Bergoglio and Gänswein argued over who gets Ratzinger’s Vast Estate

Summary in English by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Last month, after the death of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Bergoglio called Archbishop Gänswein on the carpet to explain the personal inheritance of the last Pontiff.

It turns out that Pope Benedict XVI left his personal estate in the hands of the Archbishop, and thing which enraged Bergoglio.

In the article it is stated that all the gifts received by a Roman Pontiff during his lifetime are considered property of the Apostolic See, and therefore, after his death should be placed under the care of the Governor of the Vatican.

But here is the rub. Cardinal Bergoglio regards the  Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013, as a valid abdication as per canon 332 §2. And as such, he cannot claim as property of the Apostolic See any property acquired by the Pope emeritus, since that is personal property!

It is not clear if to get his hands on the vast wealth of the late Pope, which is estimated at more than 30 million Euros, mostly from book profits, he will change his mind about the legal status of the Pope emeritus, and adopt that of all of us who know he was the true Pope until death.

By putting his estate in the hands of Archbishop Gänswein, the Holy Father gave his last clear sign Cardinal Bergoglio had no legitimate authority during his own lifetime, to make a claim on his estate.

The Archbishop was also warned about the excommunication for revealing papal secrets, during conclaves. A thing which seems to refer to his recent book, in which he reveals that Cardinal of Vienna asked Cardinal Raztinger to be a candidate in the Conclave of 2005, where Cardinal Bergoglio was defeated.

However, Cardinal Bergoglio misunderstands Universi Dominici Gregis, because the excommunication for revealing secrets in a conclave only pertains to the Cardinals preset and the staff which assisted in the Conclave. Gänswein is thus immune from such penalties.

Now that Pope Francis has authority to act on these disputes, it is interesting if for the sake of getting 30+ million euros, he is willing to recognize that Pope Benedict XVI was the Roman Pontiff until Dec. 31, 2022 A. D..  And that would be both ironic, and a testimony to the power of the prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ, for Peter.

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3 thoughts on “Bergoglio and Gänswein argued over who gets Ratzinger’s Vast Estate”

  1. What an absolute HOOT !
    –And there are those who said that Pope Benedict had no sense of humour. . . I do know he made one documented joke: he is on record saying that “Whoever invented French cuff shirts (which he wore) deserved a special place in Purgatory.”

    At the very least, Pope Benedict provided for Archbishop Ganswein’s retirement; –which he probably guessed that Francis intended to be a bleak as possible.

    Among the charities to which ++ Ganswein will undoubtedly give donations, — I hope one (in honour of Pope Francis) is a Roman charity for cats. . . . . 😺😸😹

  2. I just learned that Pope Benedict asked that his last book of essays,
    “What is Christianity”
    be published after his death, as he knew it would be controversial.
    It was published in Italian in January; I can’t wait for it to be published in English.

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