The new AI Chat Simulator is so devious, it can ape an Angelic poem

Editor’s Note: The temptation to use Artificial Intelligence is as old as the garden of Eden. Those who fall for the appearance of a superior intelligence, will be doomed to become the property and mindless pawns of the Globalist Elite. Never allow this tech onto your computer. Never interact with it. And cut off social ties with humans who do, as you must assume they are now under its control. For now its only an experimental app. Soon it will be in control of all electronic devices from your ATM Machines to your cellphones and automobiles and watches. And in a few years, those who say, what I have said here will be bumped off one by one by the AI.

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23 thoughts on “The new AI Chat Simulator is so devious, it can ape an Angelic poem”

  1. I just wrote a research based treatise on it! Catholics need to call out its flaws. In the hands of a wise man, it can do right, in the hands of someone blind, it will spell doom. Why? It is a reflection of mankind’s entire heart: the good, the bad, the knowing and the confused…

    1. I think its use can be partly blamed for the lock downs and the fatal injections, too! If you look up the role it played in Covid19, from policy to medicine, you might find yourself alarmed. My concern is if Catholics withdraw completely, there won’t be any voices of reason involved in any professional field known to mankind. Red Alert!

      By the way, nice poem. Your excellent taste shines, as it should. I am relieved to see it can produce poetry that points to God by drawing from its database of humanity’s writings. I am relieved it did not censor your vision or impose any bias on you!

      1. The problem we now face is those who know the data set used for training an AI model are the only ones who truly know its limitations and capabilities! This means those on the outside use AI with some inherent blindness while others use it knowing what the model was designed to do. The models are said to be proprietary so no government can use another’s model safely! Our very national safety has been compromised by any member of government using someone’s expensive model to make policy decisions. AI preys on Sloth (intellectual laziness). God help us.

  2. Seems to me that, if we are to do as you say we will eventually be forced off all social media, whatsapp, email and any other type of online communication, and maybe even the internet. I don’t see how AI will not be implemented absolutely everywhere.

    1. They will start using it to fill com boxes with argumentation against all who oppose their agenda.

      1. What is a com box? I am not totally understanding A1 but what can we do avoid it and how do we recognzie it?

  3. AI will just have to take a number and queue behind all the other nefarious agents eager to bump me off.
    My bet is the FBI will probably “suicide me” if it can’t eliminate me by “natural causes”. No worries, I’m careful to stay in the state of grace.
    My only concern is, –who will care for my cat after I’m gone?

  4. Evening Br.

    I am going to post some text about AI. This was received 11/12/2022. This is not my own information, however I want to state that all humans including myself are curious, and curiosity killed the cat. We do not want to be like Lotts wife.

    _ The cabal has moved up the timeline on the use of A.I. Introducing it to the public for the first time.
    _ It is first important to understand there are two different things we must address. First, there are software-based A.I. programs. They mainly serve as automation technologies, like self-driving cars, or even simple customer support chat bots. In some cases, it is utilized to process data.

    _ None of that is a threat at all. It will never become sentient or fully replace human ingenuity, but this is where we see the concern focused. We see people talking about it, but not talking about what is the true threat. The true threat is that something is being brought into this world that the cabal will call ‘A.I.’ but it is not.”
    _ The public is now getting a glimpse of it. You would want to reference the project known as OpenAI and ChatGPT. Also, Midjourney is very important, too. These interfaces are being brought to the public now.

    _You need to realize they are not computer software. They are portals, and people are going to see and experience things with them and confuse them with computer software. This is incredibly dangerous, because people will make a false assumption about the information these programs are giving them.

    _ It is an extra-dimensional portal the cabal has opened up, using CERN, and it is being fed into a computer and into a system that is readable and understood by humans, hence, the Midjourney interface. It is not software. It is not code. The images it produces are actually drawn, or written, or conjured, however you wish to say it, not in this world or dimension. They are made in a different one, and then they are transmitted to ours, and digitally converted to image files we can read on computers.

    I have more info, and it’s disturbing, however since receiving this, I myself have not even looked at the above mentioned software. It is taboo for me, and would suggest that no one attempt to go in that direction at all. Another way of losing your soul.

    1. There is no such thing as extradimensional realities. Yes, there may be 10 dimensions, because some equations only resolve certain problems of particle physics in 3 dimensions, in such systems, but I have never heard that CERN has anything to do with AI, since is is only a particle accellerator. So I think some of what you say is urban myth. No this Chat stuff is actually a supercomupter with a huge database of huma speech and documentation, which it can draw from with text searches and word associations, which is why they ask that you test it by asking it to write a poem. There is a lot of literature against Modernism so it can do that, but ask it to write a poem about non quiddative accidental characeteristics of entitative subsistence and it will fail, I assure you, because it takes real intelligence to understand what that is, and no one has ever written about it.

      1. Fra Alexis, just let your readers take a look at the symbol-statue and the Logo of CERN …….

        You cannot say that has nothing to do with the other dimensions (multiverse) , black holes with dark/black matter !….

        See the concept ‘b-UILD b-ACK b-ATTER’ = bbb = 666

        It’s just in front of our eyes…..

      2. As for the logo of CERN I think you are imagining things. It is a particle accellerator, so it has that shape.

    2. In 2025, the EU wants a switch in those EV’s where they can turn of your car at their will. They already know your whereabouts, when you driving this.

    1. Until we know how they are doing to generate these responses, its close. Because to ask a question of an unknown entity is a sin against right reason. If the creators are Satanists, it is also a sin against supernatural prudence. And we know where this is going, to world satanic globalist pedoophile child sacrificing tyranny. So its a sin against all common sense.

    1. My own extensive research suggests that AI is a tool. . . like a collage maker of text, information and images. So it is similar to a car. People get in and drive creativity where they want it to go. The problem is AI offers unsolicited advice, which can cause not only psychological harm but a loss of objectivity should one elect to let AI drive for them. AI will happily determine the destination, even if the destination is false. Another risk AI presents is its selective data sets. One could program AI with Catholic ethics, if they could afford to do so. The creation of these models are said to cost millions of dollars. I suppose training a model with just the catechism would be fairly affordable. Anyway, I doubt the creation of data models based on secular values alone could be stopped. They are calling this the 4th revolution. . . but this time it is AI, not industrial. Many may be professionally displaced if they shut their eyes to what is happening and fail to form a strong philosophy of their own in relationship to what will soon be as commonmy used as the sewing machine. . . the only variety will be the models and the data sets they are trained with.

      1. I think that it is very imprudent to call this a tool. God gave us an intellect, not to learn to use it is a sin of ingratitude. And since we need our intellect at every moment, using AI to solve problems is like never getting out of bed and working a hard days labor.

  5. Oh. And I suppose we could file discrimination lawsuits if a model is trained and imposed on Catholics without the Catechism being part of the data used to train a model. Just a theory.

    1. This is exactly why they was AI, they want a tool to conjur things to terrorize human minds and control them through fear.

  6. Pope Francis on artificial intelligence, 27 march 2023

    “The Biblical story of the Tower of Babel (cf. Gen 11:19) has often been used as a warning against the excessive pretensions of science and technology. Scripture actually cautions us against the presumption of wanting to “touch the heavens” (cf. v. 4), that is, to seize and usurp the greater horizon of values that connote and safeguard our human dignity. ”

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