Moderna Executive admits it was a Plandemic from the start

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2 thoughts on “Moderna Executive admits it was a Plandemic from the start”

  1. The “Covid-19 vaccine”s were in early test phase no later than 2015, according to official WHO data on adverse reactions to them.

    Go to

    Tick the acknowledgement box and tap Search database box.


    Covid-19 vaccine

    (no quotes – just cut and paste from above line if you like) and see results of adverse events following Covid-19 vaccines going back to 2015.

    Scroll down to last section ADR reports per year and select Table.

    If you look at the Chart (default view), you have to tap on each bar or year to see the numbers of adverse reactions reported for each year.

    Six bars look like they are zero, but that is only because the chart uses a linear scale, and the small numbers in early years are totally dwarfed by those from 2021 and later.

  2. When are these arch criminals going to be arrested, their ill gotten gains stripped, and then tried and convicted for their mass murder?

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