CONGO: Pope exhorts Bishops to give forgiveness, when forgiveness is sought

Editor’s Note: Another example of perfectly Catholic teaching. St. Peter the Apostle was crucified upside down, and the Catholics of Congo, remembering that, have given him a chair with the Cross of Peter craved into it.

Take-aways here: We can do nothing as Bishops without the Lord. — Let us keep the door to worldliness closed. — We bishops should not serve ourselves. Spiritual worldliness in a bishop is worse than carnal worldliness of the Renaissance pope. — We Bishops should become missionaries of compassion.

In this final, ad libitum exhortation, there are those who are trying to read what the Holy Father says, differently that what he spoke. Listen to the words carefully, and you will see what he is actually saying.

He said always forgive those who seek forgiveness. Canon Law is important and must be observed.

He did not say always grant absolution.

This is an important truth that all confessors know. That even if a faithful who comes to the Sacrament of Confession ill disposed and cannot be absolved, the path to receiving absolution must be explained and offered. So a confessor, by inquiring as to the spiritual condition of the wounded soul does wrong, if he does not do so with a spirit of compassion which desires to bring the soul to sorrow for his sins and eventually receive absolution.

This is the teaching of all the great saints: a confessor must want to help every penitent to obtain absolution, and for that reason, from the moment he enters the confessional be disposed to forgive any sin no matter how grievous is it. And his goal, in his own intention, must be obtain the forgiveness for all sinners.

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6 thoughts on “CONGO: Pope exhorts Bishops to give forgiveness, when forgiveness is sought”

  1. considering your elaborate coverage of the Popes passing, i find it a bit strange to believe any man holding any position is a representative of god on the planet.

    Man always falls prey to one scandal or another whatever exalted position he might sit at.

    I’m glad i’m not encumbered by such a conviction here.

  2. We believe in incarnations too , as avatars, but they are so obviously supernaturally powerful that they don’t need elections to determine their authority and are not subject of scandals and also so far apart in time that it is more unlikely than likely that one would be witness to one in his or her life time.

      1. Which Avatar? the last one to have been Krishna – incarnation of Vishnu.

        Doesn’t bother me if anyone uses Krishna’s image in the profile pic on social media.

  3. Just for clarification.
    Meaning of avatar as used in Hindi – God incarnate on earth in bodily form.

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