3 thoughts on “UK: What we feared, is confirmed: UK Army spied on critics of Scamdemic”

  1. Members of Parliament, probably every single one of them, are globalist puppets so serving one side or other of the dialectic.

    Peter Hitchens it’s another faux conservative Who has doggedly advanced globalist aims whilst making transparent feints appearing to oppose them. He was deployed early in the scamdemic to secure more vaccinees. Evidently he was not deeply placed as a sophisticated agent of deception as he folded at the first jab “because he wanted to go on holiday“!

    Which is not to say that we are not being spied on!

    1. There is not a single MP that can be trusted – they were all “on board” with the Scamdemic, all globalist puppets as you say.
      But politics is about power & money, pride & vanity etc etc……

      What so surprised me is how our UK Catholic hierarchy were so effeminate & meek in their pathetic obedience to the Lockdown implementations and then the Covid-19 farcical “stay safe” regulations which were imposed inside our places of worship!
      Whatever happened to the House of GOD
      where Divine Law rules supreme over any civil law?
      The Church’s Liberty was trampled upon……

      And how was it that so many self-confessed Catholics thought they were not offending GOD by wearing a useless facemask in their chosen places of worship?
      And willingly took the death-vaxxes because they believed what the Church hierarchy, the politicians & the MSM were telling them?
      Part of the “rotten, stinking fruits” of Vatican II !!

      Kyrie eleison;
      Christe eleison;
      Kyrie eleison.

  2. With Farrar now installed as an Agent of the WHO; at least the Wellness Trust is NOW a known and conscious ENEMY OF HUMANITY just as the the CDC, FDA, HHS, DOD and and all the Big Pharma/Big Tech ‘Deep State Minion’s’ on the payroll of the Bank of International Settlements/Central Bank OWNER Families with their European Monarch Partners. Since all are exposed by their own will and choice; it’s clear they believe the Technocratic Feudal Nazi Cult has won over ‘The People’ and God.

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