JAPAN: Doctors sue Government for presenting fraudulent DeathVaxx Data to public

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10 thoughts on “JAPAN: Doctors sue Government for presenting fraudulent DeathVaxx Data to public”

  1. In Japan it takes far more courage than in Europe or America for one man to dissent and defy the social and political consensus. Professor Fukushima, though doing the right thing, will incur much criticism for “making Japan lose face” by saying this in public, and with an international audience.
    God bless and preserve him!

    1. There is an internal conflict always in every person between “doing what is just” and “not standing out”.

      AS Christians, we need to at least do the example of Dr. Fukushima, because THAT is something that is called “love of neighbor.”

  2. “In the beginning, there was the word…”
    – my interpretation is, genome = letters in (God)given order, humans should not do anything changing it, not in indian cotton, not in animals, and certainly not in humans… there are “scientists” considering a part of the genome to be junk (!?!) showing their mindset to be about as evaluated as emperors calling unknown cultures barbarian ~ inferior, while not understanding their language – and melting cultish art gold into cubes…
    Pr. Cullen explained, there was a part found coding for heart arrest. Later it became clear, the very same part codes for dementia… (god has his own special sense of humor, somehow (?))
    If humans try to manipulate genetically, it is like if an ape would try to do a clockwork repair – without even having a clue, what a clock is doing…

    1. That is why the angel with the flaming sword stands on the way to the Tree of Life. DNA/RNA are represented by the Tree of Life.

      The scientists intent to modify the work of God to their advantage will meet with a fiery response.

      1. None of those experiments involving human DNA brought life too. It either crumbled immediately or died on the spot.

        There were able to produce “parts” of humans though animals though – e.g. ears from mice, liver from cattle, etc. Maybe only that much is allowed by God.

      2. Man cannot engineer a living being, because to get it right you have to know every possible thing that could ever go wrong and fix it from the start. And only God can do that.

    2. I would very much appreciate other opinions, if
      “in the beginning, there was the word” may – or may not – be interpreted in this way, and why (reasoning)

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