7 thoughts on “USA: If Biden is removed for incapacity, GOP House Speaker McCarthy will become President”

  1. I listened to Biden’s State of the Union Speech on the BBC in the UK. He didn’t slur, or get lost in the speech.
    I wonder if they have one or more ” doubles” of him?
    I would be curious to see comparative voice-print analysis of the Biden who gave the speech, –and compare it to recordings of Senator Biden before he reached the White House.

    1. Petrichor, there is a photo online of Resident BIden (or the person acting as such) with a square flesh colored flap over the ear that is likely the flap used to position a full rubber mask over the head. The FBI has videos online about how they can use realistic masks and wigs etc to assume different identities.

      I also recall Dana Carvey (actor and voice impersonator) laughing about Biden on an evening talk show — he had the same facial expressions as Biden as they were laughing about him.

    2. They pump him full of drugs 30 minutes before the speech, and pray that he last 2 hours. He walked outside to his car like his diaper needed changing. He’s just a figurehead.

  2. Now it makes sense why the masons who run Congress were so livid when resistance against McCarthy being (s)elected the new Speaker of the House continued for a few days. McCarthy is another one of the ruling cult. More of the same madness to come if he is appointed president.

  3. McCarthy would make a great President. There is a movement in the USA to ban “gay marriage”. McCarthy would support it, Biden wouldn’t. Indeed, McCarthy would be a great new President.

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