4 thoughts on “Another reason why you should stop using institutionalized Medicine”

  1. 10 years ago the medicine industry does not care what shots they even give.
    They gave me a tetanus shot that is for dogs a decade ago. Deep down, nurses know what those shots contain and why they don’t care.

    This is the reason why most of them almost immediately initiated the inoculations without even blinking an eye.

  2. When institutionalized medicine ( or internatioal global control of everything) is implemented by the globalist socialist elites, most persons, in order to keep their job, feed their family, and pay their house note or rent will ” go along to get along”. We have no martyrs anymore

    1. Not so, Mary.
      For example, at least seven “Schindler” doctors in Hong Kong were issuing medical exemptions, until they were persecuted by the Hong Kong government for actually honouring their Hippocratic Oaths and putting their patient’s health and wellbeing above politics.
      There are many other examples worldwide, but I lived through this one and had first hand experience of it.

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