Where the Neo-Sedes are headed

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is a horrible sin of pride and theft to arrogate to yourself the right to judge others juridically in the Church. It is in a word diabolic. Because in the Church of God all authority comes from God, and NO man can claim to hold it, if it is not given him by God or His Church.

And the culmination of such pride and sin, is to judge as invalid a valid papal election, because this is tantamount to arrogating to oneself the right say this man is or is not the pope.

For this reason, though I was one of the first to report and follow the news regarding Team Bergoglio, when it came the canonical evidence, I agreed with Cardinal Burke and Msgr. Nicola Bux, that it would be hard to prove with the rigor necessary for a trial. And thus I abandoned saying the election was invalid.

For this reason too, though I recognized that the things said and taught by Jorge Mario Bergoglio as antipope were heretical and blasphemous, I never said or claim I had the right to put him out of the Church. No, rather, as every Catholic should, I called on the Cardinals or the bishops to meet and condemn him.

This is the catholic way.

I started writing at FromRome, long before anyone ever heard of Don Minutella or of Andrea Cionci. And it was Catholics from the United States and Canada, like Father Kramer and Fr. Gruner, who were way ahead of everyone on this topic. It is true that Raedelli was first to doubt the renunciation was an abdication, and that Fr. Violi was the first to say it was not conform to canon 332, and it was La Pace that said that you cannot renounce something in the future.

But with them the controversy went silent.

Yes, Socci took up talking around the issue in several books. But he never concluded to doing anything.

But of all these writers, I was the only one who consistently called for action to solve the problem. I even met with top canonists in Rome to suggest the same in 2019. But they wanted to do nothing, too.

So I had an entirely different outlook than every other major leader in the “Benedict is the Pope” crusade.  I also never wrote a book for commercial sale about it, as many others did. Nay, I went into debt to advocate Benedict’s cause. To my knowledge no one else did.

But now the great discessio has erupted between us, because I recognize the valid election of Pope Francis on Monday, last, and all these do not.

So now they are in a major crisis of faith. And what lies ahead for them is very very dark.  I call these the anti-Bergoglian Sedevacantists.

Unlike normal Sedevacantism, which occurs in those who unreasonably doubt the validity of a papal election in Conclave, these are inventing doubts about something at which they could have been all personally present, since it occurred in our days.

And unlike the anti-Roncallian Sedevacantists, nearly all of these agreed that the manner of electing was valid, before the election took place.

But it was the result which upsets them. (If anyone of them was elected, they would most likely accept the election as valid in proportion to what advantage they could personally derive from it.)

But for all of these Anti-Bergoglian Sedevacantists, there is a dark future. By the force of the logic of their position, they have to confront that the Church as they see it, no longer has the Petrine Minus, and thus is no longer the Church of Christ.  As none of them can read Latin or has studied Canon Law, they will find no canonical solution, and will end up rejecting every papal election in the Future.

And since they will invent out of whole-cloth their own conditions for a juridically valid election, even if they manage to pull off some sort of election at Rome, it will be null and void, and never recognized by the Church of Christ, because such an election can never happen again, since only the First Assembly, convened after the Death of a True Pope, has the right to elect the pope. As all papal history proves.

So their malcontent is leading them to perdition, because since they want to judge who is and who is not in the Church, and who is and is not a valid candidate for the Papacy — throwing Canon Law on the bonfires of their demonic pride — they have set their faces against God and have declared themselves His enemies.

They will all die in despair or in false hope, if they do not repent, and their sacraments and rosaries will obtain nothing more for them. In their habit of mind which finds fault only with others, they will fail to see that their pride grows like a forest, their vices like a raging fire, and their darkness like that experienced by those being dragged into the infernal abyss.

I pity them all, more than nearly all of my readers can imagine, because I ate and drank, prayed and sang along side nearly all of them. I was their collaborator and have thousands of emails to prove it.

But when the crisis hit, NONE of them asked my counsel, and ALL of them proceeded to disagree publicly with me, some even insulting and cursing me.

Until everything was going their way, they praised me to the skies. But when they had to repent of their personal hatred for the man, Bergoglio, that was the point beyond which they could not go. Because unlike me, who hated only his sins, not the man, they hated both.

And hate is the first prerequisite of Hell.

But now all their work and fever of mind will be to sow division in the flock of Christ. To deny the works of God in His Church, and to oppose true reform and renewal, by endlessly trolling us Catholics. They will nurture their malcontent with further sins, and become Collaboratores in Mendacio, collaborators in the lie.

So I urge you to pray for them all the more. It took only natural reason to see Benedict XVI is the Pope. But it requires Faith to see that Christ now has a Vicar on Earth.

I hate none of them. As a matter of fact, I am scrupulously avoiding reading or listening to anything they say against me, so as to preserve charity for them. I shall hope for the rest of my life, that they are all once again reconciled with the Church. But I recognize that I might not be able to help them in that any more.

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11 thoughts on “Where the Neo-Sedes are headed”

  1. I will certainly pray for them and all Catholics, that we can have complete charity for one another.

    I truly hate seeing such discord.

  2. Bro A,
    I was away at my own hermitage for the 2 weeks encompassing the election, and only returned to my desktop computer on 31 January to the 30 January election, and its astounding resolution to the problem of “who is pope.”
    Thanks to your blog, It had taken me a cautious while to realise & accept that even for laity, attention to Canon Law was the key to 1) understand 2) resolve the situation; but logic is logic, and despite my own learned & holy pastor telling me that because of “Romanitas,” Canon Law was “suggestion” & not absolutely binding,– I maintained otherwise. I must say he was respectful of my conscience, and we disagreed in charity.

    So now the 1/30 election gives us a canonically elected pope, (whether I approve of him personally or not) it is my duty to accept him, which I do.
    Thanks to your blog, I put the primacy of Canon Law over every other consideration, since I understood that CANON LAW IS THE VOICE OF CHRIST GOVERNING THE ADMINISTRATION of the INSTITUTIONAL ASPECT of His Mystical Body. And and all, from the Pope down, are obliged to obey it. This is why although Bergoglio thus far has been a disaster and scourge to the Church and the Papacy, I, & those like me, can, thanks to your guidance now accept Him as supreme pontiff and trust God to sort him and us out.
    It’s called Faith, and I enjoy a profound peace now, no matter what happens from here on.
    I (& those like me) owe you a debt of thanks for showing the way; which I cannot repay in this life, or the next.
    –This, despite your occasionally abrasive manner and often undiplomatic way of expressing the truth. [I’m guessing that grumpy St Jerome may have had a peprsonality like yours — saints come in all flavours, and he and you fall into the “salty,” rather than “sweet,” categories.]
    As “No good deed goes unpunished” you must realise that you will be ignored, hated, and criticised by most because your warnings, educational and organisational efforts have stymied the devil’s plan to destroy the Church by suborning the Papacy.
    You may die bankrupt, jailed, discredited, broken-hearted, and/or crushed under the cross of clinical depression and anxiety, disowned by those previously your friends. (Like your Divine Master)
    Thus the devil takes his impotent revenge on you personally. Nevertheless, great is your place in Heaven and it has been a privilege (though sometimes a prickly one) to correspond, learn from, and post on your blog.
    For what it’s worth, I love and respect you Brother A, and thank you for your years of study and prayer which made you expert in Latin and Canon Law, and for your courage in teaching the rest of us what you know and not only shared freely, but went into debt to share.

    To those who share my sentiments: in the name of gratitude, please give a donation to Bro. A’s personal living expenses, so that although he may be unable to pay the debts he has incurred in a good cause, –he can continue to eat; get much-needed medical care; and have a warm room in which to recuperate from his exhausting and usually unappreciated labours.

  3. “Because unlike me, who hated only his sins, not the man, they hated both.” Well said. Everything that you wrote touched my heart – but first my mind. I thank you for your example; your charity.
    Blessed be our God Who gave us the Laws in His Church! His Ways are Perfect!! Objective Truth is a beautiful thing and it’s what brought me home to Holy Mother Church.
    “Blessed are you O Lord, teach me Your statutes!”

  4. It has occurred to me, over the last 3 years, that most of us Catholics don’t know what that means in TRUE practice and reality. As if tearing the Church apart since the 60s wasn’t enough, then all the Churches closed and Catholics, for the most part, continued to fail to act.
    However, for some of us, it has been a motivating wake up call to say, “Wait! Something is terribly off here”! And begin to dig deeper into church history…ancient history and precedent.
    I dont think one can understand or appreciate what has unfolded presently without some historical knowledge of these things. You can’t just come across a headline that says “Br. Bugnolo Heads Conclave, Elects Pope” and grasp the gravity and authenticity, without deep study on the subject.
    And that is where it sounds outlandish and preposterous to the majority. I get it. But it’s wrong. Any lukewarm Catholic knows it is our duty and responsibility to seek knowledge and then act and live as a Catholic.
    Never mind that Br. Bugnolo has provided in depth legal and historical “receipts” and walked us through it in baby steps every step of the way. If one hasn’t invested the time in studying what he presents, then of course, in “present day” it sounds unbelievable.
    But “present day” are keywords. Because every single thing that happened in now “ancient times”, was “present day” for the people of that time. I’m sure they were confounded by the seemingly so outlandish events of their time, as well, as to question the probability that events had been a supernatural spiritual occurrence!
    Doesn’t to be Catholic mean we believe in Divine intervention?
    Anyway, my point is, most Catholics do not understand or exercise what it truly means to be Catholic. It’s time for all of us to dig deep. REALLY deep.

  5. Truly a sorry state of Affairs in the Vatican. The Church has been in a serious Crisis from within as long as it existed! Since the death of Pius X, there is a possibility he was murdered, Our Lord has allowed evil to manifest and work through the prelates of Catholic Deep State Banksters …”Rothschild loans to the Holy See refers to a series of major financial loans arranged between the Rothschild family and the Holy See of the Catholic Church. The first loan which occurred in 1832 with Pope Gregory XVI.”
    I understood this via the late Vatican journalist, Mary Ball Martinez and Randy Engel the decadence between prelates. I am grateful Pope Benedict XVI promoted the Latin Mass that has been significant still I saw his words on Ecumenism etc. was similar to previous Popes especially with Jews and Lutherans. I saw the sorry situation as Evil has consequences, for over a century and God gave us Pope Francis as an outward Sign of the Sins promoted by prior Popes…The more the Church prelates continue to spiral downward…we will see the World darker..as many say..as the Church goes so does the World. God foretold us these things via Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of LaSalette, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Akita.
    God will never abandone his faithful!

  6. Dear brother, thank you for being the instrument for God. What you and the others did was something I never thought you would do. Because it is not something which would come out of human will. You decided to put all your trust in God and His promise to Peter. What more beautiful testimony of faith can you see? Many will call you names and think it was a sign of defeat. But, remember what most did at the foot of the cross. We must have eyes of faith to see what exactly happened. Only through cross, we will have victory.
    It must be very painful to see the insults and hatred . But please be comforted knowing a little Franciscan has been a mighty instrument of God to repair His church. And Pope Francis will be converted. He will be like St Paul. And by God’s grace, we will see the conversion of the destroyer to the defender of faith. If nothing else happens, isn’t the salvation of that soul and many others who will be converted as a result be sufficient? God will clean up His church in His time.
    We will all pray. Things will get better. God Himself will show His power. And all will see the power of His words. And His promise to Peter and His church. God bless.

  7. Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you. – Matthew 5:11-12

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