this is the only channel where with prayer, meditation and a good and abundant dose of repentance, we can begin to unlock and open the shutter of our soul, clean off the window, and come to understand that where Jesus and His Saints are, is the true reality, and the true only worthwhile destination.

Lent is a time for prayer, reflection, repentance and contemplation. And the best way to start is to turn off all the other channels, and begin to consider how you have wasted your entire life attending to them, and not using the full capacity of the one channel of your soul and mind, to come to know Jesus and follow after Him.

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter on the Patrimony of Saint Peter

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On Thursday, Pope Francis reaffirmed the ancient tradition of the Apostolic See regarding its property rights.

Since ancient times, the Roman Pontiffs have vindicated the rights of the Apostolic See to acquire and manage goods, properties and offerings for the common benefit of the Faithful.

But in recent centuries, many working in the Roman Curia have taken a cavalier attitude toward the Church properties and monies entrusted to their care under the authority of their benefices or titles.

The struggle against corruption and the misuse of the goods the Faithful entrust to the Church for the pastoral care of all is an age old one.

On Thursday, Pope Francis reaffirmed with modern precision this perennial view, giving it new clarity on the ethical plane, by defining the Church’s right to these properties received from the Faithful as a public entity, such that no administer has a private right to their use or benefit.

This is the first in a series of documents, which I predict will show that the man now ruling the Apostolic See, has the grace of Saint Peter and the benefit of Christ’s High Priestly Prayer.