5 thoughts on “Scott Adams: The Anti-DeathVaxxers were right and they won!”

  1. No, the WEF is still having the upper hand. They are just throwing doctors to the dogs. They are proceeding to taking our money by making digital currency registered.

    1. And, the W.H.O. is continuing SECRET MEETINGS to change Amendments legalizing their POWER GRAB to eradicate National Sovereignty. And, they’ve also met and all countries agreed to I.D. PASSPORTS…Now being implemented in many countries. ‘False Flags’ flying everywhere with LOTS going on as DISTRACTIONS/DIVERSIONS CONTINUE TO GROW MORE BIZARRE. Those without God have no foundation to stand on in even remaining sane.

  2. Really? Did we “win”? Or have we merely forced the globalists to find other ways to kill us off? Making all vaccines mRNA based, for example, so now you can’t even get a tetanus shot to prevent tetany if you suffer a puncture wound, like stepping on a rusty nail, without taking a kill jab… Is that a “win”? Or how about ships’ and planes’ crews, and military personnel who are required to obtain routine vaccinations to return home, and, in some cases enter foreign nations, as parts of their jobs? Is that a “win”? All I see in this is a temporary reprieve. Satan is too close now, to back off, and the cup of Yhwh God’s wrath must surely be nealy full to it’s brim as well. The “win” I see is Jesus’ soon return to restore order, peace, and prosperity to this world in preparation for the new heavens and Earth of eternity.

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