A Yale Professor suggest the Elderly Problem be solved by Mass-Suicide & Disembowlment

Editor’s Note: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, is the home of Skull and Bones Lodge, which believes that no number of human beings, which stand in their way, have the right to life.

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7 thoughts on “A Yale Professor suggest the Elderly Problem be solved by Mass-Suicide & Disembowlment”

  1. Here is a better solution — promote young people having more children & stop death jabbing citizens.

  2. Overdosing the elderly on morphine or sleeping pills is less painful, and makes for easier clean-up afterward.
    –And why “mass” suicide? Misery loves company? Community building? Public spectacle to inspire the young?

    This sadist’s goofball glasses don’t inspire confidence in his judgement, much less respect for his gravitas as a professor. He’s the best cautionary exemplar of why you shouldn’t send your children to Yale.

  3. We’re a long way from the days of “God and Man at Yale” it seems!
    Sure, I am one of those old useless eaters. Kindly show me how to do the deed by doing it yourself first. Off my fresh new carpet if you don’t mind. Perhaps on the sandbox outside? Thank you!

    1. Yale Men? Huh?
      “The place where men are men and the sheep are afraid?”
      Satan-Based Globalist CULT ‘Skull and Bones’ are Bah-ah-ahd, Bah-ah-ahd Boys. All is so ludicrous in ghastly evil; it’s becoming impossible to read anything related to ‘Current Events’. DISGUSTING TO SUGGEST THIS TYPE OF MURDER JUST AS MURDER IN THE WOMB…AND IMPOSSIBLE TO IMAGINE THE PRACTICE OF IT.

      1. Robbi, your post makes me realise That Prof. Narita is advocating “abortion of the old” as bloody as that of the unseen unborn. His proposal has a weird logical symmetry to it: “Useful workers / consumers” bookended by ruthless elimination of “inconvenient/ useless” lives.
        BTW, “Euthanasia” is Greek for “Good [= painless, merciful] death”.
        Prof. Narita doesn’t hide behind the Western “euthanasia” euphemism; with a nationalistic Japanese cultural sensibility, he seems to want the elderly to have the traditional “noble death” of Japanese heroes. As artists say, “It makes a statement.”
        When you consider the Japanese view of “heroic death.” Perhaps Prof Narita is suggesting that the elderly should “heroically” sacrifice themselves “for the good of society/ the economy” –and all the public blood and pain of mass supuku should (perhaps) make the rest of Japanese society value and respect their deaths.
        There’s some interesting (godless) cultural anthropology going on here– any comments, Bro B?

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