A Papal Election which will not be forgotten

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have taken care to record the contact information of those who voted in the Assembly to elect a Successor to Pope Benedict XVI by apostolic right, held at Rome, at the Marriott Park Hotel, this Monday, January 30, 2023, wherein Jorge Mario Bergoglio was in a juridically valid manner elected Roman Pontiff.

I have done this, because in future years, when any Pope wants to declare null and void anything Bergoglio did while antipope, canonists can contact me and call us to the Vatican to sign, before an Apostolic Notary, a testimony as to what we did, how we did it, and how we voted.

In this way, without harming the reputation of the Apostolic See’s infallibility, future Popes can act.

Because, you see, while everyone is howling about the outcome, the result has in truth, that is, canonically, undone Bergoglio’s project.

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27 thoughts on “A Papal Election which will not be forgotten”

  1. Brother Alexis, what happens if Francis doesnt repent and keeps on with heresy etc?
    Since a heretic cant be pope, will we be in the same mess again?
    A Seer recently had a message… the key will go from hand to hand…. That sounds to me that the reign of the pope will be short … and maybe the next one will be short too … but I trust God Who is totally in charge . Deo Gratias!!!

    1. What happens if Jesus’ prayer is inefficacious? I think you can answer that question on your own.

      1. Brother Alexis, I do not doubt Jesus prayer … I wonder about Francis’s free will… but , as you say, he now is Vicar of Christ so he has all the graces needed to live in the Divine Will.
        I am beginning now to understand what was done on Jan 30…. Took me awhile to get my brain in gear, though my heart was in the right place… in the Immaculate Heart. Mother Mary is teaching me the genius of what has been done.
        Laus tibi Jesu Christe!
        Thank you for all you have done and suffered, Brother… praying for you as you inspire us out here in the trenches.

      2. It does not take faith to have seen that B16 never abdicated. But it will take faith to see that Francis is now the pope. This is the test that God has put us all to, just as it says in the Our Father.

    2. Luke 22:31-32, “And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.”

      This applies to all popes of The Roman Catholic Church. Peter’s successor.

    3. St Malachy’s prophecy that is circulating now in news is a confirmed forgery and it should be disregarded.

      I will follow Padre Pio’s advice: we have the Gospels, the Sacraments, and the Blessed Sacrament ( the Sacramental Jesus ).
      We will always have our assurances in those.

  2. What does this mean: “the result has in truth, that is, canonically, undone Bergoglio’s project.”

    How “canonically undone”?

    What “Bergoglio project”?

      1. Then wouldn’t he have to rescind all of his heretical encyclicals, apostolic letters, dismantling of religious orders, false teachings, etc.? That’s ten years’ worth of anti-popery right there. Not trying to be an antagonist, just curious.

      2. You do not have to rescind what juridically never exists. But yes personally, as Bergoglio, he has to repent of it. Being elected pope does not mean your sins are forgiven. Quite the contrary. God’s justice is stricter. If he does not die a saint he will be damned, according to St. Alphonsus. So this election, is a work of Divine Justice and Mercy united. But only faith can see it.

  3. The election of Pope Francis means that one can go to Mass now and not receive a latae sententiae excommunication for being an accomplice in schism. Does that mean one can go to Mass now and not be infected with the spike protein, graphene oxide and etcetera? Does that mean one can go on an airplane — if one can afford it — and go to Rome to attend a Papal Mass and not worry about a vaccinated pilot dying of a heart attack and then the plane crashing and then you dying? Does that mean one can receive the Sacrament of Matrimony and not worry about the fact that when consummating it one will be infected with the spike protein, graphene oxide and etcetera? Some modest questions.

    1. Whether you can contract the spike protein at mass has to do with the vaxx status of those at the mass, not who is the pope. Same goes with the plane ride. Same with the marriage.

      Your questions are modest. But the disconnect with the canonical question is an abyss.

      1. Bro. Bugnolo,

        I agree with Christina and Andean and the people on this page.
        Aren’t you playing-god and playing Merlin the Magician who can suddenly obliterate 10 years of havoc done by Bergoglio the Antichrist Pope Francis?

        The Freemasons and Communists planned to conquer the Vatican for over a hundred years and they succeeded with infiltrating and changing all the doctrines of the Church through Vatican II and worst of all imposed the most demonic Nostra Aetate, and now you are giving a blanket endorsement of the greatest henchman of Satan in the person of communist Bergoglio?

        You yourself have said repeatedly that the Vatican and the Church are run by an Ecclesiastical Mafia and Bergoglio was placed there by the St. Gallen Mafia. https://www.fromrome.info/?s=st+gallen+mafia Are you now wearing blindfolds to the existence of these mafias that you have spent years exposing?

      2. The Assembly of the Roman Faithful electing the Roman Pontiff is the supreme tribunal of apostolic ordinance to determine who is the Vicar of Jesus Christ or Not. If thank irks you, you can blame them and suffer the wrath of God and Sts. Peter and Paul. Or you can feign not to insult them and claim I was alone responsible. And then suffer the Judgement of God, too, because I only did my duty as a Roman Catholic.

  4. Of course !

    And what to expect now from the ‘real’ Pope?!?
    The persecution of those who still don’t recognise him as the Pope?………….


      1. YES.

        But you have to know that the Christians Orthodox have a very strong faith in Jesus Christ.
        The proof ?
        The countries with the lowest percentage of vaccination in Europe, like Romania and Bulgaria, are 90% Christian Orthodox !
        And they don’t recognise the Pope to be the visible head of the Church, they say that Jesus Christ is the Head. Fullstop.

      2. In what they know, I do not deny that their faith is strong. But if they knew that the Roman Pontiff is Peter’s successor they way we know it, their faith would be greater. The faith in the West is not weak because there are Catholics in the West, but because there are NOT Catholics in the West.

  5. Bergoglio shouldn’t have been there in the first place and now it’s ok?

    1. Leo VIII should not have been there in 963, but in 964 he did become the true pope. That’s the history of the Catholic Church. Live with it or join a protestant Church and find out where you end up.

      1. That’s why I call myself Catholic, not Roman Catholic.
        It happens all the time with those popes, the Borgia popes, the Medici popes. It’s about power, not about humans.

  6. Frate Alexis, quindi se sono nulle tutte le cose che ha fatto prima del 30 gennaio 2023, sono nulle anche tutte le nomine degli 80 e forse piu’ cardinali.Al prossimo conclave cosa succederebbe?

    1. I cardinali sono adesso validi a cagione del consenso della volonta’ che adesso ha il munus petrino. Ma gli atti di insegnamento sono nulli poiche non esistevano mai come atti magisteriale di un papa. Le nominazioni di vescovi sono convalidati anche dal suo posesso adesso della grazia del ufficio. Le passatte scomuniche injuste remangono invalidi e non esistenti e quelle juste adesso devengono valide.

      1. If Cardinal Bergoglio was excommunicated latae sententiae under the directives of Universi Domenici Gregis for politicking before the previous conclave, how could he be elected pope as he is outside the Church and therefore not Catholic?

      2. The Conclave of 2013 was illegitimate, therefore any violation of that law then caused no penalties to be imposed because penalties can only be imposed in a valid conclave.

  7. I announced to my pastor that because of the 30 January election, I now accept Bergoglio has canonically become Pope Francis. God has heard our prayers and saved the Papacy.

    My Pastor was unaware of the election but when I told him I now accepted Francis, it was comic to see the expression on his face– his eyebrows all but disappeared into his hairline. . . .:-)

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