Efficacy of the Prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ, Report: Week 1 of Pope Francis’ Pontificate

Editor’s Note: A juridically valid election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio on Monday, January 30, 2023, at about 12:30 PM, was nearly 1 week ago. The proof of it is that the one elected is now the beneficial receiver of Christ’s High Priestly Prayer for Peter: I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.

I will report on this on a weekly basis, to glorify the Lord Jesus and His wondrous care for His Flock through the grace of the petrine munus, so that those who believe might praise God, and those who disbelieve might be confounded in eternity.

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6 thoughts on “Efficacy of the Prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ, Report: Week 1 of Pope Francis’ Pontificate”

  1. I noticed the odd behavior (for the individual). I am sure we shall see more signs. One can almost hear the fluttering of the Holy Ghost, so to speak.

  2. Dear readers has anyone bothered to read, check the Oath of Jesuits? if not, and when they do they will uncover that Jesuits cannot be elected to the Papacy! Instead they are guards of the of the Papacy! Please stop with this nonsense and resume to an election where not only the College of the selected vote, but instead all Cardinals cast a vote to elect one truest and highest in faith to carry on all the works of the heavenly father on earth.

    1. The first thing is that you are reading a Reuters article, which is a Rothschilds agency. Find the actual text of what he said, if it exists and look at everything he says.

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