6 thoughts on “USA: CDC official says the Solution to Vaxx-refusers is to get rid of all Whites in the USA”

  1. Brasil, 6 feb 2023: child benefit only if the child is “vaxx-in-ated”. “If 50 doses are need I take then”. “The pregnant woman Will have to do all the previewd checkings so to have a strong, robust and beautifull child as I am”

      1. Yes, it does seem that way .
        Catholic beliefs stand in their way of easily changing God’s creation from humanity to some strange AI mixed humans .
        We have to stay strong in our faith , pray and protect one another.

  2. “Get rid of whites in the USA who refuse vaccines” —
    — Euthanize them? Exile them to Guantanamo?
    Put them in 1) prisons 2) concentration camps?
    Confiscate their 1) property 2) children ?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

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