NEWSWEEK: It’s time for the Scientific Community to admit they were wrong about the Scamdemic

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5 thoughts on “NEWSWEEK: It’s time for the Scientific Community to admit they were wrong about the Scamdemic”

  1. Mr Kevin, look. It Is not a question of the past. It’s not enough to say we (science) was wrong. Read this paper, look hwo Is signing, notice the day It was published (and find what happened 24 June 1717 in the Capital of one of the two contries. 24-1=? 6-1=? 1717+200=?). Look at the relative contents (4th ind. Rev) (2030 agenda). And look inside the paper that Is a programing to all the humanity from 2030 to 2050. Read inside the paper the chapter about what you are now telling science was wrong. Look what the Enemy of true, the Enemy of Life, the Enemy of Freedom,the Enemy of Love Is planning to do the next decade to people who was against the injection. Look at the pictures and understand it’s not over. Science must be honest, must be rational, must be opened to the wisdom of God, otherway It becomes Madness (cf. dream of the 9 years, St. John Bosco).

    1. 1st Free Masons’ grand lodge founded in London – 24 June 1717.

      The document tells us what the U K and G e r m a n study promote in humans augmentation for future warfare. Telling us in plain view what the plans are for the future.

      Did I guess correctly?

      1. You did not “guess.” You collected info and winnowed fact (or the verifiable weight of fact) from political thought-controlled desired outcome) to formulate a defensible opinion. Individuals today have the electronic means at our fingertips to do the same. That some choose a platform to think for them is egregious.

  2. It is not merely time for admissions, it is time for the criminal liars in politics, government, media, science and medicine to face just penalties for their mass murder schemes.

  3. The official “scientific community”, supported by Big Pharma
    will never admit anything…
    But there are the words of nobel Jean-Luc MONTAIGNER : “it is a bio-engineered weapon, the result of a genetic cut and saw”.

    The words of Robert MALONE: “I worked for 20 years with Merck in the developmente of “mRNA vaccines”, and those where a complete failure, so harmful… nobody under age 50 should get that type of jab, are more dangerous than the disease…
    The words of Argentinian geneticist Luis Marcelo MARTINEZ… “mRNA vaccines are completely experimental, nobody should get them before 5 years of investigation and careful observation of those that received the inyection” and… “the SARS-2-Virus is clearly a modified Corona-Rhinovirus, by some strange reason (ACE-2 receptors) it attacks the pulmonary alveoli that are deep inside the lung, and not the cells of the nose, more easy target. It also attack Kidney cells and the cells of Sertoli in the testicle that nurture sperms.
    (This gave them the idea of a therapy with the low cost anti-hypertensive Telmisartan, that reduced to 1/7 the risk of death by Covid-19).
    The words of Milanese doctor REMUZZI: after a retrospective study, we in the Mario Negri Pharmacology Institute found that those who received Aspirin or Ibuprophen;Nimesulide; an antibiotic like Azythromicin or Chlarythormicine or Ciprofloxacin; a low dose of hydroxi-cortisone and Heparin, had a tenfold decrease of the risk of being hospitalized.
    The words of Napolitan doctor CARLO BROGNA: he found with electronic mycroscopy that human natural gut bacteria gets infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (so it is a bacteriophage) and hijacked to profuce oligopeptides that are similar to the poison of serpents PHOSPHOLIPASE A-2 and BUNGAROTOXIN (those poisons attack fat cells, making them explode and liberate irritating non-sterified fatty acids in the blood stream that act like irritating soaps).
    The words of the magazine NEWSPUNCH… that discovered in the BLAST proteomic/genomic repository that ModeRNA had already registered in 2018 the part of the virus relating to the CLIVAGE SITE of the FURINE protease (a modification of the original SARS -1 virus that increase 100fold the letallity of the virus).
    The work by a team of scientist from India that had already discovered in march 2020 that the “root” of the Trimeric Spike protein is similar to a region GP-120 glycoprotein of HIV-AIDS that links the CD-4 Receptor of T-Lymphocytes, increasing inflammation and disturbing the natural process of Cell Mediated Immunity.
    Clearly it is a BIOWEAPON… what else?

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