4 thoughts on “Joe Biden gave order for strike on Nordstream Pipeline”

  1. Doubtful. He may speak the words, to provide plausible deniability to those pulling his strings, but “Biden” himself couldn’t order an hot dog from a street vendor accurately, let alone an attack on a pipeline; he’s far too decompensated. Further, he is not Joseph R Biden at all; that man ha not been seen since he fell up the boarding ramp to USAF 1, in March of ’21. This man, pretending to be “Biden”, began appearing during the fall campaign at times, and took over the role fully, after that trip. The resemblance is strong, but certain features do not change with age, nor could plastic surgery account for them, such as the position, and spacing of the eyes attachment points of the ears, and the manner in which the mouth moves during speech.

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