TURKEY/SYRIA: Massive Aftershocks continue to devastate region of Earthquake


Editor’s Note: The earthquake struck early in the morning, when nearly everyone was in bed. The loss of life will be catastrophic.

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4 thoughts on “TURKEY/SYRIA: Massive Aftershocks continue to devastate region of Earthquake”

  1. I was only six years old when the 1960 earthquake hit my hometown 1,000 km from the epicenter (near Valdivia, Chile). We were on the other side of the Andes Mountains and yet it seemed like we were on top of a bedsheet being flapped by a giant. That was a 9.5 earthquake, the strongest ever registered.
    It is hard to describe the sheer terror. My heart goes out to those poor people in Turkey and Syria.
    Turkey is notorious for it corruption. Everything can be ‘fixed’ for the right amount. If you observe the collapse of that building –the video went viral– it should not happen like that. Modern concrete structures are designed to move together and fall to one side. That building pancaked as if it was made of Playdoh. It certainly looks like not enough cement went into the mix thus resulting in a weaker structure. Cheating a few tons of cement is one way the builders in third world countries line their pockets. When the tremors come the constructor is long gone.

    This world NEEDS Christ, the sooner the better!

    1. The government might use this as a precursor for war. Having lost a homeland, and seeing greener pastures on the west, they will use it to conquer, having Russia’s support.

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