American Humanitarian Founder killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine

Editor’s Note: As an American who founded an international NGO to help persecuted Christians, I ask all my readers to ask God to have mercy on the soul of Pete Reed, who died saying a fellow volunteer in the war zone of Bakhmut, Ukraine. He and his organization dedicated themselves to saving lives in war zones. Truly heroic.

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2 thoughts on “American Humanitarian Founder killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine”

  1. Am I right and doesnt death by this kind of martyrdom erace all temporal punishment for sin and the soul goes straight to heaven ?

    1. We cannot say it was martyrdom, because he was not killed out of hatred for the faith. Nor can we say it was a heroic act of Christian charity, since we do not yet know if he was a Christian. But we can ask mercy for his soul from God, because the little we do know merits that.

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