The Life of the real Jack Ryan, Catholic Hero & Patriot

The real Jack Ryan, whose character was made famous by the Clancy novels, was a devout Roman Catholic, whose life was recently made known in the first ever biography about this FBI agent who was sent to all the hotspots of the Cold War to fight International Marxism. This is the story of his life, Episode I: the making of Jack Ryan, how his catholic ancestors gave him the foundation to build greatness upon. Jack Ryan was murdered by Skull and Bones Military Assassins, in S. Vietnam when he attempted to stop the outbreak of the war and defend the Catholic government of that nation.

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4 thoughts on “The Life of the real Jack Ryan, Catholic Hero & Patriot”

    1. Of course it was,b being colonized by France, a once heavily Catholic nation. Before the French incursion, it as most likely a Buddhist nation for centuries, as much of SE Asia was! Conversion to Catholicism was likely forced, & probably violent, as it often was during colonialism. Communism is another religion imposing itself on the people there, by force & violence.

      1. To say that the French forcibly converted Vietnamese to Catholicism is an outrageous claim, as it has never been the practice of our Church to engage in such things. The downfall of the Catholic Govt in S. Vietnam was strictly because the Masons who controlled both China and the USA could not suffer a Catholic govt. on the mainland. In a short space of time they assassinated the Catholic presidents of Vietnam, USA and Jack Ryan.

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