Notice to Readers of FromRome.Info: In March & April, Br. Bugnolo will tour the USA

At the end of February, Br. Bugnolo will make a visit to the USA, to see his relatives again after 3+ years and visit friends. During March and April, if there is anyone who would like to organize a conference to hear brother speak or invite him to a meeting of friends, he is eager to raise funds to pay of his $36,000 debt for having crusaded for Pope Benedict XVI at Rome and for the Ukrainian Charity he heads, which is helping the victims of war there.

For contacts, please leave a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Notice to Readers of FromRome.Info: In March & April, Br. Bugnolo will tour the USA”

  1. New Babylon still does not allow non devil serum poked non US citizens into the country.
    Maybe it’s non devil serum poked citizens are allowed in?
    Covid testing is also still going on in Hollywood..

    1. I hope I never have to set foot in the state of California again. Talk about sliding into the pit of hell…! Those who seek the narrow are leaving.

  2. Where is the link to donate? I have been following your work for over a year and I accept the outcome of the election. I join with you in praying for Pope Francis to make the consecration of Russia. May the Lord bless you for your faith and courage to follow where the Truth leads.

    The Covid testing and mandates are still largely in place where I live for my profession as a cellist, so I do not have much, but will share what I have, as I did for the election fund.

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