Let us pray for the false Little Remnant, who are being dragged into the Pit of hell

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Many ask me how I feel, and apart from my cold, I am very sad in part and very happy in part. I am happy for all the poor little souls round the world, who now are in communion with the true pope. But I am sad to see those who defended Pope Benedict XVI but who, while they agreed the election by apostolic right was valid, rejected the results of the election.

As the days pass these souls have been gripped moment by moment by greater rage, passion, malice, and every vicious character, attacking God and man, rejecting Scripture, the words of Jesus and all faith with their best friends who disagree with them.

They are being dragged into a vortex of demons and they are falling without any restraint because they have cut themselves off from the God who said,

Whatsoever you bind upon earth shall be bound in heaven..


I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail and when you are converted, confirm your brethren

By denying Jesus Christ they have lost the saving faith of the Church, and how Satan has them wholly under his power.

I am currently receiving the most vicious insults from my closest friends in Italy and around the world. And I fear that these souls will shortly become violent.

In the last three years, we have seen so many fall under the power of the lie and under the powers of darkness. I grieve that so many pious souls are now going to damnation.

I therefore urge all of you to pray for these souls, who claimed to be standing with Pope Benedict XVI. Let us hope that they see that his gentile manner with all his enemies round about, rebukes them for their malice and nastiness and despair.

God wins in the end. No matter how much we do not like what is happening, we should never abandon God or the charity for neighbor.

Those who persevere in faith and charity, those alone are the true Little Remnant. And that means they must accept Canon Law and Apostolic Right and not arrogate to themselves anything that does not belong to them, especially who is and who is not elected Pope in an election at Rome, where they do not even reside or have a say in what the local Church does. — And for those who did reside in the Diocese of Rome or one of the Suburbican Dioceses, though they had no obligation to come, their not coming makes them responsible for the outcome and they too need to accept both things.

This is how Our Lady would act. And no soul can claim to be Her child, acting differently.

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54 thoughts on “Let us pray for the false Little Remnant, who are being dragged into the Pit of hell”

  1. I’m very sorry to think of you saddened like this. Many of us have gone through something similar. While we know we need to detach ourselves from creatures, and love God more than anyone or anything, and make friends with Him and the saints, we do need friends who are in this world too, or if that’s not possible, perhaps due to some sudden event, at least the hope of having them again.

    Yes, it is most remarkable indeed how Pope Benedict treated his enemies and even his captors. We can all learn from his example. He seemed impossible to humiliate.

    Yes, prayers and gentleness. It’s sometimes tempting to ridicule, and sometimes that works, but if it’s done only with the intention of making ourselves feel better, of course it’s ultimately harmful to everyone.

    Prayers and gentleness.

  2. Praying for you brother. I am surprised in a way that you are getting so much hate bc they clearly know if you had your way this would not have been the outcome. Can’t they see that humility in submitting to Christ and His will trumps all? We are not God and our prayer should always be Thy Will be done and to trust and have Faith that He is in control.

    1. If they really have belief in the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima, it has already happened.

      The heart of a child really is needed to enter the Kingdom of God. “A pure heart create in me, O God.” “I long to see your face, Lord.”

  3. Dear Brother Alexis,

    believe me, nobody from the little remnant wants to hurt you. We are all grateful for the hard work you have done so far, you enlightened us with your knowledge of canon law. We just don’t understand the following:

    1) Why did you rush with the election of the successor of Benedict XVI, without even asking advice to the eight priests who have openly celebrated mass in communion with the true pope until 31/12/2022?
    2) Do you really think that an election in which only 4 people took part has canonical basis for the election of the pope? I just remind you that the diocese of Rome has something like 2.6 million baptised people.
    3) Even if we assume for a moment that the election is valid, do you really think that tacit acceptance is valid in this case? Canon 332.1 doesn’t mention “tacit acceptance”. You said that explicit acceptance is required only for a new elected pope, whereas for someone who has been antipope tacit acceptance is accepted. May I ask you where did you get that from? Which canon mentions tacit acceptance?
    4) Even if we assume that tacit acceptance is valid, who said that Bergoglio has accepted, in his heart, the munus petrinum? Perhaps he is happy to carry on as an antipope, he is happy to hold just the ministerium and he doesn’t care about the munus at all!

    I am very sorry Br. Alexis, no offence, but your reasoning has several flaws.

    1. Your misunderstanding does not cause flaws in my reasoning.

      Second, you do not know the messages I am receiving, so you cannot discount them.

      Third, I did not rush. I told everyone for 3 years that I was determined to see B16 restored or his successor validly elected. I spoke about the apostolic right of election in 2020, 2021, 2022.

      I had a personal meeting with Don Minutella, Andrea Cionci and Don Bernasconi on Sunday January 16, where I told them I would organize the election, if the Cardinals failed to enter into conclave.

      2) You have no knowledge of how many people were there. And you have no faith in the words of Jesus, Wherever 2 or three are gathered in My Name, I am there in their midst.

      3) Yes. Tacit acceptance is a form of acceptance. Canon 331 does not specify it, therefore according to the principle of the canons, where a benefit is granted a large sense must be taken on the terms. Tacit acceptance does not need to me explicitly mentioned in a canon, because neither do canons apply strictly to apostolic right which is from a higher authority.

      4) Acceptance regards accepting to be the pope. It does not require acceptance of anything you deem necessary to signify or convey or cause that.

      1. Thank you for your replies, but please don’t say I have no faith in the words of Jesus, that is not fair at all. We are talking about papal election here, which has its rules. That quote from the Gospel is a bit misplaced here. If that was the case, we could have had a thousand of mini-conclaves in Rome, made by small groups of 3/4 baptised people which would have led to the election of a thousand popes! As for the tacit acceptance, only God knows if Bergoglio wants to be Peter, if he truly wants to accept the munus petrinum or if he just happy to hold the ministerium to run his business. Of course, we all pray for his conversion, but we cannot assume he has accepted in his heart. As I said, this is not quantum physics, where Bergoglio could be pope and antipope at the same time! Christianity is deterministic, not probabilistic! Therefore either Bergoglio has accepted in his heart to be Peter or he hasn’t. You are betting on the former, I suspend judgement, this is the difference.

      2. It was a conclave. If you do not understand that what can I say. And if you take what I said as an insult not a rebuke in the Lord, it is useless to dialogue with me.

  4. Today at mass, thirty people became candidates for full reception into the Church at Easter. I was overcome with emotion. Thank you for standing firm, and working patiently and insistently to right the ship of the Church in regards to the papacy. Knowing that they will receive the sacraments and be in full communion with the Holy Father and the Church established by Jesus gives me great joy and relief. This outcome saves the most. Jesus said he would lose no one that the Father gave him. He is Emmanuel, God with us, the God who saves. His passion, death, and resurrection reconcile us to the Father. We are saved by Jesus through the Church he established. We must work/fight to save and protect the Church from all enemies, within and without. Today I experienced the joy of salvation, and I am grateful.

    1. When the Protestants left the Church, somewhere on the other side of the world the Lord through Our Lady converted millions of unbelievers.

      When the neo-sedes rebelled against Christ in Jan 30, somewhere along the globe millions of Catholics received renewed joy and great gift of hope upon the arrival of Pope Francis.

  5. I would like to comment as someone who has been both an ardent supporter of Brother Alexis, and a harsh critic. I have nothing but praise for his conduct in the opening salvoes of the scamdemic, some criticisms in its later phases, but it would be fair to say we fell out big time over Ukraine and I severed financial support over it. However. I have always found his explications of theological points and Canon Law to be clear, concise (as much as these topics can be) and faithful, such that even when one violently disagrees with him on matters that are only tangentially related to Holy Faith, I have been compelled to listen and ponder the wisdom that he frequently has displayed.

    To use an English term, I have sought “not to throw the baby out with the bathwater”, but rather to take that which my conscience (hopefully well formed) tells me is consistent with my understanding of Holy Faith, and to leave that which I judge to be erroneous and to offer constructive criticism. When brother was in Kiev, my frustration was so intense that I found myself praying to Mary that he be compelled, by a drying up of financial support, to return to Rome to focus on the work which he had been doing in promoting the cause of Benedict’s restoration and criticizing the antipope.

    My prayers were answered when, almost immediately after his return to Rome, the propaganda pieces concerning the globalists kinetic dialectical war in Ukraine dried to a (just) tolerable trickle, to be replaced by a return to form on ecclesiastical matters. Deo gratias!

    We English have another aphorism, when we say that someone is “like Marmite” – you either love it or hate it (its a yeast spread). Brother Alexis is “like Marmite” and the same can be said of Ann Barnhardt. Their styles, though different, are both apt to tend to the extremes of expression, and consequently to trigger prideful reactions when they tread on their readers or listeners toes. These are at times decidedly unhelpful traits and Brother has alienated members of his audience at various points over the past three years as long term readers who are observant of the identities of his commenters, and how many formerly frequent commenters fall foul of his ascerbic literary style (sometimes his ascerbic tongue in videos) and evidently drop-out of his readership. I know, I’ve been there. But I came back, because I understand enough about myself and how logical fallacies blind us, to know, that when a man can express truth powerfully, that truth is true regardless of his weaknesses, his errors or even the evil that he may do in other regards.

    If one makes a conscious effort to set pride aside, in particular the injury to our prideful egos at the prospect of rehabilitating Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and listens carefully word by word to what Brother Alexis has said and written leading up to and particularly since Benedict’s death, one cannot fail but be impressed by the powerful logic of his reasoning. Brother is reasoning using the very architecture of Church Militant – Canon Law , Apostolic Right and jurisprudence. My interpretation is that it is not Brother Alexis speaking, he is merely the conduit for the clear and truthful expression of ecclesial legal facts. Not theological opinion, not what we would all like to see happen to salve our wounded egos, but facts.

    In my opinion, God has used Brother Alexis both actively, because Brother seeks to do His will, but also passively when God has used occasions of what many of us judge to be grave errors of judgement on the part of Brother Alexis, to draw good from them:

    1) Brother Alexis has been at his most effective in the court of Canon Law and the Scholastic method

    2) Brother has made enemies from his various exploits, whether justly or unjustly it matters not – but he is “Marmite” and evidently for some people, they must say “black” when Brother says “white” and will not contemplate that truth can pass his lips

    3) Perhaps its true to say that he has unwittingly schooled those of us who desire to battle pride and to submit ourselves to God by his work, so he has attracted a following that contains many who follow him despite his self evident weaknesses. We pass over the bad and look for the good

    4) Brother has navigated the ecclesial and Canon Law waters flawlessly since Benedict’s death. He has pre-emptively answered every objection, as can be discovered when one listens to and reads everything he has produced on the subject since December

    5) He has acted swiftly, but with prudence, knowing as he does that our Freemasonic / Luciferian enemies operate by prevarication and appeals to debate, ponder, consult. By doing so they water down, complicate, sift and divide. Since Canon Law already provides the architecture and motive for precise action and precisely lays out the consequences of inaction, Brother acted in the manner most likely to pass jurisprudential scrutiny by honest jurists at some future date.

    6) God picked his man with perfection, knowing that the enemies of truth would flee such a perfect presentation of Canon Law and Apostolic Right because Brother Alexis was the man who presented it and therefore his enemies would refuse to hear it, nor even attempt to treat we plebeians who read From Rome to their superior legal arguments. I suspect it is fair to say by now, that its because they have no superior argument

    7) The law is the law, opinion is irrelevant and the Masons lie in wait to trap those who delay in their commitment to truth already exhaustively presented

    In my opinion, there is a very good chance that God has used human vanity and pride against itself, leaving the field open for truth to prevail. Let’s face it, even Brother Alexis has failed to get the result he thought he wanted, but has instead been made to be a slave to Truth and actually have to swallow the bitter pill of advocating for the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio! AND the World mistakenly thinks that Brother Alexis FAILED!

    That Truth is being trodden in the dirt, reviled and spat upon should be no surprise. Neither should it surprise us that “friends” join in. But I wholeheartedly accept the result, I firmly believe it was legitimate based on Brother Alexis’ words alone, though the absence of serious engagement with those words is profoundly telling. I’m willing to tolerate the ridicule I might receive when it becomes known that I actually accept as legitimate “that failed assembly of the faithful of Rome which crazy Bugnolo who is “not even a Franciscan and is in fact a grifter and a deceiver” had the temerity to organise”!

    God works in mysterious ways and His ways entail unifying His flock and removing obstacles to the sacraments. God bless you Brother Alexis, but for pity’s sake I do think you should lay off with the condemnations of “little remnants to Hell” and try St Francis de Sales’ remedy of a teaspoon of honey rather than a bucket of vinegar. You might make some friends ; )

    1. Bravo, Mr. Millward! How edifying it is to read and reread your stellar analysis of Bro. Alexis’ condemnation of “the little remnant.” To communicate even on a basic level, let alone challenge anyone with an attitude such as you laid out, may result in a mind-blowing exercise in futility. My late mother spent a lifetime doing her best to prove that point, while also alluding to “getting more flies with honey than with vinegar” !! I’ve gone a few rounds with the Bro myself, on a much more basic level. However, when futility set in, I backed off both reading and donating. Maybe it’s best I missed out on the Kiev affair …

    2. How can I thank you for the blessing of reading these words? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’s as though you looked into my mind and somehow transcribed what to me is mere flashes of memories and mixed emotions, but very few, if any, words.

      God bless you and yours.

      Deo gratias.


    3. Again, Mark, great comment. I was on/off with Brother Alexis as I was with Don Minutella, Frei Tiago de São José and Padre Paulo Renato Dornelles. Now only Fra Alexis is left, as I find discernment, knowledge, wisdom and humility in what he did regarding the papal election. He gave peace to many souls. The explanations on the videos and the answers to the questions are very helpful to those who know little about Canon Law. Fra Alexis glorifies the Lord and represents the poor and little son of St. Francis of Assisi, when he allows himself to be an empty vessel filled with divine grace. The video when he sang ‘Tota pulchra est Maria’ shows the beauty of his soul, moulded by God. God bless Fra Alexis.

    4. Mark,

      May I say that you are notably articulate. If you don’t already, you should publish your thoughts in some outlet. You are unusually gifted as a communicator.

    5. Those who separate from the Church really have pride that you can see that Satan is at work in them. Their insults, illogical arguments, and raging hatred becomes visible at once.

      What a misery if they die that way! There is a vision from hell from a sister in a dream that in Hell they shout, curse, gnash their teeth endlessly, while being immolated with a fire so hot it runs in their very veins and their being.

  6. Brother, as I commented before, January 29, if I’m not mistaken, this election would run the risk of being undermined. What really happened. Just objections and doubts. Forgive me for my candor, but, as you assure, how wrong was it before supporting until politically Ukraine, humanly, of course, does not make a mistake again?

    Another, and more serious, how can you guarantee if there was no Bergolian infiltration, because he stated that he did not know the voters well?

    1. There was absolutely no Bergoglian present. But there was absolute no other candidates. That there was no Bergoglian present was the work of God and Pope Benedict XVI. That there was no valid candidates to vote for had to do with all the voices saying not to come to the Assembly, because while we had candidates, non one thought that they would accept because of the few numbers. My enemies are blaming me, because they do not have the maturity to take personal responsibility for their actions.

  7. I will wait to see if Bergoglio acts in accordance with the Petrine Munus. Prudence and my conscience dictates as much. If Bergoglio acts against the Church in anyway regarding Faith and Morals, then he will depose himself. Until then, I regard the See of Peter as vacant.

    1. Paul IV says you have the right to act this way, if you doubt. I can understand that if you do not know about the principles of law or theology, you can have doubts. As I said in my video announcing the results.

  8. Io da quando ho saputo del risanamento fatto da Fra Bugnolo, dalla frattura provocata dal falso conclave del 2013 che elesse Bergoglio come Papa Francesco, sento in me tanta pace, come se anche in me tale frattura sia stata risanata. Immagino il famoso fulmine sulla cupola, che fu come uno squarcio, paragonabile al dividersi del velo del tempio quasi…Forse sento ciò perché all’elezione di Bergoglio ho provato uno strano gelido brivido…non so e chiedo a lei se può illuminarmi se vuole. Siamo stati dal 2013 ad oggi come in una sorta di confusione e sconcerto per i vari errori che via via si andavano svelando, lasciandoci la tristezza e l’amaro in bocca. Eppure il Signore non ha smesso mai di illuminare e dare i Suoi profeti odierni. Don Minutella è stato di questi ma sento che se continua non solo allontana molte anime dalla Chiesa ma lui stesso e molti si pongono fuori dalla Chiesa stessa. Ovile Santo. Molti affermano che allora il conclave lo si poteva fare benissimo in tre o quattro persone eleggendo il proprio Papa, ma non è così, poiché Fra Bugnolo ha fatto tutto seguendo il diritto canonico e tutto ciò che riguardava l’elezione in mancanza del conclave dei Cardinali entro il tempo stabilito. Forse a parte Fra Bugnolo, qualcun altro ha eseguito tutto giuridicamente e correttamente come questo umile, a mio pensiero, e piccolo ma grande strumento di Dio mi chiedo. No! Allora cerchiamo anziché rovistare nel passato e nutrire dubbio a mettere la nostra Anima in preghiera e chiedere luce di discernimento a Lui…Certamente Egli lo farà. Io credo che Gesù stesso sostenga Pietro per non deragliare la grande imbarcazione e anzi legarla in modo prodigioso, alle due Colonne del sogno di Don Bosco…Ecco io credo questo e prego nel mio cuore affinché chi è uscito e vuole rimanere fuori, possa rientrare nel seno di Madre Chiesa. Che L’Immacolata possa essere sempre il faro per vedere e discernere le strade errate. Grazie per ciò che ha fatto Fra Bugnolo…La via di Dio non è la nostra via ma anzi scombina i piani del Nemico. Gesù sostiene e prega affinché la Fede di Pietro non venga mai meno, poiché Satana cerca per vagliare e distruggere i piani di Dio, ma Egli è, e sarà eternamente sconfitto e questo lo sa. Preghiamo per il Papa Francesco, la Chiesa e coloro che si sono smarriti in questa via. Gesù non permetterà che le forze degli inferi prevarranno sulla Sua Chiesa, Mai! Su questo baso la mia Fede e sono sicura di essere nel giusto. Pace e Bene
    Grazie Maddalena

  9. Praying for you, Brother. You’ve suffered terribly in spirit, soul, body for an extended period of time and it’s only natural for some illness to manifest immediately following such battles; even when victorious. Please don’t allow the voices of criticism and apathy interfere with your well-being as you must continue to stand for Christ and fight the good fight…Take care of yourself, please. With the Blessed Mary, St. Joseph and the Infant Jesus and the angels assigned your guardians…May they bless and keep you safe.

  10. As much as I personally find all of Pope Francis agenda repugnant and anti-Catholic, especially his latest scandalous comment that faithful African bishops should not be in favor of anti-homosexuality laws (actually these good bishops, and not Francis, are upholding Catholic Faith and belief regarding this), I reluctantly acknowledge him as lawful Pope (although I wish the Pope was a traditional man who loves the Roman Rite, and not a heretic). But I accept him as the Pope we have for the present, and hope very soon God might grant us a new Pope who is a traditional Catholic, much in the style and favoring Catholic tradition like Benedict XVI, or even more so.
    Even though I accept Francis, I have to admit, that at only 28, I reasonably can look forward, God willing, to another 50+ years at least, like nearly all of my recent ancestors who now are in Heaven. But were we to have the misfortune of having a Pope elected who was ideologically much worse than Francis, let’s say, more like Cardinal Hollerich, or Cardinal Marx or Bishop Batzig in Germany, then I would still acknodledge that he might be legitimately elected, but not want to spend 50+ years with Popes like that, so I would not be Catholic. I would never accept that kind of agenda, so I would join another Church, like the Greek Orthodox.

    1. At the rate the events are happening right now, Pope Francis might be the last true pope on earth. The next stage might be 1000 years which would happen at The Triumph of THE IMMACULATE HEART. I am anticipating this event because with the tribulations rising, we might be the blessed ones Padre Pio said. However, we would see also all the inconceivable evils of this age, including the Antichrist. The mystery of iniquity that ensnared this world and threw a third of the stars down to the world. They will never find their place in heaven again.

      May we not succumb to the traps of the evil one and always pray and keep watch.

      1. I really wish the next pope, if not the current one, will bring the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

  11. If I was eligible to vote I would have been there. But I was not eligible. After the convocation was announced, I expressed my opinion that I would abide by the decision arrived at by Catholics of the Roman dioceses. I prayed that they would arrive at decision inspired by God. So if even me, who made an effort to seek the public proclamations made in Rome about the convocation / meeting and saw it in its entirety and I live 7 time zones west of Rome, there was no excuse for at list 10% of the 4 million Catholics in the Roman dioceses to have an excuse and not show up. So for the record, I am satisfied by the results even though I would have preferred a different choice, but because of that, I trusted Our Lord Jesús Christ and I accept the selection of Cardinal Bergolio as Pope and will refer to him by his name of Pope Francis I. May the Holy Spirit, God, use Pope Francis I as HIS instrument to guide the Church forward. As a personal wish I hope Pope Francis will revert some of what I consider heretical positions, but I now leave that to God to decide and judge.

    I pray for those that disagree, that they will be civil about the way they conduct and express themselves and that they pray before expressing themselves.

    Remember, just like in speech, it is hard to retrieve our words once they come out of our mouths. Stay to the facts. And please, do not stain the nice comments you take time to put on paper, by adding a “BUT” , since it kills the nice messages expressed earlier.

    May Our Lady, the Mother of God, work on Pope Francis I and steer him on the right course.

  12. Dear Brother Alexis, BRAVO!! THANK YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU!! You are a champion for the Faith! You are a lone voice crying in the wilderness! You are a prophet of God! Jezebel will be after you in a big way, as this spirit is after all of the little remnant who dare to speak the truth in this age of lies and deception.

    Late last night I eagerly viewed twice, your video explaining the results of the election on 30 Jan, during and after which I was flooded with peace. I felt renewed in confidence, strengthened in my faith and touched deeply by your wisdom, intelligence, humility and confidence! I really felt changed. If I’d been in Rome on Monday, I would have attended the assembly; and if you were a priest, I would have voted for YOU to be Pope! You’re the kind of man, who is all too scarce, that the leadership of the Church needs right now!

    I have been utterly sickened by what Antipope Francis has done and said in his anti-pontificate. However, when I learned from you a year or so ago, that he was not juridically elected – that kind of eased my mind. But now after what you’ve done this week and after watching your explanation last night, I prayed before going to sleep for, whom I can now call, Pope Francis. Prayed for him as soon as I awoke this morning and will now feel able to pray for the Pope after each Rosary too.

    Thanks to you, acting in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi and repairing a huge crack in the foundation of our beloved Church and posting all these wonderful news articles showing undeniable workings of the Holy Spirit (especially Pope Francis’s sermon in Sudan which moved me to tears) – I am bursting with peace and joy which I’ve not had for some time, and even despite the terrible state of affairs in the world and in the Vatican and having lost our wonderful Cardinal Pell through all this.

    I, like you Brother, have confidence in Christ – the ball is in His court – although we continue to pray! I expect to see more miracles and look forward to viewing all the good news and true news that you post up on your website. I can’t thank you enough; you are performing nearly all the spiritual works of mercy every day of your mission! I will pray for you daily and in earnest that you be protected from your enemies. May the Holy Face of Jesus ever shine on you, guide you and bring you immeasurable peace!! May Our Lady stand in your defence always!

    I have just once question though: Are you able to comment on what you think really happened to Cardinal Pell? Do you know if there is anyone initiating an investigation? Is there talk of this in Rome? Can you see that happening? I don’t believe it was a natural death, as he had so many enemies in the ‘deep Church’.

    1. I have not heard anything yet about the cause of death. He took the DeathVaxx, and so perhaps his blood was coagulating more than normal.

  13. Brother, the owners of the world are putting the narrative of “divide to conquer” everywhere, where there is order and peace. in the secular world or not. They want to conquer everything, putting chaos and war to show the solution. It would not be naïve to point out serious objections to the election for having been, in my opinion, reckless, so it would take a lot of prudence in all our actions, without ignoring the objections. You will soon see, this narrative becomes stronger, with the Russian invasion of Europe soon, which began with the Russia and the Ukraine conflict, which. coherent this narrative. It’s the black birds and the fog.

    1. It is my hope and prayer that the Holy Father will consecrate Russia and that narrative will be entirely broken.

      1. Good news, narrative is starting to break. Bad news, enough to cause a war because of killed princesses and successors to throne.

      1. They should be very afraid because they are now standing front of Jesus, Sun of Justice.

        They got the power, now they also will be deemed responsible.

  14. Sia lodato Gesù Cristo. Caro Fra Alexis, pur non essendo pienamente d’accordo con quello che lei ha deciso di fare, sono stato fra quelli che hanno difeso la sua buona fede dagli attacchi di chi sappiamo. Così mi ripromettevo di giudicare la sua opera dai frutti che ne sarebbero venuti e non con giudizi a priori. Purtroppo la modalità e l’esito del “conclave” mi lasciano alquanto perplesso. Pur ammettendo che tale elezione sia valida (anche questo lo giudicherò solo dopo aver visto se Bergoglio continuerà a perseverare nell’errore oppure se si ravvederà), resta però un problema fondamentale a mio parere: Bergoglio sarebbe validamente eletto dal 31 gennaio 2023 ma tutto quello che è stato fatto da lui negli ultimi dieci anni resta comunque invalido. Nomine, pronunciamenti, encicliche e tutto il resto devono essere comunque cancellati, altrimenti questa sembrerà una soluzione di comodo, la classica polvere nascosta sotto il tappeto tanto cara alla Chiesa Cattolica.

    1. Non e’ come tu dici, come gia’ ho spiegato negli articoli di primo piano in inglese. Ancoro ho un forte raffedore e quindi Lei deve rivolgere a una traduzione google per averli in Italiano.

      1. Innanzitutto mi scuso perché non avevo letto l’articolo, ma adesso che l’ho letto i miei dubbi a riguardo di questa elezione sono aumentati.

        Come prima cosa non riesco a comprendere la distinzione tra “atti magisteriali / sanzioni” (invalidi) e “nomine” (valide). Tutti sono stati fatti da un soggetto che non aveva l’investitura per compierli, quindi non riesco a capire dove sia la differenza. Quando tutti questi atti sono stati fatti, Bergoglio non era assistito dallo Spirito Santo e come adesso dovrebbe pentirsi di “atti magisteriali / sanzioni”, lo stesso dovrebbe essere per le nomine fatte con intenzione non conforme al bene della Chiesa.

        Ma il dubbio più grande mi è sorto per la domanda “Can a not yet condemned heretic or schismatic be elected to the Papacy?”. Lei afferma che: “Even canon 1364 (latae sententiae) which imposes immediately the penalty of excommunication does not take away the rights to be elected by or to participate in a Conclave, as the Papal Law, Universi Domini Gregis states in n. 35.” Ora, non credo che ci siano dubbi sul fatto che Bergoglio sia apostata, eretico e scismatico e che quindi sia scomunicato latae sententiae. Ma, a mio avviso, il sue errore sta nel nominare la “Universi Domini Gregis states n. 35” senza però considerare il canone 1331 – §1 che al 3 recita: “Allo scomunicato è fatto divieto di esercitare funzioni in uffici o ministeri o incarichi ecclesiastici qualsiasi, o di porre atti di governo.”
        Nonché il canone 1331 – §2 e 1333 – §1.

      2. You are attempting to apply canon 1364 to a Cardinal, who has the privilege of being immune from all sanctions which are not publicized.

      3. Un ultimo dubbio. Nell’articolo: “https://www.chiesaromana.info/index.php/2023/01/09/norme-canoniche-che-influano-sullelezione-del-romano-pontefice-secondo-diritto-apostolico/”, si afferma che il candidato da eleggere “Deve avere il libero uso della ragione. Il dubbio su questo, come quello che potrebbe sorgere da una persona che ha permesso che la nanotecnologia fosse iniettata nel suo corpo, dovrebbe escludere tali candidati.” Se per “nanotecnologia” si intende anche il vaccino anti covid, può Bergoglio essere ammesso visto che pubblicamente ha dichiarato di essersi sottoposto a tale terapia?

      4. Bergoglio if he took a real vaxx took a Sputnik, which does not have the nanotech according to many sources. But I do not think he took a real vaxx.

      5. Come possono i cardinali essere immuni da scomunica latae sententiae se la Universi Dominici Gregis al n. 81 recita: “I Cardinali elettori si astengano, inoltre, da ogni forma di patteggiamenti, accordi, promesse od altri impegni di qualsiasi genere, che li possano costringere a dare o a negare il voto ad uno o ad alcuni. Se ciò in realtà fosse fatto, sia pure sotto giuramento, decreto che tale impegno sia nullo e invalido e che nessuno sia tenuto ad osservarlo; e fin d’ora commino la scomunica latae sententiae ai trasgressori di tale divieto. Non intendo, tuttavia, proibire che durante la Sede Vacante ci possano essere scambi di idee circa l’elezione.”. Lo stesso documentario A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE indica Bergoglio come membro della mafia di San Gallo.

      6. I never said they were immune. I said that only a Pope can declare it and that only with a declaration do they lose their rights.

  15. Only a few were at the Foot of the Cross
    and that brought about the Fulfillment of Redemption! This is the Time of Sanctification. Our Lord Operates these in a parallel Way! Blessed be Our Lord and Our Lady! And blessed are you and the many who practice such Faith, humility and Trust as to let the Holy Spirit Work His Wonders! Thy Kingdom Come! Fiat!

  16. hi br

    how are you?

    just drying the pots after tea – fish and chips – friday tea, although a bit, fatty and soggy, served with bread and butter and some fizz pop, oh and a few garden peas, salted of course

    just thinking about you and , well, its all been quite intense and emotional for you, perhaps , hence, the psycho immunological pathology aka cold. or man flu.

    its all been a bit teary, not sure what to think.

    but, one reflects and supposes the result is something Jesus would do, not what we would do, to save souls and as many as possible, of course, something i egoistically would’nt , I want to be special, to be elite, to know, to be preserved in my ‘SUPERIOR specialness’, you know, my club, so to speak.

    not sure where this leaves me with regard to written many articles against Bergoglio and for Benedict, i was his enemy and he is, in my subjective opinion spiritually responsible for many deaths via the Jab coercion etc.- but then again if i was an early Christian i would so wary of a previously murderous Saul too.

    anyway, just wanted to say , bless you and may He keep you and this is said with a most charitable love against all the hate you are getting

    i salute your bravery, perhaps your mum is watching on from heaven, please don’t think me presumptions, but its at times like this that we all reflect and think of our loved ones, which , of course includes Mary and Jesus.

    as they say in St John Fisher’s country [Beverley, East Yorkshire], ” pull your socks up lad

    Bless you again Br and chin up! –

    I shall be, like you, watching the causation, the; ‘fruit of the tree’

  17. Brother Alexis, Please forgive any misunderstand on my part, or misuse of a term. Since the canons on what constitutes immediate excommunication latae sententiae seem not to have any real effect unless a formal censure is given, what exactly is the purpose of the term *immediate* in that context? Might it simply be so that the censuring authority can identify the particular act that caused one’s excommunication to have already taken place? I understand well that only competent authorities can censure. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your patience. 🙏

    1. The current Code of Canon law, in canon 1364 reiterates the ancient doctrine that when one commits a canonical crime of heresy or schism that one is ipso facto removed from the communion of the Church. But since all crimes are not sins and since a public manifest sin must be recognized by the Church as a crime, no one loses his canonical rights on account of canon 1364 unless the Church recognizes the violation. this is because throughout the ages men have sinned against the Divine Faith, but since the Church had not yet clearly understood the Faith to be contrary to their error, they were not condemned. Such as St. John Chrysostom saying our Lady sinned, or St Thomas Aquinas saying she was not Immaculate.

      For Cardinals, too, there is the special cases, that they can only be judged by the Pope. So no Cardinal, Bishop, priest or layman can deny the rights of such man who even by external public manifest acts commits the sins of heresy or schism.

      Do I particularly like the way the current Code of Canon Law frames the issue. No. But I do recognize that Christ did not give me the authority to write canon law. I have to accept it as it is.

  18. It was like we were a people out of order and now we are a people in order. When Bergoglio was elected Pope while Pope Benedict was alive and still Pope, our church was out of order. I could feel it. Now through the the Roman election, we have put our church back in proper order with a legitimate Pope. Now our God will work through Pope Francis and I feel pleased knowing there is unity in the Church.

    It’s the same as having order and unity in your home. Children often try to take things out of the natural order by taking advantage of their parents by lying or manipulating in order to get their way. Responsible and moral parents recognize that behavior and quickly seize their moral authority and reprimand their children. This restores the nature order in their families and brings unity. Only then does peace prevail.

    Like children, the cardinals took advantage of Pope Benedict’s declaration and illegally elected Borgolio and our Church family was out of order. Now a group of responsible people have come forward to restore the natural order of our Church as directed to them by Canon law after the Cardinals failed to go into conclave 21 days post Pope Benedict’s death.

    Now our house is in order and we will see what our God will do. I know that it is in simplicity and humility that He works His greatest wonders. I’m hopeful and eternally grateful that Brother explained everything so well to us. Very few religious dared to touch this subject. As soon as I saw Brother Alexis, I knew he was telling the truth and that made me happy. I awaited our promised Era of Peace.

  19. For the first time, I thought it was Pope Benedict XVI that is being mentioned in the prophecies of St. Elizabeth Canori-Mora.

    It looks like it might be Pope Francis I, and the priest that is informing him left and right of what happens … might be a monk. It is because the Ecclesial Mafia looks down on monks and think in terms of the world ( money is power to Ecclesial Mafia ). This gave the monk freedom to inform Pope Francis I what happens around the world, which is growing darker and darker.

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