A sign for those who seek signs

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For those who understand jurisprudence, canon law, Papal history, theology, no signs are necessary to see that Pope Francis is now the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the holder of the Petrine Munus, following his juridically valid election on Monday, January 30, 2023 at Rome, Italy, by the Catholics of Rome, in accord with the ordinance of St. Peter.

And for those who followed my articles you also do not need signs, if you understood them well.

But for those who do need signs, to believe or to have confidence, God gave me this sign this morning, on the feast of Candelmas.

For us religious, this feast is our annual celebration, because the prophetess Anna and the priest Simeon are types of Catholic religious, who dedicate themselves to prayer, awaiting the fulfilment of God’s promises. Mary and Joseph who brought the Child Jesus to the Temple are also role models for us religious, who strive to live in simplicity following the Lord and caring for His own with our works and prayers.

So, by inspiration I sought out a Convent of Poor Clares, that I might celebrate this Feast with my sisters in St. Francis.

And arriving in an ancient medieval town with streets like a maze, my navigation app brought me to the wrong place. I found myself in a piazza with the wrong Church. A man who was going to the Mass at the Convent helped me and led me there. On the way he switched speaking to me, from Italian to English.

I asked him. Oh, you speak English well, what country are you from, Ghana? Since I know they speak English in that West African country and could see he was from Africa.

He said no. I am from the Congo.

So I had this sign to day. To celebrate a feast which only those who where there 2025 years ago believed in and recognized, with my sisters in St. Francis and the Clergy and people of Congo, where the Holy Father is currently visiting.

When my candle for Candelmas was lit, I held it high in gratitude to God who sees all and rewards all!


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      1. Praise the Lord. I’m so grateful! Yes, repair the Church, not restore. And I pray for you as a consacrated Franciscan you are.

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