OMC Radio interviews Br. Bugnolo and asks his response to all his new critics

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6 thoughts on “OMC Radio interviews Br. Bugnolo and asks his response to all his new critics”

  1. Very good. I think your willingness to eat a very large slice of humble pie in regards the outcome of the election of Monday 30 December 2022 means you can be forgiven a side of snark at your frenemies.

    It would be better if you could find it in you to remain aloof. But on the other hand it makes me chuckle. It is because you are such a rusty, squeaky, broken old hinge that God was able to use you to facilitate the outcome by which the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church is healed. It is bittersweet that the huge majority of Catholics are oblivious to that fact and that the once cohesive remnant has fractured and nosedived.

    A final thought, I will in future pay more attention to my gut instinct about modes of speech, dress, armament and tone when deciding which Catholic media personalities to follow. Those flags are indeed red. So red in fact that I now wonder if we’ve been mocked all these years.

  2. It seems to me that those people who do not believe that Bergoglio was an anitpope until January 30th, 2023, and Pope Francis a legitimate Pope as of that date will be proved wrong by the effects of Christ’s grace working in him.

    At minimum, I think he will simply not utter anything against faith and morals. But can we expect that Pope Francis will roll back Traditionis Custodes, respond the dubia? Or that he may become a antiglobalist?

    1. I do not expect to see him change his likes dislikes or politics, but in pursuit of them he will not teach contrary to the faith, of if he does so momentarily he will repent upon correction like John XXI did.

      Regarding Traditionis Custodes. the Indult and the NOM are provisional since no pope has abolished Quo Primum of St. Pius V, who has just as much authority as any pope. So if the indult is abolished, the rights to do the old liturgy remain. So I cannot say what the Lord will permit. But most traddies are content to live in a false narrative, on many issues, regarding B16’s renuncition, the deathvax, the scamdemic and the indult. So they are to be much pitied.

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