CANADA: Pope Francis appoints devout Marian Bishop as Archbishop of Toronto

Editor’s Note: The new Archbishop is also of Italian heritage, and is perhaps the first Archbishop of Toronto to be such. Toronto is the headquarters of the Italian-Canadian demographic. — His original surname is surely, Leone. Many Italians changed their surnames to get jobs in North America. My Sicilian Grandpa, who was a barber, would be fidgeting in his chair at the sight of this picture…. though.

Vox Cantoris thinks the new appointment may be the beginning of a renaissance in the local church:

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One thought on “CANADA: Pope Francis appoints devout Marian Bishop as Archbishop of Toronto”

  1. Thanks for this news.

    In the Media Advisory from the Archdiocese of Toronto, the new Archbishop says “This was a most unexpected appointment, yet I have learned throughout my priesthood and service to the Church that God’s special plans for us unfold in unexpected moments that lead to tremendous blessings.”

    Deo gratias.

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