TO THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM: Take action now against Digital IDs

Dear Editor,

Please tell your UK readers that they only have until ! March to protest and avoid the UK’s nefarious attempt to impose digitals ID’s which rob everyone of their privacy and will enable government to control your financial life when they introduce digital currency:
The consultation is open until 1 March 2023.  Don’t buy into their rigged survey, but instead email the Government’s Data Sharing Legislation Team at with the subject  “NO to digital IDs! .”
Here is the message I sent, which can be a pattern for others:
I say NO to any digital ID’s !  We already have adequate photo IDs, and I am justifiably suspicious of government use of current and future facial identity technology.
No sharing of my personal data (including my income, political & activity, medical history, travel history, etc) to all and sundry at Government “discretion” !
When Digital currency is imposed,  I know that with Digital ID the government will be able to monitor & control my banking activity.
So, NO THANKS, I’ll hold on to what’s left of my privacy for as long as possible.”
Sign your name, address, and telephone number so that they can’t ignore your message as “anonymous.”
Spread this message to all your UK friends, (Including in Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland) as the Government is not publicising this— they hope to sneak this past us without the majority of citizens noticing.  
The article from which I gained this information, which contains a useful video explanation of how confusing the Government survey is, can be found here:
An article about this issue, with an illuminating video, can be found here:
Your faithful reader,
Mrs Raven Wenner, 
aka “Petrichor”  & “Adrian Johnson”
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  1. Digital IDs are scary, because they can take off your money from you as fast as the speed of lighting. Just one click from the government and you are dirt poor.

    This will ensure your perpetual slavery to Freemasonty.

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