4 thoughts on “Bablyon Bee mocks the FBI’s hunt for Catholic Extremist Traditionalists”

    1. No one is saying that they are or will. There was a memo written by a leftie FBI lower grade employee which suggested that radicals are attempting to infiltrate trad Catholic groups. This is true. Neo-nazi and skull and bones groups are very active there, and in fact control nearly the entire movement. the concern with this memo, which was immediately discounted by the FBI itself, is that it was setting up a narrative to make Catholics look guilty. In part this is because that is what the Deep State is doing, in part so as to make traddie Catholics seem to be the heroes everyone wants to join, when they are in fact the most infiltrated by the CIA already.

      1. They are heavily controlled. Take for example Michael Matt. He is a graduate of Christendom College which was founded by 2-3 CIA agents and is an active recruiting ground for the FBI, DOD and CIA to get operatives to control the Catholic Church from within.

        Here is another graduate from Christendom College. Watch the entire show and think about how he has presented the material and what his goals are:

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