Why did none who said Benedict XVI was the pope, prepare for the election of His Successor?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Alas we live in such an age of dishonestly, that the dishonest frame themselves as the honest and claim to be offended by the honest.

Though I have the greatest respect for Saint Augustine, who defended the truth with more than 240 written works, I disagree with those who take his quote, “The truth is like a lion, it has no need of being defended” out of context and advocate we should let a thousand lying mouths defame the truth.

On the contrary, I believe that we should defend the truth by every legitimate means, and that is why there are more than 6000 articles and posts at FromRome.info.

So, as regards the present controversy, by which some are feigning madness to justify their irrational reactions, to the election of Pope Francis in the Assembly on Monday, I pose this nuclear question:

Why is it that no one among all those writers and speakers who said Pope Benedict XVI was the pope, prepared or supported the election of His Successor in the eventuality of his death?

I was the only one. I spoke of this years in advance. I formed committees to restore him to power and to elect his successor.

Notably, when I formed a committee to restore him to power, no one helped me but one friend. Neither Don Minutella nor Andrea Cionci lifted one finger. Don Minutella said it was a good effort. But no supporter of Don Minutella acted on it, except my one friend.

I was even asked by a priest follower of Don Minutella why I was even attempting a political solution?

That question revealed to me something I should have paid attention to.

That some people did not want a solution to the crisis.

And this became clear as soon as Pope Benedict XVI was called from this life by the Lord.


Except me.

I am not tooting my horn, there is no need too. All know what I did. I am pointing out the contrast between speaking about a problem and advocating a solution.

You can talk all day long about the horror of abortion. But you are not for real, unless you stand  in the cold and counsel women not to kill their children. Because that is the only solution for the individual. In the mean time you can also work to overturn the laws enabling abortion. That too is true commitment.

But if you only show images of abortion on social media, lament the problem, found an organization and raise money to keep doing the same thing over and over, but never actually organize side-walk counseling or legislation to stop the killing, how can anyone claim you are sincere?

You see, it’s the same thing in every endeavor.

If you are going to open your mouth about some problem, no one should take your seriously unless you are proposing solution and taking action.

And if in any endeavor someone actually takes action and solves the problem, then God have mercy on those who attack him for it.

Take for example, Donald Trump. My readers know that I am not a Trump supporter. But I will forever praise him for his appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States, by whom Roe vs. Wade was overturned. Catholic appointments.

I have as of today more people who hate and criticize me than support me. But all know that I am not a grifter. If I talk about a problem I do something.  That is why I founded the Scholasticum, Ordo Militaris Inc., L’Italia per gli Italiani, and Cross Azure Ukraine. I have a track record of honesty, even if I am not always as successful in each endeavor as I dreamed.

So in every controversy, we should keep in mind the bigger picture, and when anyone is criticized for anything, let us first ask, who actually solved the problem, and who only talked about it. Who actually is trying to solve the problem, and who is only riding the bull of dissent and milking the cow.

Finally, we must keep in mind, that when a problem is solved, there is a strong temptation for those who did well milking the cow, to say it has not been solved and the issue is still hot. Self interest is strong in some, and as adults we need to admit that it exists with social media influencers, who, if they do not get likes, hits and donations, will scream all the louder at someone to get attention.


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26 thoughts on “Why did none who said Benedict XVI was the pope, prepare for the election of His Successor?”

  1. I can see God is working. His enemies will be doing His will. Nothing can stop the Holy Ghost from renewing the Church and the world. Having said that: woe to those wanting to keep the vineyard for themselves.

    “The angel swung his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes and threw them into the great winepress of God’s wrath. They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses’ bridles for a distance of 1,600 stadia.” (Apocalypse of St. John, 14:19-20)

    1. To be killed by Chechens outside of Rome and be brutally tortured is truly God’s Wrath.

      In the Old Testament, dying outside of your homeland is a punishment from God. Akin to dying a heretic.

  2. Brother, I listened to a certain trad blogger commit a character assassination against you which lasted a whole hour. There was no semblance of Christianity in her manner of speech. She was so hysterical I thought she was going stroke out. She is an example of one who was content to whine and complain but never proposed a solution to the inevitable death of Pope Benedict. I find it laughable that her whole diatribe consisted of accusing you of grift as your motivation for all the causes you espouse. You, who do not own a house, a car, only a monk’s habit for clothing, relying on others for shelter, are somehow living the high life with your ill-gotten gains according to her. I think there’s a component of jealousy which fuels her fire. There are those who talk and those who try to find a solution.

    1. I am fully convinced that those who attack me will show the world how right I have been on these issues. Let us pray for this poor woman.

    2. Brother Bugnolo is joining us who were expelled from the Synagogue. It is a sign of great closeness to Christ to be despised and insulted as He was. The expression “retarded airport Marriott fiasco” is not only infantile and malicious, it is also a sign (among many) of a disturbed mind.

      Psychologically, we can describe her problem as a narcissistic personality with a messianic complex. People that pose for a supposedly Catholic site/blog holding a rifle, or mounting in a white horse and holding a big sword … are disturbed and leading the disturbed.

      Of course they will respond immediately: “you are the disturbed!” Ask any mental health professional about the mechanisms underlying that typical response.

      I said before that my experience working for one of those “lay ministries” proved to me they are mostly tools of infiltration. Nothing more damaging to the Catholic cause and to Catholic media in general than an obviously deranged person vociferating against other Catholics.

      Now you know what Jesus felt when those under demonic influence shouted to Him “we know YOU have a demon!” May God in His Mercy forgive that poor lady and also protect Brother Bugnolo of all malicious defamation.

      ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING: I earned a living analyzing information for about 40 years. I have found the arguments presented by Dr. Cionci and Br. Bugnolo to be of impeccable logic as far as I can understand. I can’t say the same about the rifle lady whom the IRS has been after for some time. In fact, I am not quite used to analyze invective. My patron saint once wrote “The devil is not too far from the insulting mouth.”

      God bless you Christina and Brother Alexis,


      1. Non Praevalebunt, you absolutely nailed it, with perhaps a couple of points lacking: that’s a pink AR15 she’s toting, she parrots “musloid” like she has Tourette’s Syndrome and, based on her proud claim (in the most recent podcast) to have such a limited circle of collaborators, I’d guess that she’s easy meat for the intelligence services to manage – it’s all rather circular and self-referential so don’t expect any narrative evolutions in the short term. All weirdly Trump-like in its absurdities.

        She’s put out some excellent material over the years, but after listening to the first 40 minutes of the most facile and utterly un-Catholic ad hominems interspersed with precisely zero evidence-based engagement with even so much of a sentence of Brother Alexis’ mighty output supporting his case, I can safely say that I’ve had enough of her trilling laughter and the supportive ho-ho’s of her ex-Navy signals handler. Hypocrisy in spades.

        Brother is nuts, lady-blogger is nuts, but Brother Alexis at least has the humility to entertain constructive criticism. Criticism gets a magazine or two from the pink AR15 from her ladyship – “hollow” tipped bullets, don’t ya know ; )

        I’ll take a wide pass on being satisfied with the dripping mockery that we are apparently to accept in lieu of reasoned arguments.

    3. Christina wrote: “her whole diatribe consisted of accusing you of grift as your motivation for all the causes you espouse. You, who do not own a house, a car, only a monk’s habit for clothing, relying on others for shelter, are somehow living the high life with your ill-gotten gains according to her. I think there’s a component of jealousy which fuels her fire. ”

      You are right Christina, psychologists have a name for that: “projection” . A process in which a person projects his/her own feelings assigning them to others. I steal and therefore everyone is a thief. In the deep recesses of that process one finds the old sin of ENVY. It is a grievous sin, the mother of many other sins and a sure mark that the enemy is controlling that poor soul. Such behavior is not Christ-like but Cain-like.

      I’ve been told that in Hebrew the words “Cain” and “envy” are written almost identically.

  3. I have certainly read fewer of St Augustine’s 240 works than you, Br Bugnolo.
    A couple of years ago, I forwarded a meme of a lion with a very similar quotation attributed to St Augustine.
    A good, honest Catholic friend asked if I had first checked its accuracy.
    It appears that St Augustine never wrote that. The nearest quotation to it appears to have been said by prolific Protestant preacher and writer, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, in one of his sermons, but even that is largely misquoted.
    It is beyond ironic that two great evangelists of their days are misquoted as espousing inaction in the face of lies and deceptions!

  4. That lady says on her FAQs page “I appreciate being called a Jew, as that is what people resort to when they come across someone intelligent that they can’t rebut. It really is a backhanded compliment.” 🥺

  5. The only surprise here is how long it has taken for Ann Barnhardt to actually comment on all this. But all she offers is hysteria. Maybe she should take her own advice and go back to the kitchen.

  6. Both Bro. Bugnolo and Dr. Cionci have explained their position to death. I find it coherent and canonical as far as where my limited means can verify and understand.

    Their rivals are not offering anything worth considering seriously. Add to that that some are quite hysterical in their presentations. If I have to die in that hill, I rather be with Bugnolo and Cionci.

    I am under the impression that some nuts are going to get a bolt (from Heaven). In the meanwhile let me thank Bro. Bugnolo for his efforts. Christ will not let him unblessed, just watch.

    1. What more greater gift is dying detached from this world filled with love for Christ, Mama Mary, and His Church?

      What greater woe is dying filled with anxiety over your riches on earth?

      The former dies in peace and the latter, God help his soul.

    1. His politics may not change, The infallibility of office only protects against errors in faith and morals.

      Now are you saying that it is a sin to teach Catholics not to litter and not to waste natural resources?

      Pope John XXI taught that Adam invented money. But money was invented in Lydia in the 8th century before Christ. This error does not touch faith or morals. And so Jesus permitted it to give a lesson to future popes about how to be humble and to the faithful, about when you can without sin, call the Pope a jerk.

  7. I honestly cried at the meanness of the woman podcaster who mocked relentlessly Brother Alexis and AJ. It was beyond cruel, it was the 1st and last time I will ever listen to her. We don’t all have to agree and no one is perfect but what she said and the lack of dignity given to brother Alexis as a human being, let alone a fellow Catholic was grievous to hear. Pray for her soul.

    1. I have heard many streamers bash those whom they hate to the point I realized that live streaming is actually a manifest sin of pride. The worst of all sins.

    2. Br Bugnolo and AJ were in good company, so to speak, as she spent almost as much time (and very much more in other videos and articles) bashing the late Pope Benedict XVI also.

    3. LAUDETUR JESUS CHRISTUS Sì. C’è stato un vero e proprio linciaggio mediatico, che è un po’ rientrato dopo che più d’uno ha gridato allo scandalo.

      Cosa c’è di cristiano nella pubblica e gratuita umiliazione?

      “VI RICONOSCERANNO DA COME VI AMERETE” è assente e significativa la sua assenza.


  8. Thank you all for reviewing the recent podcast of the lady blogger so that I may be spared from listening to it. Personally, I remain grateful to her for her deep analysis of the invalidity of the conclave of 2013. Let’s pray for her to find some humility and gratitude for what Br. Alexis Bugnolo has done in taking on the responsibility of calling an election for the successor of Pope Benedict XVI.

  9. Kristen I agree it was one of the most vile things I’ve ever heard and I stopped listening about halfway through. The mocking was so non Christian regardless of your opinion of another.

    The howling and shrieking gives these people away.

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