Jordan Peterson proposes International Consortium to oppose 2030 Agenda

Editor’s Note: Jordan Peterson is a Canadian Scholar who describes himself as a Christian, who does not believe in God, but fears he might exist. — Thus he is a modernist, even if he does not realize it.

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16 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson proposes International Consortium to oppose 2030 Agenda”

  1. Amazing Polly (on rumble etc) did a recent analysis of this idea of a consortium of self-appointed experts who will solve all of the world’s problems (without Christ or His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church — my own editorial comment). She believes (and I agree) that it is just the same WHO/WEF/NWO agenda being repackaged with a pretty bow.

    I cannot trust an evolutionary psychologist who dresses in female drag face and in luciferian party headgear and enjoys a giant painting of Lenin as his podcast backdrop and home wall art. Nor can I trust someone who wears a suit jacket that is half blue and half reddish purple (two masonic colours symbolizing union of male and female in one body). Nor can I trust someone who takes ideas from Dr E Michael Jones (logos discourse and the admonition that self gratification/porn is counter productive for young men) and fails to attribute them to the original author.

      1. There are two separate photos/posts of Peterson wearing women’s face makeup to look like a drag queen — one was posted by his daughter on one of her social media accounts.

      2. Ok, so this is the Pedo cult’s version of an alternative to the WEF Pedo Cult…. thanks for your research Catherine….

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. The human ind says unequivocal “yes!”, but the Christian and Holy Spirit in me say ” Wait a minute… is this in line with Yhwh God’s will and plan?”
    There can be no question Agenda 2030, or whichever new number gets assigned to it, as time progresses ( 2030 is just 21 “on steroids”), is anti- Yhwh God, but is it actually outside His will, and plan? Or is it being allowed to bring His plan to fruition? To bring on the Tribulation (Time of Jacob’s Trouble), and pave the way for Jesus’ millennial kingdom, then the new heaven and new Earth as John foretold? If, in fact, the latter is the true case, are we in His will to oppose that? Or is our task at this time meant to be something more akin to the night watch on the city wall, or at the perimeter of the military encampment, a duty to sound the alarm to our keeping fellows, of the approaching enemy forces, so they may awaken to defend themselves? I may be in error, by the best I can see, at his point in the geopolitical, as well as spiritual, situation in which we now stand, we need to be sounding the warning, rather than endeavoring to impede Yhwh God’s plan, to stave off the coming of Jesus blessed kingdom on Earth. Yes, humanity must endure a period of severe judgment to reach that kingdom, but look around you… Can you honestly declare that undeserved? Can you honestly say we need to allow this world, as it currently is, steeped in the most perverse and diabolic levels of sin not witnessed since Noah’s flood, to continue? Remember, if we are properly sounding the warning, it’s to enable those who will stand-up with Yhwh God to do so, not to abandon them to their fate, so to speak; it’s the watchman who fails to warn, who does that….

  3. I’ll take Dr Peterson’s brand of Modernism over
    the IMF’s,
    the WHO’s,
    and the UN’s,
    and Pope Francis’s.
    He’s groping for the Truth, hates lies, and one day he’s going to wake up and discover to his astonishment that he’s backed himself into Catholicism. Wait and see.

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