After DeathVaxx Campaign, stopping a soccer ball can cost you your life

Editor’s Note: 25 years old. Stopped a goal kick. Dropped dead immediately afterwards. — These things did not happen before 2021.

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4 thoughts on “After DeathVaxx Campaign, stopping a soccer ball can cost you your life”

  1. Deathvaxx basically fills your blood with stingers ( needles ) that when it moves around to a vital area ( e.g. brain ), you die.

    If only there is a way to pull out their blood and pull these needles/wires at the same time without draining them dry.

    1. I recently saw an interesting video clip showing what happens when mercury and aluminum are combined. Over time solid long white strings form together in a tube that lengthens continually. Heavy metal detox including chlorine dioxide, NAC and other treatments can help dissolve the clots (that appear to be acting like mercury-aluminum mixes) in the body according to various researchers. May God bless the people who voluntarily or involuntarily received the death jabs.

  2. As far as I can understand, the spike protein is manufactured forever inside the jabbed. The lipid nano particles are in every cell. No wonder they all have had “covid” multiple times. It’s also speed aging them decades inside in just a few years.
    This is so evil, and it has been proven to be deliberate, to cause disease, and premature death. Countless papers are published online proving the intent to harm.
    The jabbed are nothing more than golden eggs for the cabals big pharma CONpanies, and then later they die a premature death as a sacrifice for Satan. That is why they want to jab all the kids here in NZ with Pfizer. The elite thinks NZ is the perfect haven for them, but they need to get rid of more landowners. They won’t succeed, and the country is literally sinking into the ocean right now.
    New Zealand is being punished right now for their masonic govt, their union with Pfizzer, Satan, and for being a atheist, woke, and masonic controlled country.

    1. My neighbors did look older and lost hair. It seems hair loss is also part of the vaxx effects.

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