3 thoughts on “Archbishop Chaput: The Church is now a divided house”

  1. ‘A Divided House’ is the obvious GOAL of the evil, wicked St. Galen Demons of The Nazi Banker Unicult with all their Secret Society Minions around the world undermining God and God’s peoples and Govt. guaranteeing FREEDOM TO WORSHIP God around the world. THE EVIL ARE NOT SO SECRET ANY LONGER AND THAT IS A WONDERFUL FACTOR OF THE MODERN DAY SINCE IT IS CLEAR TO SEE THE REAL ENEMY INHERENT AND BEHIND EVERYTHING TO KNOW WHO TO FIGHT, WHAT TO FIGHT, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW TO FIGHT.

  2. Since the DOJ allows the FBI to surveil Traditional Catholics; the kind preferring Latin Masses and praying the Rosary…Guess they KNOW The Blessed Virgin, St. Michael the Archangel, all the forces for God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ TO BE REAL and A THREAT.

  3. “They’re convincing because they’re true; not always easy or welcome, but life-giving and true. That’s what explains the success of Christianity through time. Getting back to fundamentals is what will renew the Church — not answers that are convenient for the times but violate Catholic belief.”

    Truth is truth. That’s it.
    It’s quite simple.

    Going on and on about how the Catholic Church needs to change ANYTHING is just non sensical. Either you’re Catholic, in ALL the tenets of the Church or you’re not Catholic. That’s the bottom line

    Good grief there’s just nothing to debate! Go join the liberal Methodists!

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